Alesha is Louis Tomlinson's little sister but after Louis left to be in one direction she has changed. Almost everynight she gets drunk and comes home later than her curfew. When she gets expelled from school its the last straw. What happens when she is sent to live with her brother and the boys? Will a certain someone help straighten her out?


3. Making up

I smile at Louis and he is still looking at Niall with an angry look. I shake it off and I push past him to find the boys staring at me.

" What?" I snap. They look shocked.

" You were gonna kiss Niall!" blurts out Zayn. I smirk.

" I know," I say leaving them with their mouths hanging open. When I get to the top of the stairs, I turn around and blow a kiss to Niall which makes the boys eyes widen and Niall blushes. Aww, cute, I like boys who blush. Wait.. what?

I find my room easily. I unpack and change into my PJs. I go downstairs and the boys stare at me. Louis still looks a bit pissed.

" Em boys?" I say " My eyes are up here!" I smirk and wink at Niall. He, again, goes red. I like making him blush. I sit down beside Harry.

" Look, Alesha, we really are sorr-" Liam starts but I cut him off " It's ok" I say " Over it already"

" Sooooo, Lets watch a movie!" I say excitedly and the boys all nod. Zayn picks out Paranormal Activity 2. Harry must of seen my wide eyes because he says" Don't worry, I'll protect you!" I roll my eyes and I get up to sit next to Niall. I cling on to his arm.

" Nah, I've got Niall. You'll protect me, right?" I look up at him with puppy dog eyes. He laughs and put an arm around me. I snuggle in to his chest while all the boys but Louis whistles. Liam presses play while I scream.The boys look at me weirdly.

" That music scares me!" I whimper, scooching closer over to Niall, and by the time the movie ends I am practicaly on Niall's lap.

" That was the scariest movie ever," I say " I won't be able to sleep tonight!"

" You could sleep with me if you want," Harry smirks and Louis hits him at the back of his head. " Ow!" He yelps. I laugh.

" Maybe some other time curls." I giggle. His face lights up while I silently laugh. " Well, I'm gonna go to bed, Night guys!". I slowly walk upstairs. As soon as my head hits the pillow I fall straight asleep.

I awake with a jolt. I am breathing heavily and sweating. " Stupid nightmares." I mutter to myself. I get up to get some water. I gulp down my water and on my way back I go into Niall's room. He's awake and staring at the roof. He see's me and sits up.

" Hi" He whispers.

" Can I sleep in here with you?" I ask. He nods and I slip in beside him. He puts him arm around me and I fall asleep, smiling...

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