Never going to let you go

When a girl violet, has her family leave her and her sister Hellen when they were babies, violet never knew her family. She only knows her sister Hellen. But her sister, Hellen seems like she hats violet. But there is something that he while world know that she doesn't. But when she meets Niall, everything starts to fall in place. She is special, will she be able to save Niall in time or will it be to late?


5. Can I have your number

Violet pro

   After reading some of my book I finished my homework. Then I decided to go for a walk, so I tell my mom then start to walk outside. I decided to take a road I usually never go down, at the end of the road there is this huge house. I start to walk past it and after I pass it someone gently grabs my shoulder. I turn around and it's Niall, he smiles and says, "what are you doing over here?" I just say, "oh I was just going for a walk, what about you." "That big house is me and my mates house." I smile and say, "cool want to walk with me?" "I was just about to ask if I was aloud." With laugh a little and start walking, we're just doing basically small talk and everything. Then he asks me, "since I'm sort of your friend and all can I have your number?" For some reason this doesn't creep me out. He hand me his phone and I hand him mine and we type our number in. I hope Hellen doesn't find out somehow that I have Nialls number cause I think she likes him. But she won't gt the fact that me and Niall are just friends. She'll always say to me stay away from him $&@!?. Then me and Niall stop at a ice cream parlor and we each gt a vanilla cone. We finish then we sit at a regular park bench and he asks me, "How come you seem so different around Hellen, she seems to really dislike you." I nod my head as Niall says that but I can't find any response for that at all. We start walking again and before we knew it we're standing in front of Nialls house and I suppose his "mates" which is like brothers but friends. So h invites me inside and when I walk inside I see a man run down the stairs and get ready to jump on Niall but then he looks at me and his eyes widen. He hen stutters and says, "I.....I'm...... Zayn Malik." I shake his head and giggle as he stutters, I don't know why he stutters, I'm nobody special. I meet all the boys one by one and by all seem to stutter and are surprised by me, I have no idea why though? Me and Niall must be close friends now cause he invited me to come meet his "mates". Hehehe he trust me, I don't know why I find that amusing? After a while I leave and I'm back home and I realize Hellen isn't home. Then my mom finally tells me, "sweety I let Hellen go out cause I have to tell you something."  She gestures for me to sit down and so I do. She then says softly,"Honey listen as I tell you this i want you to be calm and take deep breathes and don't ask questions, cause there not important for your knowledge right now at least. Now listen I know you always feel like the world knows something you don't, and that's true, the secret is, is that your special, in a way, listen the words I'm going to say are short by don't freak out, your a angel/ god."

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