Never going to let you go

When a girl violet, has her family leave her and her sister Hellen when they were babies, violet never knew her family. She only knows her sister Hellen. But her sister, Hellen seems like she hats violet. But there is something that he while world know that she doesn't. But when she meets Niall, everything starts to fall in place. She is special, will she be able to save Niall in time or will it be to late?


1. This my life

Violet pro

   Hello I'm violet Jenning, me and my sister, Hellen are adopted. We're twins but were so not identical! She has black hair and orangish eyes. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. My sister is also very mean to me! She also picks on other people for no reason at all. I'm very nice to people though. I help others and and animals in need. Animals hate Hellen but love me! I always feel like people know something that I don't. I don't pay much attention to it. My adoptive parents are very kind people. My moms name is Sarah and my dads name is Zander. They have to yell at Hellen a lot but not as much me because I'm always very good. I'm 18 years old and well of course so is my sister. I guess I'm just an average, teen/ young adult. I'm a junior at Bricksfeild high school. 

Before I know it, it's already morning. I take a shower and get dressed. My favorite colors are a blue, aqua color. My evil bratty sisters is black and red, she even likes Evil colors! Since my favorite color is aqua I put on a frilly aqua buttoned up short and some white skinny jeans. I brush my long brown hair down to where it looks perfectly wavy! I get to school and my first class is with my history teacher, Miss, Donna. She is very beautiful and is in her early 20's, but very knowledgable! She is my favorite teacher! So I'm in first class and I see a boy walk in and talk to the teacher. I didn't recognize him at all, and I know practically his whole school. He must be a new student! I love meeting new people! This boy has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is dressed very nicely to. Very much like a gentleman. With a buttoned up shirt and everything! Then Miss, Donna looks at the class, then they look at her and we all be quiet. I'm always quiet though so she doesn't really ever refer to me. She then says, "We have a new student! His name is Niall Horan.  I want you guys all to be very nice to Niall, ok?" We all nod are heads and then she goes on and says, "Now can somebody I trust go and show Niall the school during class." I raise my hand very politely. So does everyone else but I'm not trying to get out of class. I just love meeting new people and being helpful! Of course Miss. Donna picks me, because she knows she can trust me. I then stand up and and walk to Niall as Miss, Donna is explaining class today to the other students. I say, "hi, I'm Violet Jenning, my sister is Hellen Jenning if you get the chance to meet her. It's a pleasure to meet you!" He smiles then replies with, "it's very nice to meet you to violet. How come you immediately talk about your sister instead of you though?" We start walking in the halls then and I say, "umm I don't know really, Why?" " Well you should talk more about yourself. Your very pretty, you seem jealous of Hellen." " Well Niall, she is way prettier than me, even with her dark side. She can make a guy fall over just my looking their way real fast." Then Niall starts laughing and says, "haha, I'm not that kind of guy."

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