Alesha is Louis Tomlinson's little sister but after Louis left to be in one direction she has changed. Almost everynight she gets drunk and comes home later than her curfew. When she gets expelled from school its the last straw. What happens when she is sent to live with her brother and the boys? Will a certain someone help straighten her out?


2. Flirting ;)

The boys were already in the car when I had finished dragging my pink suitcases. I open the boot and then dump them in. I walk round to the car seat door before seeing there was no space

" Great!" I say sarcastically. " Where do I sit?"

Harry looks shifty " On someone's lap," He says.( She didn't pick Louis because he was driving)

" No thanks," I scoff, rolling my eyes " I'll just walk." The boys eyes widen.

" Its 5 Miles from here!" Liam says. I turn around, not caring how far away it was. I'm not sitting on one of the boys laps! I walk for a while before I hear a thick Irish accent call out to me.

Hey, wait up!" I hear a it say. I spin around. It was Niall. " Can I walk with ya?" He asks. I nod. He grins and starts to walk at the same pace as me. On our way back we talk, I tell him about being expelled and he tells he about his haters. When he tells me the stuff they say, I gasp.

" Niall, you really shouldn't listen to them!" I say and he just nods sadly. I don't think he is taking in what I am saying. I hug him.

" Your not ugly and you don't have bad teeth, they are perfect! I bet your a really nice person and you seem funny too! Your accent is adorable!" I say and he gives me a wide smile.  I am about to smile back when it starts pouring down. I am shocked at first but then I laugh.

" This is so much fun!" I say and he laughs and offers his hand shyly. I take his hand and together we start to run back. When we do get back, I stop him at the front door.

" Thanks for walking me back," I whisper leaning closer. He smiles and leans in too. Suddenly the door opens. We both jump and turn to see Louis. His face is red with anger. Uh oh" I think.

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