Ashes Ashes - Shadows - being edited

Ashes Ashes we all fall down
Everyone have secrets. Nixies are just a little big bigger than everyone else's. She cannot remember them, but she knows they are there and they must not be revealed.
She's from a world were humans are the unnatural weirdos and Immortals run the world.
When the Order sends a warrior to fetch Nixie, that's when things get complicated.
She's now forced into a tale of hate, love, death and not to forget a battle for survival.
What are you going to do when your supposed cover is blown, and daddy want's his little girl back?
But what's life without a little blood and gore when you're a heartless killer?


1. Prologue

Ashes Ashes we all fall down

When I was little my dad despised me for having taking his one true love from him. I can’t really blame him. That one other being that was meant to complete your soul and your  freaking daughter takes her away from you, and all you are  left with is a complete identical person whom you have no bond with. It would be like looking at the person you love with your entire being, but not being able to touch her or love her, to not be or feel complete, to not be able to fill the giant hole in your chest.

My dad was bound by law to not harm me in any way. Not physically, but that didn’t stop him from looking at me like I was the plague, like I was dirt under his shoo. He did everything he could to me mentally. When he realized I couldn’t be used as a weapon, because I wasn’t at all amazing or brilliant in the department that made us who we were born to be. I was simple not good enough. Not only was I the one who ruined his life, but I was a complete failure, a disgrace to the family name and pride. A spot on the perfect life of a God.

I fled, ran away from my world, my inheritance, my society, and my race.
I ran to the world of hate, blood, tainted love and failures.

The human world.

I was faced with the human world’s cruel reality right on.

I left my world, but he was not the reason I fled. Something very life changing happened, and I couldn’t stand there alone, with everyone’s judging eyes.

I let myself remember the last cruel moments, for a few moments I let them devour me. Then I’m back in the clearing, back in everything that still hunts me every night and day.

Her eyes locked with mine as the light disappears in the bloody red. The same colour that colours my hands, my dress and the ground below me. It wasn’t on purpose, it wasn’t … I swear. The tears streamed down my cheeks, dragging the black liquid down, burning it into my skin, etching it in.

My blood red hair fell into my eyes as I bowed my head down, making my chin scrape against my chest. Loud raked through my body echoing, making me shake uncontrollably. I fought to stand up and not give in to the strange force that was pulling me down. I wanted to fight against this feeling, but I didn’t have the strength in me, not anymore.

The tears of an Immortal, what a pitiful sight. I snarled at myself, and forced myself to forget it all, pushing it into the remotest corner of my subconscious. If I did not let it go now, it would hunt me forever. But I missed her, so terribly much. And I couldn’t just forget her, but I could forget her end.

Thunder rolled over the clearing and rain started to pour down, hiding my tears. I didn’t notice the cold or the rain that soaked my dress and cloak. I just stood there; sobbing as grief took over my mind and body.

“You deserve the pain” I whispered to myself, as I mentally hardened myself, making my heart impenetrable. I would not let myself feel again.
I turned colder and colder by the memory of her cold, dead and blood red eyes. 

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