Alesha is Louis Tomlinson's little sister but after Louis left to be in one direction she has changed. Almost everynight she gets drunk and comes home later than her curfew. When she gets expelled from school its the last straw. What happens when she is sent to live with her brother and the boys? Will a certain someone help straighten her out?


1. Meeting The Boys

 I yawned, putting down my suitcase to sit on it. I can't believe that I had to get up that early. It had been a week since I had got expelled and I was waiting at the airport for Louis to pick me up. I was wearing this. I only had on my signiture eyeliner and some lipgloss.

" Alesha!" I hear someone call out. I spin around. Someone jumps into my arms and I fall to the floor.What the hell was that! He gets off me and by the time he has,  I have already guessed it was Louis.

" Hey lou bear!" I giggle, before he grabs me by the shoulders.

"Lets have a look at you," He says, looking me up and down. I giggle.

" Well, somebodys changed a LOT over the last few months!" He says " Come see the boys again!" He turns and I pull out my phone acting bored as we reach them. I don't look up until I hear Harry clear his throat.

" Yes?" I say in a bored tone.I was trying to treat them like how they treated me. Louis gave me a weird look but I simply brushed it off.

" Em, I was wondering if you wanted to say hi to us and maybe shake our hands?" He asked. I laugh and give him the " are you crazy" look.

" No thanks, your all jerks." I say looking down at my phone,pretending to be busy. I hear Louis gasp.

" Alesha Marie Tomlin-" Louis starts but I interuppt.

" What?" I argue," I was just saying the truth, there the ones that ignored me when they came to vist us and treated me like a maid!". I glare at the 4 boys.

"I didn't!" says Niall, hurt.

"Yeah, well, exepet Niall then." I said pulling him into a hug. He smiles. "Lets just get back."

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