Percy Jackson- How Sally met Posieden

How did Percy's parents meet? Sally was just taking a little vacation in Montauk, when she has a near death experience by almost drowning. A gorgeous man svaes her but something is different about him... What could it be? :)


3. A Baby

Sally's P.O.V.

I woke up next to Poseidon. A REAL GREEK GOD! I looked over at his beautiful face. The sea green eyes and stormy black hair. He was perfect.

He woke up and wrapped his arms around me. "Good Morning Sally."

"Good morning Poseidon." 

"What do you want to do today?" He asked "Anything!"

We spent the next two weeks together. He told me that he had to keep me a secret because the big 3 gods were not supposed to have kids anymore since they were to dangerous. We spent almost every night together. I loved him and he loved me. 

I woke up one morning in a flash and rushed to the bathroom. I threw up for a couple minutes and when I was done turned to Poseidon. He looked worried. "I am fine, just a little bug." Poseidon took me in his arms Sally, we need to be sure of something first. i turned around and saw a pregnancy test. 

"I am not pregnant, besides even if I were you can't tell this soon." I said.

"This one is different. It can tell the moment you are pregnant. Just hold it."

I grabbed the test and it turned blue. "What does that mean?"

Poseidon looked a mixture of happy and scared. "It means you are pregnant and having a boy."

"WHAT! I can't be pregnant. I can't." I looked down at the ground. I could barely afforded to feed myself without Poseidon let alone a baby.

Poseidon picked me up and looked me in the eyes. "Sally, i am sorry this happened and I am more sorry about me having to leave. I can help you buy giving you some money now, at least till you find a job. Now a half blood, especially one of mine. Will have a strong scent and will attract many monsters. I can take him away once he is born to a safe place for his kind."

"No. I love this child and want to keep him away from all this as long as possible. Please."

Poseidon sighed. "The scent will become stronger every year. He will have what you call ADHD and dyslexia, since he is hardwired for battle and ancient Greek. I love you Sally. Please be careful Sally. I love you."

He vanished in a puff of sea air.

I cried for a moment. Tears of joy and sadness filled me. I loved this child but was afraid for his future and mine.


I found jobs all over the place and was at the Candy Store when my water broke.

"It's a boy! Congratulations Ms. Jackson."

I smiled and held my baby in my arms

He had Poseidon's hair and sea green eyes. "Perseus Rich Jackson."

I named him for the only Greek myth that ended happily for the hero and Rich for my uncle that raised me.

Perseus Rich Jackson, my baby boy.

Poseidon's P.O.V.

Sally looked lovely throughout her pregnancy. 

When she got to her apartment she found a crib that had pictures of the sea, from me.

When she and Perseus weer asleep I sneaked it and looked over my son in the crib. He woke up and I soothed him back to sleep. 

Zeus was going to kill me, but I loved him and Sally. 

I knew in my heart that he was the child of the prophecy. "Perseus, you are my only son, you will either save or destroy Olympus when you turn 16. Good Luck my son."

I left and didn't see Percy again till he walked into the throne room with the Master Bolt 12 years later. 


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