Percy Jackson- How Sally met Posieden

How did Percy's parents meet? Sally was just taking a little vacation in Montauk, when she has a near death experience by almost drowning. A gorgeous man svaes her but something is different about him... What could it be? :)


1. Near Death Experience

Sally's P.O.V.

I was walking along the beach. (Sigh) My uncle had just died and I had no job, no novel, no money, no anything! I took this trip to Montauk. With the little money my Uncle had left. I needed to figure things out. I couldn't go and stay with a relative since my parents had died in a plane crash when I was 5. I had to go and get my High School diploma or else no job, but I had dropped out to take care of my uncle. 

I started walking towards the water. I took off my cover and wadded in. I was floating along with my feet barely touching the sand below when I felt a tug. I looked up and saw I was being dragged out to sea! I quickly lost my feel of the sand below and accidentally swallowed a big gulp of water. i was drowning, this was it. I prayed to God, anyone to save me! I wanted to do so much with my life and no it was ending. I cried as I struggled for oxygen. I was about to take my last breath when a large pair of arms grabbed me and pulled me to shore. I felt the sand beneath me and I opened my eyes. I saw a gorgeous man with the warmest smile. I smiled back. "Thank you so much, I thought i would drown for sure! What's your name?" 

"Poseidon, What is yours?" Poseidon.... That was a Greek god, the god of the sea. "Sally, where did you come from, I didn't see you walking on the beach." "I.. um.. just walked out and saw you in trouble and had to help."  

"Well thank you again, i wish I  could give you something." I knew I was about to spend my last dollar and I didn't know how to thank this man. "It was no trouble. How about I walk you home, you look a little shaken." 

"Ok, my cabin is just down the beach." I picked up my cover and we walked down the beach. "So, where are you from, are you Greek?" He looked shocked and a little worried but then a face of calm appeared "Well, short of, I mean my family was Greek, we move a lot." He looked saddened. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to upset you. I don't have a family." "Why not?"

"They died in a plane crash when I was five, my uncle raised me but just died of cancer." I looked at Poseidon and he looked a little angry, like he could have stopped what happened all those years ago or healed my uncle. "I am sorry. Is this your cabin?" I looked around and saw the cabin "Yes, well thank you again, for well saving my life." 

I turned to walk into the cabin when he grabbed my arm "Do you want to go out to eat sometime? I really want to see you again." I looked into his pleading sea green eyes. "I don't think I can, you see... I don't exactly have enough... umm" How do I tell him I was almost broke! "Please, i will take car of everything!" 

"Well, Ok then, how about tomorrow 6 pm?" 

"Perfect, Bye Sally."

"Bye Poseidon." I walked into my cabin and knew I loved that man. 

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