Never going to let you go

When a girl violet, has her family leave her and her sister Hellen when they were babies, violet never knew her family. She only knows her sister Hellen. But her sister, Hellen seems like she hats violet. But there is something that he while world know that she doesn't. But when she meets Niall, everything starts to fall in place. She is special, will she be able to save Niall in time or will it be to late?


3. Jeolous

Hellen pro

    How dare her, she should be bowing to me! She shouldn't be happy and have a guy like her that way! One day I will use my killer god powers and well of course kill her and destroy all humans! She doesn't know what she is, every human knows even I know, but she doesn't! That is an advantage to kill her. Before she is able to realize and do any harm to me at all. She thinks she is a regular human, haha she doesn't know her our real mom and dad are. Well are dad is Zeus. That's all that matters, so that means we're that powerful. Violet doesn't know that she can control he weather based on her emotions. Good thing she doesn't know who she is and isn't able to control the weather the way she wants. The fucking stupid thing is I can't control the complete weather. I can only control when it storms. Oh fucking well thunder and lightning are powerful so I could still kill all humans and violet. 

Violet pro

   School finally ended and I was already at my locker grabbing my jacket and book bag. I shut my locker and Niall wa standing right on the other side. I smiled and locked up my locker and we walked out of school. Apparently we both walk and he lives on the same street as me. So we started walking and he said, "so your sister is pretty, mean." For a second I thought he was just gonna say pretty. What do I care even of he did but I just responded, "yeah, she has her moments." He laughed and so did I. Then someone pushes me from behind and I fall. I had my hands on the ground so I didn't hit my face. I turn around on my back and of course it's Hellen. She just says, "woops, I'm terribly sorry." She laughs then walks past Niall and me and then winks at Niall. She is so mean, cruel, selfish, and a bunch of other words I don't want to say. Niall helps me up and whispers, "it's ok she is just jealous." I look at him confused and say,"how on earth could she be jealous? Excpecially of me, there is nothing to be jealous of toward me!"  

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