Just Jack

Have you ever felt completely invisible?
If you haven't then man, you're life has to be amazing. Where I'm from; not being popular or known in any certain way means you have no social life.

You'd think having a popular sister would help me climb up to the popularity chain. But it doesn't.
Claire is the infamous sister of Lily Evans Ms. Beauty at Lyndon High. Having a pretty sister is really a hit in the gut especially when you get treated like nothing. When Ms. Beauty burns the house down the Evans have to find place to stay. . . and where other than Mr. popular, Jack's house?


1. Prologue


   There's two types of people in this world. Type one would be the people who make other's work for them; also known as Slackers. Type two are the people who actually work. In this world type one are always on top of type two because of one reason. 

Type one is powerful, attractive, and popular. 

   Popular that damn word get's to your head and starts hitting your brain with a stick. At my school Lily Evans is by far the prettiest girl-or so they say- the only thing she lacks of is a brain. Jack Wentworth is another story. He's captain of the football team, a player, and Lily's best friend since childhood. 

"Don't you feel left out?" Tamara asked as she watched Lily laugh her beautiful laugh. 

"How so?" I questioned and pocked the green slob on my plate with a fork. 

"Well," she explained, "You're Lily's sister and Jack has never once said your name correctly." 

   "The closest he's ever got to is Eve, and that's pretty far off," Jade cut in. I rolled my eyes, "Why would I want to be friends with someone who has Lily as a friend?" I asked . 

"Because he's hot," Tamara explained. 

   I rolled my eyes once again. "Oh, lighten up, Claire," Tamara whined. "Yeah," Jade agreed with a mouth stuffed with green slob. "How can you even eat that?" Tamara asked. Jade shrugged and shoved a spoonful into her mouth. 

"Where are you going?" Jade questioned as I stood up. "To my locker, I'm going to prepare for the next class." With those last words said I walked out of the cafeteria and made my way to my locker. "Hey, Ginger!" 

  And there goes another failed attempt at my name. "It's Claire," I corrected grumpily. Jack flicked his wrist dismissively, "Can you tell Lily I won't be able to make it to the party. I have football practice all day." 

"Well I-" 

"Thank you, Alex. See you later." 

  See what I mean? One minute the populars are calling you Ginger and the other Alex. Would it kill them to remember a name? I sighed as I watched Jack's figure fade away into the empty hallway; at that moment there was only one thing on my head. That guy is an Idiot.


 "Where's my curler?" Lily screeched and ran around in circles. "You know, mom and dad are never going to let you go to that party," I informed her. "Mom and dad are not here," Lily smirked, "now where's my curler?" I shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching Family Guy. "Jack said he couldn't go." That's it, peel the bandage slowly. 

"Ugh, he always does the same thing!" she groaned, "you know what? Take me to the party I'm ready." Lily then walked out the door. "Yes, ma'am," I murmured to no one in particularly.



  You know life is definitely unpredictable but I'm sure nobody ever expected to come home to a burned house. "We think this hair curler caused the fire, Miss," a firefighter told me. That idiot! How did she manage to turn it on then lose it? I rubbed my temples slowly and quickly dialed Lily's number. After being sent to voice mail ten times I dialed the only number that I was sure would answer quickly.

"Hello, Jack speaking."


. . .























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