Ashes Ashes - Shadows - being edited

Ashes Ashes we all fall down
Everyone have secrets. Nixies are just a little big bigger than everyone else's. She cannot remember them, but she knows they are there and they must not be revealed.
She's from a world were humans are the unnatural weirdos and Immortals run the world.
When the Order sends a warrior to fetch Nixie, that's when things get complicated.
She's now forced into a tale of hate, love, death and not to forget a battle for survival.
What are you going to do when your supposed cover is blown, and daddy want's his little girl back?
But what's life without a little blood and gore when you're a heartless killer?


7. Chapter 6 – Flames

Ashes Ashes, we all fall down

Silver eyes’ Point Of View

Regret flowed through my body as I saw the hurt in her reddish brown eyes. The tears were streaming down her cheeks by the time I closed my big stupid mouth.

I roughly ran a hand through my hair, pulling slightly at the ends. Why was I acting like this?

How had she managed to tick me off? I almost never acted like this, I rarely lost control. It took a lot for me to loose control, it had only happened a handful of times. Last time was when my brother and his flame was killed and they never found the killer.

But saving one of the new novices was a thing I had to do sometimes as they were plain stupid, when they arrived at the Order of Arracna. They didn’t know the dangers of the worlds and all the others races. Or maybe they knew, but thought they were invincible.

But her… the way my words just … broke her.

How could she be who she is and be so fragile? I didn’t get it.

That’s when I felt it.

The bond only shared between flames. What shifters would call mates and humans would call soulmates, were called flames by Immortals, their Godlings and the half bloods. The bond was simple yet ever so complicated. It burned strong like hellfire and was ever lasting.

They usually found their significant other into their younger teenage years, so about five hundred years. I was well past five hundred years old and not once had I heard the call of my flame. She seemed to not have been born yet, so maybe that was what just had happened. The fragile, just forming bond between us, told me that she was distressed.

Being bonded to a new born had happened before. I do believe it was one of The Three who’s flame was born long after him. I do recall it being our Goddess Niaella that had been born several thousand years after her flame, our God, Death.  Her twin sister had been born mere minutes after and then our second God L found his.

They had of course acted appropriately and not sought out their attention before their appropriate age of three hundred years. It was on the young side and it would be compared to the human age of sixteen seventeen.  Immortals matured faster than other races, and we lived for eternities.

She was close by… how could that be? I closed my eyes to concentrate on the bond, trying to pinpoint her location.

My eyes shot open. She was in the Castle Arracna. But there wasn’t supposed to arrive any new ones today.

I started running towards her, her distress flowing through me. She wasn’t a baby, she was very real and very upset.

Silvery eyes filled with black shadows and tears flooded my mind and I ran faster. My love for her was setting in and I would do everything to ease her pain.

The bond was growing with every step I took, closing the distance between us. A smile grew on my face, it pulled in the stiff muscles around my face.

They were not used to used to smile, they were used to bark out orders and shout disciplining words at the novices. I rarely smiled.

I simply didn’t have a reason. Nixie had made me smile though… once, with her drunk babble. She had sounded adorable as hell.

But I couldn’t care less about her right now. I needed to find my flame. She needed me more than everything right now.

Her soul was calling out to mine.

I pushed a couple of novices out of the way with a growl. They went flying, and angry yells sounded far behind me.

I couldn’t care less. I needed to find her.  Whoever got in my way was removed as quickly as possible. If I had to kill them that wouldn’t be a problem.

When it came to her, I would do everything.

I was so close now. Standing in the corridor that lead to the rooms of the Red Keepers and the Black Cloaks, also called the teachers.

The bond began to weaken even though she was so close to me. A powerful shimmer spell was setting in, hiding her from me.

Then it all disappeared and I abruptly stopped. A roar broke free from me as I slammed my fists into the nearest wall.

I had lost her before I even got to hold her in my arms.

Everything seemed lost, but then a flicker of black hair turning blond disappeared into a room. A normally unoccupied room. Had that been her?

Had I seen the last of the shimmer spell set in? I couldn’t feel her anymore.

She was utterly lost to me. Hidden from my senses.

So I followed the only lead I had, needing to have a near. I had never felt anything as strongly as this.

I needed her.

Not just wanting to barge in, and possibly make the mistake of it not being her, I knocked on the door.

Three hard knocks.

A petite frame opened the door and a vision of blonde hair and staggering grey eyes met mine. The eye colour was close to the ones that had flooded my mind.

My breath got in my throat. This couldn’t be true.

“Amelia…” I breathed.

Nixie’s POV.

You know that feeling that’s just generally feeling like shit. However, you can’t walk into the doctor’s office and explain your symptoms as feeling shit. They’ll want you to pinpoint it, but it’s just everything that aches and makes you want to just die.

You know that feeling, right? Thought so.

Well that’s how I felt right now.

I ran my hand over my face and rubbed my eyes. My skin felt rough under my hands from the dried tears.  

Grey eyes flashed through my mind and with them followed a wave of mind-numbingly sadness, that surged through me and I let my head fall against my pillow once again.

I smothered the single sob that escaped my lips. I had to get over this. It was just words, it didn’t mean they were true just because he said them.

But they still hurt… so damn much.

Why did his opinion matter so much? I mean he was just a brute.

I had never cared about others opinion much before. So why now?

Why was he so special?

A knock on my door interrupted my train of thoughts. As I tried to say yes and for the person to enter my room, a strained sound that mostly resembled a dying cat escaped my mouth. Lovely.

“Nix, are you in there?” Jade’s voice sounded from the other side of the door. I got up and ran fumbling towards the door. I ripped the door open, not thinking of how I looked or anything else. My head too muddled to think straight.

There she stood, in all her perfect glory. Her perfect body clad in the normal novice attire; black leather trousers and a black top. Her hair a crazy curly mess, yet it looked flawlessly perfect. I looked up into her green eyes. Worry etched into them.

To say I was jealous of her looks would be an underestimation… Who wouldn’t like to be perfect?

I sighed and asked what she wanted.

“I wanted to see if you were okay” he replied softly while trying to meet my eyes, that were magically glued to the floor. Why did she even care? We had hung out once and I had gotten them all into trouble.

“Yeah, I’m fine” I breathed out and ran both my hands over my forehead into my hair, gripping it at my neck. I met her eyes.

 “Oh really now sunshine” she said sceptically. She didn’t believe me. But then again with the way I probably looked, I wouldn’t believe me either.

Fact was that I was overreacting and I needed to get over myself. Real fast.

I nodded as a reply and let my arms fall limply to my sides.

“You don’t look okay” she said and placed both her hands on my shoulders, looking me straight in the eyes. Her palm grew warmer and her face serious. Her intense green eyes burned into mine, while widening. Flames consumed the green, absorbing into green flame ocean; they latched onto me and held me, making me unable to move. I could only see the green flames dancing.

“relax” and so I did. She had me fixated, completely under her spell. The power within me fighting to dominate and regain control over my body, creating a havoc in it’s path. My eyes starting burning, flickering under her spell. She was reading my soul and doing so removing my shimmer.

“NO!” I screamed and the power exploded in flickering lights around us as we clashed together. She was crouched against the floor, one knee on the ground along with her palm. Her hair had escaped her bun and was like a cloud of reddish curls. Her eyes caught mine, wide and alarmed.

And this is why I can’t have friends.

“what the hell was that” she asked as she got to her feet. “and why are you still standing?”

Her eyes turned to slits and I needed to act fast. Because I knew that I couldn’t explain anything unless I revealed my past. A past I no longer could remember. So you see I was in a bit of an iffy.

So I did what I always had did when I had landed myself in an iffy.

I moved quickly, placing my hand over her eyes. The long arms of power emanating from me in black tendrils. Absorbing into her skin, penetrating her barriers of her mind. I wiped her memory from when she asked me if I was okay. Then knocking her into a state of oblivion that would last for just a couple of minutes. Enough time for me to clean up and actually look okay.

Again… this is why I shouldn’t have friends. Especially Immortal friends.  I let the power dress me in the normal novice attire. The same as Jade was wearing; black leather jeans and a black top. I pulled my long hair into a ponytail. I let it hydrate my face, removing all the sorrows and hurt from my face. It made me look okay, even though my mind was in ruins.

I still didn’t understand how he could make me feel this shitty with just a few words.

“Hey dude, I feel like somebody just knocked me around” she laughed from behind me, I turned and replied with a smile.

“Well aren’t you just a silly one” I said with my thickest southern American accent, which luckily made her smile. Yay.

“So why did you come to get me again?” I asked and interlaced my fingers behind my back. She lit up, I swear there was stars and suns dancing in her eyes.

Compared to green flames… I shuddered by the memory, which earned me a puzzled look from her.

“Two flames have found each other! Isn’t that exciting?” she squealed. Two a what had what?

She was batshit crazy. Like cray cray like clay.

That made no sense… scratch that.

“just come on”  she laughed and grabbed my arm, dragging me towards the common room. What the flying fuck was going on?
When we got there, the room was filled up with people. All sorts of people. Jade grabbed a tight grip on my hand and pulled us closer to the middle, to see what was going on.

They were focused on the two people in the middle of the circle they formed. It was buzzing with all the awh’s and whispers.

I stumbled up onto the couch as Jade roughly pulled me up. Jeez that girl was strong and not gentle whatsoever.

“Oh my Gods’” she said with wide eyes as we took in the couple. They had their arms wrapped around each other; she was looking up at him with large, longing, blue eyes. He looked at the masses as he readied himself to speak. Pure happiness shined through his grey eyes, as he smiled to the masses and said.

“I am happy to announce that the wonderful thing has happened, and two flames have found each other. I could not be happier to have found my Angelique” he sealed it with a passionate kiss. As their lips met light erupted as a halo around them and people went wild. They clapped, whistled and screamed.

The light formed into tendrils, the ends seeping into their skin and the rest flowing around them, creating ropes. Binding them together.

What. The. Flying. Fuck.

I looked at Jade and she must’ve seen my utter horror and confusion at what was happening to the couple.

Why didn’t that hurt? It looked like they should be withering in pain.

Jade just laughed at me and threw her arm over my shoulder, pulling into a hug and ruffling my hair. Okay, I admit it. That made me laugh and I allowed myself to partake in the crowds cheering.

When the couple finally stopped sucking face, the light had disappeared into them. You could see it their eyes. It was now within them.

To say the least, it was scary as hell.

Things settled down and most people went out to celebrate. As the masses disappeared through the large wooden doors of the common room, something caught my eye. Someone.

There he was, in all his manly man glory. Silver eyes connected with mine and I shook my head before meeting them with a slight smile I couldn’t shake off my lips. Why was I smiling at him when he was such an idiot that had hurt me intentionally?

Simple… He was smiling and he was drop dead gorgeous. Panty dropping gorgeous. It sent waves of warmth through me, warmth I’ve never felt before.

What the damn hell was going on? How could he make me feel this way? I didn’t even know the guy for Gods’ sake. Jade nudged me to go over there, but my smile faltered as more people disappeared, revealing the blonde that was attached to him. Or not really attached. She held his hand and her head was on his shoulder.

Her blond hair was cascading down her back, her face turned to him, her eyes glued to him. She seemed familiar. Did I know her?

His smiled disappeared as soon as mine did and he looked down at the woman. As soon as their eyes met, her arms wrapped around his neck and she pressed her lips to his in a sweet gentle kiss.

She was marking her territory. Claiming him.

I felt sick. I turned around and fought my way out of the room. I didn’t care where I went, I just wanted to get out of there.

Suddenly the warmth was gone and my insides turned to ice.

Why did he have this much power over me? I didn’t understand it.

A muffled sound reached my ears, it closely resembled my name and his voice. But why would he call out my name after me?

Who was I to him? And who was he to me?


When I finally slowed down, exhausted and panting, I found myself in the parks behind the Castle of Arracna. In the moonlight everything was beautiful, it gave it a fairy-tale vibe that was hard not to be mesmerised by. It rugged at faraway memories, but I was too out of it to try and restore them. The hard wood of the bench I had collapsed onto, felt cold under me, and it just made me more aware of the cold that once again was seeping through my entire body.

Since when had it turned to night? How long had I been in my room for?

And why was I feeling physically exhausted? I hadn’t even run that far or that long. Nothing made sense.

Isn’t it a bit too early to have fallen for him? Her voice echoed in my mind and I wanted to scream.

I wish I could block her just as I could with Amelia. But I couldn’t with her. She was a part of me and she had been for a long time. I just couldn’t remember why she drove me insane with her comments and judgement.

Talking about Amelia, where was that skanky little leaver? Okay that was mean. But she did leave me.

“You couldn’t bare thinking about me for too long, could you?” her voice sounded. It sounded really close and it didn’t echo inside my head like normal. She sounded real.

Like she was a couple of metres away from me, so if I just lifted my head I would ….

I gasped as I met her blood red eyes. There she was, right before my eyes and very real.

Her long black hair hung down to her waist, her pale skin shined in the moonlight. Her white dress billowed in the gentle wind.

It was weird seeing her without her… what? There was missing something, something I couldn’t remember.

“You’re missing some pieces, huh Nixie” she laughed, but her eyes remained hard and cold. She wanted nothing good for me.

And I understood that, I just didn’t understand why I understood that. I couldn’t remember. It was hair pulling frustrating to not remember a thing before the night Amelia found me.

Amelia… I was going to get my goddamn answers the next time I saw her.

“Little Nixie Pixie, so naïve, so tiny and fragile. How’s your new body, do you like it? You always did have a thing for looking like me,” she laughed.  New body? The shimmerspell… oh.

I did look like her. Black hair, red eyes mine more brown to blend in with humans better, same slim frame. I looked like her…

But why, how?

“Who are you…?” I whispered, desperate for answers. She just laughed and then the wind swept away her image as if she was nothing.

A gush of wind behind me made me jump to my feet, then a voice sounded.

“I’m your worst nightmare, bitch” 

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