Never going to let you go

When a girl violet, has her family leave her and her sister Hellen when they were babies, violet never knew her family. She only knows her sister Hellen. But her sister, Hellen seems like she hats violet. But there is something that he while world know that she doesn't. But when she meets Niall, everything starts to fall in place. She is special, will she be able to save Niall in time or will it be to late?


2. Friends

Violet pro

       I just looked at Niall when said he wasn't that type of guy. What does he mean that type of guy? Oh well I better get to doing what I was supposed to. Me and Niall walked past a few classroom, and I showed him and told him what they were for. I also showed him the office and lunchroom. There is also an area that you can go to durring  (free time). Kind of like a recess but we're not outside like the middle schools, and elementary schools are. We are finally done and we got back to our classroom and grabbed are stuff because the free time bell rang. Me and Niall went are separate ways because I had to grab some stuff for my next classes. I finally go and walk into the huge free time room. Where everyone is in their only little friend groups gossiping. Everyone likes me for some reason though, lots don't like my sister at much. I decide to sit by myself. I don't really have a close best friend. Just normal friends, but nobody super close to me. I go and sit at a table by myself and just draw in a notebook. I always randomly draw angels for some reason. As I'm drawing there is a strong, hurtful, mean tap on my shoulder. It felt like a hit, but I don't flinch I'm very strong so I turn around and say, "what do you want Hellen!?" Everyone has friends to even Hellen. She has two girls behind her, one has red curly hair and a snotty, stuck up looking face. The other one has dyed her hair purple and black, and she is very goth.  Hellen laughs and says, "just wanted to make sure your miserably me know how much I'm better than you!" I roll my eyes and she like hisses at me to stop. Then I feel  another tap behind me but this one is gentle and soft. I turn around and it's Niall. I am getting ready to speak but Hellen pushes me out of the way and acts flirty and says to Niall, "Heyyy I'm Hellen." He looks at me and walks to where I'm on the ground since I got pushed. He completely ignores Hellen. That's something that a guy usually doesn't do since she is pretty. Niall helped me up and I said, "thank you very much Niall." He smiled and nodded then Hellen gives me a glare then attempts to flirt with Niall and says, "sooo your name is Niall, huh cute name, you wanna hang out some time?" He laughs and says, "sorry but your not my type." He looks at me and winks! Does that mean he likes me? Haha I doubt it, who would like a girl like me. Then the bell rings and I gt to my next class. Niall is just my friend nothing more, I barely know him for peet sake. 

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