Ashes Ashes - Shadows - being edited

Ashes Ashes we all fall down
Everyone have secrets. Nixies are just a little big bigger than everyone else's. She cannot remember them, but she knows they are there and they must not be revealed.
She's from a world were humans are the unnatural weirdos and Immortals run the world.
When the Order sends a warrior to fetch Nixie, that's when things get complicated.
She's now forced into a tale of hate, love, death and not to forget a battle for survival.
What are you going to do when your supposed cover is blown, and daddy want's his little girl back?
But what's life without a little blood and gore when you're a heartless killer?


6. Chapter 5 - The storm within

Ashes Ashes we all fall down

I snapped out of my hormone driven state and stepped back, away from Kilan. He did the same thing. I was so confused. Panic rose within me and I fought to see straight. The alcohol pumped through my veins, making my vision blurry and my head fuzzy.

Where was Kilan? Another scream sounded and people started pushing for the exit, not caring who was in their way. Panic took over.  So many people.

I got pushed from behind and my lack of coordination resulted in me falling towards the floor very fast. Too drunk to do anything, I fell. Moving in slow motion, I tried to put my hand up to shield my face, but too late and I was knocked out by the stone hard floor.

My vision was blurry and black dots danced before my eyes.

“Assar!” a yell sounded through the screams and panic filled people. I knew that voice, but I struggled to pin point it. Who the hell was Assar? He sounded hot…

My body was swooped up by strong arms before I could even think about getting up. Mr. Silver eyes stared down at me and I grinned up at him.

“Hey you might be gorgeous, but at least buy me a drink first” I said boldly and grinned, fuelled by the alcohol. He laughed, and it made him so much more handsome. But a sour expression took over his beautiful features when he noticed something; before I could appreciate the sheer male beauty he was when he looked happy.

“Stupid little you, a drink was what got you into this mess” he said and started running.

Loud footsteps sounded in the same tempo as his. Mumbling voices urging each other on, to go faster, to catch up.

We were being chased, but by who? They were catching up. All of this was so surreal that I could not help but laugh. I had tried many things throughout my time on this earth, being chased many times; but something about being treated like the damsel in distress seemed surreal. So I laughed.

“Stop laughing, you maniac” he commanded harshly, but there was a small smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. I clamped my hand down over my mouth to stop myself from laughing even further, but still I was shaking with laughter in his arms.

“They’re catching up” he mumbled as he quickly looked behind. He was right, they were, the dull sound their feet made as they met with the ground underneath them, was getting louder and louder. Indicating that they were indeed catching up with us.

“I can help, if you just put me down” I mumbled, suddenly disorientated. Why couldn’t the earth just stop spinning around? I mean come on this was hardly the time! He looked down at me with sceptic eyes.

“Oh really now” he said, not sounding the least bit convinced. I nodded, trying to control my heads wobbling, but as he still didn’t look convinced I didn’t think it worked. Probably because my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I almost fainted.

“Do you think you can stand?” he asked with a hint of worry sneaking into his otherwise hard voice. I tried to nod but it turned into a head roll. Oh so Mr. hardass is worried? Interesting.

My stomach complained loudly and I had to clamp my hand down over my mouth to not throw up all over myself and … him. Why was it that I still didn’t know his name?

“Nixie, I need to fight them. Can you stand?” his voice was rougher than normal, he was feeling the pressure of being hunted now.

“Don’t let me go,” I mumbled against his firm chest. I couldn’t deny that being in his arms was pure bliss.

Was that really me that said that? Since when did I turn that pathetic? Must be the alcohol.

“Nixie... I need you to stand here. If anybody comes near you, try and protect yourself. Don’t just stand there. I need you to stay alive, okay?” he sounded like a true warrior now. Like he was preparing for battle. Which I guess he was.

He slowed down, and put me gently as he could. Our eyes met for a brief second, and then he was gone.

I silently prayed that he was going to be okay, as I slumped against the brick wall. A breeze caught my hair, blew it into my face as my eyes were locked on the two shadows fighting less than ten meters away from me. 

Two shadows, one dominating the other. One was him, the other was a young female. Kicks, punches and magic swirled through the air. They fought like nothing else I had ever seen. This was a real fight to the death.

But she was so young. Couldn’t be more than fifteen human years. Why was she chasing us? Where were the others?

Glinting red eyes locked on me and long black hair fell down her back. She was tired and fighting had taken more out of her than she had expected it would. A swift kick from him and with a dull hollow sound she fell to the ground, all while holding my glance.

So young…

I reached out my hand to help her, but I was too far away and he was too close. The fear in her eyes, her shallow breathing, made my heart bleed with compassion.  He crouched down next to her, grabbed her throat and pressed her further into the ground. His silver eyes full of hatred, as he continued to squeeze the life out of her.

She clawed at the ground, at him, legs kicking. She grew weaker and more dread filled her eyes.

“No..” I whispered weakly. She was so young... too young to die…

“She’s just a child… please let her go” he ignored my please. I scrambled to my feet, swaying making my way to him. I fell onto his shoulders, getting into reach for the girls talons, resulting in them digging into my skin drawing blood. I winced, but still I tried to get him off her. But I was too weak, too disorientated.

“Please… let her go…” I mumbled while the world became more blurry and starting spinning heavy again.

I called onto the power within me, making the wind swirl around us. I screamed as I released the power in an attempt to get him to let go of the girl. She was too young to die, no matter what…

“run..” I whispered as all light disappeared and I fell to the ground.

I hope she did what I told her to, I hope she listened.

I hope he didn’t get hurt either. The thought pained my heart, yet I didn’t know why.

I woke up to more fighting, more yelling voices. More screaming.

Rain hit my face in soft small drops. Wind was grabbing at my skin, trying to take me with it. And I wish it did. My head throbbed, and my entire body hurt. I felt so dizzy and once again the world was spinning.

I was never drinking again! But then again I probably was.

Could they not just stop fucking yelling and punching each other! I mean jeez. I stumbled to my feet and fell back against the wall. With both hands firmly planted on it, I rested my head between them, panting.

Why was it so hard to move? It felt like I had just run a marathon.

A loud, terrifying crack filled the air and the air caught in my lungs. Then everything turned silent.

Deadly silent.

Oh no…

Dread filled me and I slowly turned my head towards the creature that had made the sound. And there he was in all his godly glory. His shoulder long black hair hung in dreads of blood and gore. Blood was smeared over his face and body. His shirt was ripped, blood tickling through smearing the black fabric. His silvery eyes roamed my body, searching to see if I was okay. They met my scared ones and a gentle sigh escaped his lips.

A thump sounded when his large hands let go of what was in them. The body of a young underworld hit the ground; purple eyes wide and scared, body bent in all the wrong angles. So young and not ready to die.

That’s when I saw the others. The corpses that surrounded him, the next more mutilated than the other. Six in total. Two women, four men. More like girls and boys.

Sadness took over me as I made my way to them. Tears of broken dreams fell from my eyes. Why had they chased us? Why had they attacked?

They hadn’t deserved to die... they were too young. Nevertheless, why didn’t he just knock them out and erase their memory? Why didn’t he avoid the kill?

I stroked the first girls hair, black strands running through my fingers. I let the power through my body to my fingertips. My hand started glowing as the white strands of power stretched out and healed her body. Making her whole again.

There was just so many wounds, so many broken bones. A sob escaped me and I let the black tears evaporate before they hit her. When I was done, I gently ran my hand down her forehead to her nose, closing her eyes.

This was the female I had tried to save. She was merely a child. She shouldn’t have died now. She looked so much like her. Who would mourn her? Would anybody miss her?

He had killed somebody’s baby girl… somebody’s child.

I hugged her body as I cried for her. Cried for the life that she would never have. The life she deserved. She was so beautiful…

I let go of her and laid her back on the ground. Then I repeated the procedure with the others. Mourning them, as he just watched me with clouded eyes.

They were all just teenagers. Underworlds on the wrong track. But how couldn’t they be, when everyone despised them, making them feel like they were the filth of the world. These little ones didn’t even know their true potential, what they could’ve done with themselves if they just had a family.

These Underworlds were not Underworlds because they didn’t know what race they were, but because they were so many races at ones. So far from a pureblood. The mixture of too many races colliding into one earthly body ended up with too many urges, a creature too easily swayed by the animalistic urges within. That they were outcasts that for the most parts grew up without anybody to trust in or anybody to love them, just made them into vile animals.

But these young ones were so innocent in their hearts, I could feel it. It was time they were sent to a better place beyond this hell hole.

One swipe of my hand across the area they all laid in sent the black flames shooting from my fingertips. I watched as they burned, watched as their souls were sent to the world beyond.

I could’ve absorbed them and gained the extra power. It would’ve cured my hangover and made me feel invincible again. But something about these young ones made my heart bleed and the thought of caging them within me, harvesting the power from their souls, made me nauseous. More than the hangover already did. My eyes locked with his once again. I felt the need to heal him, but he was the one who did all of this to them. A couple of scars marking his perfect bronze skin wouldn’t hurt him. He got his life and a couple of scars. He was covered in their blood and I felt the rage swell up within me.

What was it about him that just made me want to kill him all the time? Then I remembered the feeling of pure bliss of being in his arms. I was too drunk to think I excused myself. If I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol I would never have enjoyed it. Like I basically dry humped Kilan while in that state. See what I’m talking about.

I would’ve enjoyed anybody’s arms around me. And he wasn’t bad to look at.

We just stood there, staring at each other. I was so small compared to him, like a child.

Like the children he just killed.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, shaking his head lightly.

“you’re going to hate me for this, aren’t you?” He asked and I glared at him.

“Already am” I said harshly and watched the burning bodies again. It wasn’t exactly the truth, somehow I knew I could never fully hate him. I didn’t even know the guy, how could I hate somebody I didn’t even know.

You hate the Gods, remember? Her voice sounded in my head. I shook it and a pained sound escaped my lips. But I knew the Gods, somehow I knew I did. I just couldn’t remember it.

 It was so bloody frustrating! I growled in frustration and ran my hands through my hair, letting them rest at the beginning of my neck.

Why wasn’t I remembering?! I tried to recall how the hell I knew them. What my connection to them was.

I gasped as pain sucker punched me and I fell forwards yet again. I screamed as it returned. His arms saved me from planting my face into the solid ground yet again. Where was he all the other times?

Oh yeah, killing the children.

To say I was holding a grudge was an underestimation, but as I once again was in his arms it was easy to forget that. Forget that he was an asshole that just killed six teenagers. He could’ve just knocked them out and run with me again… like he did in the beginning.

I tried to save her I really did… I swear I did..

Please… I tried I cried into his chest, but it was unspoken words only for the world beyond to hear. Because he started moving I made a swooping motion with my hand, making the wind carry away the ashes.

“Take them to a better place,” I sobbed, soaking his shirt with even more black.

He teleported us back to the Castles. Magic covered the entire place, keeping everyone from teleporting into it. We stood by the massive iron gates, and as they opened up, a hole opened up in the shield and we were let in.
“Thanks Marcus” he said aloud to the air and a cheerful voice replied with

“no problem” Excuse me but where the hell did that come from.

I felt a hand on the side of my face turning my head to the right and then a finger pointed to the little metal box on the side of the gate.


“We might use magic eight percent of the time Miss, but this is one of the times where we go full on human,” the voice, Marcus apparently, laughed, and I smiled over my silliness.

I was still in his arms as he made his way down towards the massive main doors. I suddenly understood why Castle Arracna had to be under shimmer, it was huge and it was an elfish castle. It simply looked like something taken out of a fairy-tale. Not something, that belonged to this world, which was dominated by humans.

“You can put me down now,” I whispered hoarsely, still with my head resting on his man boob. Or was it just pure muscle? I was going to call it a man boob anyways.

“Are you sure you can stand?” he replied in a monotone voice. I didn’t want to leave his arms, but for the same reason I had to. He was an asshole and I did not want to be seen swooning over his mere presence. Which I totally wasn’t. Also I had just arrived, and I didn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side. And with a face like that I was sure to get on some fan base’s bad side by just being seen with him, and defiantly when I was being carried.

I was not here to be hated or to develop anything closely related to romance stuff with anyone. Sadly that included not being carried around by hot males. I met his wonderful eyes and I nodded, even though I couldn’t actually feel my legs as of this moment.

I’m sure I’d be just fiiiiine…

I nodded and he stopped, gently placing me on feet. I just stood there, wobbling on my jelly legs. He still hadn’t let go of my arm, keeping me in place.

“I’ll be fine, you can let go now,” I said and I looked up at him and smiled reassuringly. To hell if I was going to be fine, his touch made me feel warm and tingly and it was too distracting to focus on anything else. He just nodded and remained emotionless. Then he let me go and started walking incredibly fast.

Emotionless asshole…

I tried to take a step forward on my jelly legs, but the world was spinning way too much for it to be possible.

“Come on slow poke” he called and a hard laugh sounded. I tried to take another, then another. I was going to catch up with him and then kick him in the ass!

Oh yes! This was going well. Just one foot in front of the other and then reverse and repeat. Yes, that’s right. Now faster.

I smiled while I looked down and saw how I started to not swing to the sides anymore as much. I looked up and started to just

This was going too fast, slow down Nixie.

Slow down… SLOW DOWN. I had lost all control of my wobbling legs and… I tripped over my own feet.  


I reached out to grab the door handle, I was so close... yet so far away. I called on the power within me to cushion the blow, for the wind to sweep me up and hinder me getting hurt again.

But there was nothing left. Healing the young ones had taken everything out of me.

Even though I knew what was coming, but it still hurt like a bitch when my body collided with the grovel on the road.

A searing pain spread from my temple to my shoulder as the stones dug into my skin and the white marble step smashed into my skull, making a horrible cracking sound echo in my ears.

That didn’t sound too good. Black stars started dancing for me, so pretty…

A muffled yell was heard in the background of my head.

Stay awake little one; her voice pleaded me, as everything turned crimson. But I’m so tired.. why couldn’t I just sleep? Why didn’t she want me to?

Why must I always hurt my head? I didn’t understand…

So ... tired…

Everything turned black once again.

Bloody hell…

The healing is incredible! She should have suffered from a serious head trauma after the multiple blows to her head. But somehow there’s not a blood formation, not even a broken capillary. I’ve only seen this once before with her mother…” someone came into the room and interrupted him. Voices sounded, but they were muffled and I couldn’t focus enough to listen in on their conversation anymore. It was that guy, that hot piece of.. no. That silver eyed guy.

And he knew my mother.

What was his name? I faintly remembered hearing a name I couldn’t place on anybody I knew.

Ass… something…

I guess I’d just have to ask him. However, wouldn’t it just be so much better if I could just figure it out? Or overhear him being called his name instead of confronting him?

Yeah I liked that plan much better…

You’re such a wuss. Just ask him her voice laughed at me in my head and I flinched. A feeling of being pathetic flowed through me and I sighed. Why wouldn’t she just leave me alone?

“Nixie, open your eyes. We know you’re awake” His voice sounded and I immediately did as he told me to.

I felt caught oddly enough, even though I hadn’t intentionally pretended to not be awake. I had just flinched and sighed while being “asleep”. No big deal right? That totally happens…

I was such a loser. Urgh.

Why was I suddenly so insecure?

I mean I normally had anxiety in certain situations that involved interacting with creatures. Normally I avoided people, but I had never felt such immense feelings of not being good enough as I stared into his eyes.

And I didn’t understand why.

“Who was she?” I said as I pushed my feelings aside. It was time for some answers. I needed to remember and I needed to know who that woman was. Obviously, our genes had something in common to share our amazing healing abilities.

His eyes widened for a fraction of a second, before the stony mask slid down his face again and he was once again calm and collected.

“I don’t know” he simply replied, not looking like he was going to elaborate, since he obviously did know. But simply chose not to tell me anything about her.  My eyes narrowed and my brows drew together as I looked at him. That woman was a key to knowledge about me.

“You’re lying”

“I am not in a position that allows me to tell you anything about her,” he finally said after painful minutes of me staring him down.

“Why?” I pressed on. I needed to know what he knew. And he was going to tell me, even if I had to force it out of him. Anger swelled up inside of me and my teeth bore into each other to not bare my sharpened canines at him.

“Calm yourself Nixie. I am not in a position to answer any of your questions” he replied in his monotone voice, indifferently. He met my eyes once before turning his back on me and walking out of the grand doors that led out of the hospital wing.

I’d been here for like a day and I’d ended up here twice already. Come on Nix, you are better than that. You never used to get hurt.

What happened?

“Wait!” I yelled after him and tumbled out of the bed. Still wearing my clothes from the day before, expect the boots. I didn’t have time to put them one as I sprinted after him.

There was no way in hell he was getting away with all the answer I needed, just because he supposedly wasn’t allowed to tell me.

Damn he was fast. I yelled after him again only for him to completely ignore me. I sped up as the anger and frustration build up inside of me.

My hand grabbed a portion of the skin tight, long sleeved, black shirt he was wearing and pulled him to a stop. I never felt smaller as I stood there. He towered over me and I had to crane my neck to look up at him. Had he always been this massive?

“What?” He said in the same monotone voice, indifferent as always as he met my bewildered eyes with his stone cold silver ones.

I gathered all my usual courage that he had stripped me off with just one look. Why was I reacting to him like this? I did not understand anything when it came to him.

“Tell me who she is” I demanded and straightened my back. Trying to look intimidating, but next to his massive form I just looked like a small child.

A child throwing a tantrum that he really couldn’t be bothered with.

“I already told you, I can’t”

“Tell me” my voice grew cold and my eyes did the same. I stared into his eyes, trying to break him. He took a step closer to me, trying to intimidate me. Let me tell you a thing, it worked. He looked down at me and said with an ice-cold voice.
“I can’t Nixie! Tell me something instead, are you deaf or just mind boggling stupid?” He snarled at me, showing his pearly white teeth with sharpened canines. Just like mine.

This had been the first sign of emotion he had shown me today.

Fury took over me and I lashed out at him with a roar. Who did he think he was?! That dumbass. He annoyingly avoided my hand by simply taking a step backwards, predicting what I was going to do. He looked down at me with pity, then shrugged and turned around once again and started to walk away.

“I deserve to know!” I screamed at him with wild eyes. He snapped around and glared at me, anger clear in his eyes.

“Why?! Because you were so stupid to make yourself forget?” He yelled at me, coming closer to me with each word. “How is that my problem? Why is it that you’re so selfish that you get your ass in trouble on your first day here, so that I have to come save you, because you were so mind-numbingly drunk that you couldn’t protect yourself! The only thing you’re good at!” He yelled at me, his voice rising with every words till he was screaming at me.

His body shook with anger, and I instinctively took a step back from him. His words was like knifes in my heart, making a numbingly dark feeling set in. It spread through my body, making me feel cold. I couldn’t meet his eyes, as it was all true. I hadn’t thought. I just wanted to have friends. A small whimper left my lips and I fought to hold the tears back.

I hadn’t meant to harm anybody with my thoughtlessness.

 You don’t know who you are, but are you really that much of a brat to not care about the people you put in danger by your irresponsibility. You didn’t even realise they were after you! Not anyone else, yet you put everyone in danger!” he continued, letting all his anger and frustration out. I felt a need to run away, to hide.

I hadn’t meant to do anything… I just wanted to have friends. A sob broke free and exploded the silence that had erupted after he closed his mouth.

I gasped for air, as I hugged myself harder. My knees threatened to give up and I forced myself to concentrate to just get me out of here.

I needed to get away from him.

It hurt so much…

I flinched as he reached out to touch my arm, and I met his eyes with nothing but hurt.

That’s the moment I teleported myself out of there. Was it regret I had spotted in his silvery grey eyes? No, it couldn’t have been.

A man with that much self-control would never regret putting someone like me in her place, by simply stating the truth.

But oh how the truth hurt.

The guilt weighing me down by an immense force, my knees buckling under me.

I found myself in, what I was not supposed to call, my room. Suddenly feeling tired, I crawled into my bed. Wrapping the soft sheets around me, letting myself escape into the warm well smelling embrace. The darkness surrounded me and I had never welcomed it more. It embraced me and made me feel safe and alone.

It blew up to a storm as my sobbing intensified. I had never been called those things. Nevertheless, wasn’t he right? I hadn’t thought of the consequences of being out in the open. Maybe I had thought I could blend in with all the other creatures of the night. Nevertheless I hadn’t been able to and those Underworlds had chased after me. If it had not been for him, they would have gotten to me. The thought of their young dead faces made me cry harder and I pulled the sheets closer around me.

I hadn’t meant for them to get hurt. I hadn’t meant for any of it. But it had happened anyways… and it was my fault.

“I am so sorry…” I sobbed into my pillow as I hugged it closer to my chest, trying to make it absorb the pain that beat through my body.  

The eyes of the Underworld I had tried to save flashed before my eyes and another sob tore through me. It was all my fault…

I fell asleep to the sound of my own tears, his word echoing through my head and the storm that shook the entire castle.

My soul called out for my someone. But there wasn’t anybody to answer by call. I was alone in the darkness. But wasn’t being alone the best at times? Nobody to leave you and nobody to hurt you with their words. 

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