Never going to let you go

When a girl violet, has her family leave her and her sister Hellen when they were babies, violet never knew her family. She only knows her sister Hellen. But her sister, Hellen seems like she hats violet. But there is something that he while world know that she doesn't. But when she meets Niall, everything starts to fall in place. She is special, will she be able to save Niall in time or will it be to late?


4. Your beautiful

Niall pro

    I look at her, smile and say, "because your beautiful." Her mouthed dropped open and I laughed a little. Me and her just stood in front of each other and it looked like we were gonna kiss. She just blushed and started to walk, so did I. Aww to bad I didn't get to kiss her. Oh well, I'm not like my mate, Harry. He makes out with girls every time he gets the chance. Me and violet start walking again, I walk her to her house of course. I wouldn't leave a beautiful young lady like her to walk alone. Especially she is basically a god. All humans know it but she doesn't, the more she knows, the more she is in danger. Her sister Helen is pure evil, basically the devils daughter. I know that violet will find out one day and fight Hellen but she doesn't need to know till then. Before I know it we're at her front door and her adoptive mom opens it. Then she says, "ok violet your home, oh who is this." Then before I said anything violet says, "oh I met him at schoo, his name is Niall Horan." I shake her moms hand and then she says, "we'll nice to meet you Niall, my name is Sarah. That was very kind of you to walk violet home." I smile and says, "anytime." Then violet waves goodbye to me and I leaved her house and head to my house where all the boys are at.

violet pro

   Hehe my mom keeps asking me all these questions about Niall. She probably thinks we're a couple, even though we practically just met. Then I just say to her, "mom me and Niall just met, it would be a while for us to love each other or anything like that."

hellen pro

    I'm listening into moms and violets conversation, Niall probably hates that bitch. I could tell by the way he looks at me, he wants to get under this. 

    Violet pro

 After that long talk with mom I head upstairs into my bedroom and shut the door gently behind me. I lay on my bed reading a book called unearthly, it's about angels and stuff. It's about and angel being in love with a human. 


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