Ashes Ashes - Shadows - being edited

Ashes Ashes we all fall down
Everyone have secrets. Nixies are just a little big bigger than everyone else's. She cannot remember them, but she knows they are there and they must not be revealed.
She's from a world were humans are the unnatural weirdos and Immortals run the world.
When the Order sends a warrior to fetch Nixie, that's when things get complicated.
She's now forced into a tale of hate, love, death and not to forget a battle for survival.
What are you going to do when your supposed cover is blown, and daddy want's his little girl back?
But what's life without a little blood and gore when you're a heartless killer?


5. Chapter 4 - Meeting the Spider

Ashes Ashes we all fall down

Something was constricting me, wrapped around me like a python squeezing the life out of me!

I fought against the weird material, growing even more panicky every second I became more and more tangled up. With a scream and a loud BUMP. I fell on my arse on the floor, still tangled up in whatever was wrapped around me.

“What the hell are you doing?” a loud, very angry voice boomed, making me cringe. I did the amazing thing of actually opening my eyes and take in my surroundings. Nevertheless, being wrapped up, in what was the cover of my duvet, made it very hard to see and I found myself whispering help.

“What did you say?” she asked and the sound of feet walking towards me got louder and louder. I cringed again as she made me say that horrible word again.

“Help me please”

“Oh… my Immortal” and then laughter. It sparked some sort of recognition within me, but I could not place it. Did I know her?

“Open your eyes you goofball” she continued to laugh. Did she not notice that I trapped inside this fluffy well smelling laundry hell?

No? Well alrighty then.

“urgh, use your goddamn magic. Before I whoop your ass for being lazy” I did not like her tone… it sounded like Amelia, but without the never-ending sweetness and caring tone. This one was right evil.  Magic? Did she mean the power within me?

Magic… was that what they called it.

In my head, I concentrated on picturing the sheets untangling from me and curled up in a ball on the bed. I gasped when it slowly happened. The air was knocked out of my lungs and created an oomph sound, when the sheet pulled out from under me and I landed on the floor again, arse in the air.

“Huh” I mumbled as I scrambled onto my feet. I came to face a gorgeous woman. A woman that made my blood curl with her icy stare and crossed arms. She was taller than me, but her standing straight and intimidating; it felt like she was towering over me.

Her long blond her fell in soft curls down her back, her skin natural tanned colour, suggesting she wasn’t from Europe. Her eyes a deep brown, that she somehow turned into ice as she glared at me. She was dressed in a tight black dress and a red cloak like thing, that scraped along the floor, paired with black louboutin pumps. Which made it clear that she wasn’t that much taller than me, she was just wearing killer heals.

“Get dressed, the rest is waiting” she ordered and impatiently tapped her foot on the black marble floor. I huffed and crossed my arms, glaring back at her. She might look like a goddess and be slightly intimidating, but I would not let her boss me around.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I snapped and used all my willpower to not growl like a wild animal. I did not like to get ordered around. Let’s just say I didn’t deal well with authority figures.

She stiffened, and avoided my glare. Yet she did not answer me.

“Answer me!” I ordered, my voice almost a yell. I felt the power within me swirl, causing a storm within. It took everything within me to supress it from tearing the room apart.

She stiffened even further and her head bowed slightly in what would be submission, if she had allowed it to happen fully. Yet she resisted. Why?

I could feel her resisting me, my authority over her. The power within me overpowered hers by a long shot. She had no choice but to obey me. I was the superior.

I continued to glare at her, the power within making her bow further and further, until she landed on her knees. She would not order me around! I snapped my teeth at her in animalistic growl. Somehow, I knew that would snap her into place.

“Now, answer me” I snapped, still angry that she had tried to order me around. Nobody did that. Not even Amelia had dared to go against me like this.

The comfortable chill of the power within me settled around me, wrapping itself around me in a reassuring hug.
Her eyes were glued to the floor, as her right knee hit the floor and her left palm landed next to it. Her mouth opened up as if to say something, then closed again, as if she regretted going against me.
“My name is Arrabella. The others are still waiting, my lady” she sounded pained as she gave in. She wasn’t used to it.

I nodded. Not the least faced by the fact that she had addressed me with, my lady. It felt oddly normal, right.

“What do you want?” I hissed as she sunk lower to the ground.

What did I want? Why was I acting like this? All this power tripping just because she asked me to get dressed. What the effin hell was I becoming?

I lowered my head in shame as the sheer embarrassment over my behaviour fell over me. I whispered a sorry, and fell into my thoughts.

“It’s quite alright, my lady. I should not have ordered you around, it was not proper, nor do I have the audacity for it. It is me who apologizes,” She said with a small smile playing on her pale pink lips, as she picked herself up from the ground. She flattened her dress and picked off non-existent fluff.

“Alrighty then, apology accepted,” I mumbled as the awkward silence filled the room. I felt so unconfutable, and the floor yet again became the most fascinating thing ever.

“I’ll leave you to get dressed. That is if you want to get dressed” She added the last bit cautiously as she waited for my reaction. My little power trip has really put her on her toes.

Somehow, I knew that didn’t happen to her often. That she was someone of importance, and that nobody disrespected her like that.

“yes, of course” a whisper barely recognizable to humans, but then again she wasn’t human. Not one drop of human blood flowed through her veins. What was she…?

Her features spoke of a genetic mix match of different races. I let the power within stretch its arms out and search her. I had been right, she wasn’t just one race. Not a pure blood.

She was getting unconfutable under my stare, but as my eyes sought for information I didn’t care.

She was a hybrid, and she was a fascinating mix. So many different abilities, so much power stored inside of her petite frame.

I met her eyes, and saw confusion and something else stored there. She hastily left the room and once again  I was all alone.

The clothes… right.

I tried to shake the weird feeling that had, what seemed like permanently, moved into my body. Something felt odd, but right.

It was as if I was once again back at where I was meant to be. Like the something I had been looking for was just around the corner. As if, if I turned around it would be staring me right in the face.

I grabbed the clothes that somehow had magically appeared on the bed. Or had they always been there or had she simply brought them with her when she came, and I just hadn’t noticed?

This was when I noticed that I was wearing, what looked like, a very oversized shirt, or a short dress. A shirt I had never seen before in my life. It was white and made of a weird material.

What had happened to all my clothes?

Silver eyes flashed through my mind… as quickly as they came, they were pushed out. I shook my head violently and sent my hair into a frenzy around me. No time to think about… him. He made my body feel weird feelings.

I pulled the shirt thing over my head and threw it on the bed. I picked up a black t-shirt and, what looked like, black jeans. Colourful choices, I must stay. I threw it on and it fit surprisingly well. The shirt was a bit too big, but I liked it like that. The jeans were snug all around; they were truly skinny jeans.

I picked up what looked like black combat boots, but they were weirdly light, as if they weight nothing. I shrugged and pulled them on, lacing them. They fit like a glove.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail, not bothered to result to use the power within to do this simple task. Not again.

The power in the air here was suffocating, there was so many beings around which possessed some kind of it within them. I could not flaunt mine as if it was something worthless and less prestigious than it was.  

This was when I actually took in where I was. The room was large, and looked like a hospital wing with multiple beds, made of dark tree, all with dark red duvets on.

The walls were painted a light cream colour and the floors were dark hard wood. Every bed had a little night stand, in the same dark wood as the beds, each with a lamp on it. It was high up to the ceiling and large wood pillars were placed within the walls with some sticking out, joining with its counterpart in the ceiling. This was elfish architecture. Beautifully decorated and symmetry all over.

That’s when I saw it. The smoke like substance that seemed embedded in the walls, they snaked their way up the walls, floating around like… I don’t know what. There was multiple of them, all a whiteish silver, all almost blending in with the silver. Mesmerised by it, I reached out to touch it as it floated past me. It pulsated of power underneath my fingertips. A pang of recognition struck me again. I had seen this before, I had felt this power before.

“Are you ready?” a gentle voice spoke from the door, and I snapped my head in the direction, to see Arrabella standing there with her arms crossed. She looked amused.

I nodded and she motioned for me to follow. So I did. She walked out the giant tree door and I had to run to walk beside her. Black walls and floors engulfed me into the darkness.

She was a fast little one, and in those heels as well!

“The walls, what was that?” I couldn’t help but ask as we walked through the endless corridor. She stopped abruptly to look me in the eyes with a weird look.

“You don’t know?” she asked and her eyes turned into slits while she sought for anything hinting that I was lying. I shook my head.

“It’s healing magic, a power full spell cast by the God of Light himself” she answered when she got to the conclusion that I was indeed oblivious to this world.

I’m sorry, but I wasn’t like her. I hadn’t lived in a world where I got to learn about the power within me and what she had called… magic. Was it the same thing? Amelia had only told me the necessities; that is was dangerous to use too much and that I had more than most.

But she didn’t know what I was or what my powers were. She had never willingly discussed this subject, she had never thought me.

So how was I supposed to know?

The God of Light had been here. I had recognised his power... his magic. It was a hospital wing, and he had cast the spell to help the people to heal faster.

What was this place?

I had lost myself in my thoughts once again and she had moved quite a bit further down the corridor. Now waiting for me with an impatient look on her face.

I hastily walked up to her and grew more and more annoyed as she started tapping her foot. I soon realised that she had stopped in front a massive black door. What looked like gold tree roots had embedded itself into it in an intricate design. It radiated with brilliance and beauty.

I found myself wondering what this place was again.

She flicked her wrist and the massive doors opened. Light hit me and I winched, now used to the darkness. People’s voices hit me and I met hundreds of eyes as we stood in the opening to a large hall.

They all quieted down and turned to face me. They were all dressed in black materials, for the most parts leather trousers and black t-shirts. Just like me. That wasn’t what made me stand out though, I was the most human looking among these people. They had all let their shimmer go, and they stood there with their power within… their magic… radiating from them. They were also wearing those cloaks. In different shades of grey, from light grey up to black.

They were all so breathtakingly beautiful and so unique. So many different races, so many hybrids and Trihydras gathered at the same place. So much power. Nevertheless, they all had one thing in common.

They were warriors.

I looked at Arrabella for comfort as they all stared me down. Her looks had changed into something more animalistic. Shapeshifter.

Now what was the other blood that ran through her veins?

She was beautiful in a way that terrified you but you could not look away. Her eyes had changed into a golden colour.

“This is Nixie; she will be staying with us for some time now. Please be kind to her and show your least terrifying side” she said to the people and added a wink in the end, causing most people to laugh. She was the only one wearing the read cloak, and the jealous looks it got, caused me to conclude that it was a prestigious thing. She really was someone important. Somebody I had just made kneel before me.

“Follow me,” she ordered once again, and my eyes went into slits as I glared at her. I fought the growl that rose within me, and the need to snap my teeth at her.

Talking about turning animalistic here… looks like she wasn’t the only one.

“I will explain later, now please follow me” she hissed in a low voice, hinting a certain amount of urgency. I decided that I would follow her to where ever she was going and then if she didn’t apologise, I’d put her in her place.

A single nod, made her stride through the crowd. They separated like the sea, and made way for her. Yeah, she was defiantly someone important.

I followed and got more than a few glares. However, most people were just trying to figure out who and what I was.

Well good luck with that, so was I.

I followed Arrabella through the biggest of the many arch openings into what looked like conference room. Instead of it being a modern one, this one was decorated with elfish style and finesse. Everything was in dark wood, whites and silvers with rare glints of gold details.

A see-through membrane kind of substance sealed the opening when I walked through it. What the hell was that?

“We can see them, but they can’t see or hear us,” a voice explained behind me. I turned around, a man dressed in black leather trousers, black shirt, and a red cloak stood behind me. His blondish golden hair fell onto his shoulder, stubble covered his chin and cheeks, and his green eyes captured mine.

They raked over my body searching for something. Not in a perverted way… in a caring way. I looked at him, trying to make sense of why this unknown man cared whether I had any injuries or not.

When he was satisfied with his little search, he once again met my eyes with a gentle glance.

“The name’s Asher, my lady” he said with an Australian accent as he reached his hand out for me to shake. I stared at it for a moment before taking it and shaking it. Such a human act.

It felt weird shaking his hand as he had called me, my lady. It felt like we were caught in two different eras, just with that once sentence. It did not seem fitting.

Arrabella said something to him in another language , similar to Elfish but so very different at the same time. His eyes widened with interest as he once again studied me.

“Nixie you are then” he then said with a wicked grin when he was finished. Something told me he knew me by another name. A name that I had long forgotten…

The grin was removed by Arrabella’s undeniable cold stare.

“Right” he laughed and winked at me. He gestured for me to take his arm, without hesitation I did. He lead me to one of the chairs that surrounded the giants wooden table, that stood in the middle of the magnificent room.  My eyes never left his.

Not even as I sat down and he moved to the other side of the table to sit. He was beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. His green eyes mesmerised me, making me feel the forgotten memories press on.

There was many reasons for me not remembering, I knew that. However, that did not stop me from wanting to know. Needing to know.

This man was somebody I very much wanted to remember.

An annoyed cough brought me back from my stream of thoughts. My eyes snapped to Arrabella.

“Who are you?” I demanded to know, with the strongest voice I could. Sadly, it wasn’t very strong.

“The Order of Arracna” was her reply. I nodded for her to go on. He sighed as if I should already know who this Order was.  I fought hard to suppress the annoyance. 

She was about to continue, when a burst of power broke through the ‘door’ and in stepped the silver eyed bastard that brought me here.

“you!” I yelled and with a pointed finger at you, I started making my way towards him. One swipe of his hand and I was back in my seat unable to move.

Holy mother of hell, that bastard!

His eyes met mine, and if looks could kill, he would be ten feet under. To put it midly I glared.

“You’re here because of your powers. You’re only a danger to everybody including you and your Trihydra companion. You need to understand the power that grows within you to have any chance of controlling it. There is no way that you will be able to do this yourself and the bloody Trihydra has only caused more harm than good!” he finished quite aggravated.

I met hit silver eyes with my cool ones. My anger had turned into cold icy flames bobbling within me, like the power that they so feared from the looks of it.

“What makes you think I need your help?” I asked with an icy voice. He mirrored my entire attitude and his eyes turned icy.

“Because without our help you’re just a weak little female” he snarled in my face after having moved so fast I almost didn’t see it. Key word; almost.

Standing as tall as I could with my teeth bared; I growled at him. Looked him straight in the eyes and growled. A deep sign of disrespect. But so was what he had said.

What felt like forever we stood there, sending murderous glares at each other. The silver was once again burning and the weird warm feelings erupted within me again. Making my body pull towards his even though my mind was screaming at him in rage.

It was such a primal feeling that my body begged to succumb to with him.

“We’re doing this to keep you safe, my lady” Asher’s voice broke the tension and both our heads snapped in the direction of him. He now stood beside Arrabella at the end of the table.

I could see the sense in staying, being trained, ultimately becoming stronger and get a deeper understanding for what I was.

I nodded and removed myself from this despicable man.

“Teach me to control the power within me and I’ll stay,” I said with conviction and met the green wonders of Asher’s eyes. “But I must know everything about this place to feel safe!” I could not stay if I did not know where I was nor who this Order was.

“Yes, of course we will give you a brief introduction to the Arracna” he said and my eyebrows simply scrunched together in response. Really now… brief description huh? Like that was going to cut it.

“You must understand how you as an individual are not trusted with everything from the very beginning. Trust is earned here no matter who you are” that despicable man interrupted.  I met those silver eyes of his once again, and just felt like fainting.

Instead of doing that terribly girly thing, I focussed all my attention on Asher.

“Yes… umm… let me show you your room first and I’ll tell you the basics about the Arracna” Asher said awkwardly and scratched his scalp. I nodded and once again had to tear my eyes off that man. I just could not help myself; he was just so goddamn attractive. My eyes were drawn to him like magnets on a steel surface.

There was just something about him, something infuriatingly breath-taking. I followed after Asher with hasty steps, glad to be distancing myself from him.

We walked through the main hall, where all the people in the light grey cloaks were hurrying around; Asher explained that those were the novices.  The cloaks were a sign of what year they attended and how far in their training, they were.

But training to be what?

That was simple enough. They were training to be warriors of the Gods’ army.

The lightest grey symbolised the first years, the darker it got the further up in the ranks you were. The supreme keepers, of the Gods’, distinctly only wore the red cloaks.  Showing their utmost superiority. These were the ones that were only outmatched by the God and Godlings themselves.

So the red cloaks were the ones you stayed the hell away from.

But… Arrabella wore a red cloak. Oh shit… mother fudging hell.

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit”

“Nixie? Are you alright?”  Asher’s voice brought me out of my panic as he asked. I looked up at him, saw the red cloak and immediately backed away. I hadn’t heard anything he had said the last few minutes while we were still walking. I had stopped listening after the red cloak part.

We were now standing in a hallway, with multiple doors in. Resembling a dorm hallway in a modern day human college. That was exactly what it was.

“Nixie!” Asher’s voice broke through to me again as he touched my shoulder. I looked up at him startled. What did he just say?

“are you okay, my lo…” he asked, then stopped halfway through the last word and suddenly the floor became very interesting for him to look at. He cleared his throat and shook his head lightly while chuckling. He looked at me with a small smile and then opened up the door into what would be my temporary home for the next unknown amount of time.

I would stay here until I wasn’t a danger to the people I cared about, simply because I couldn’t control the power that constantly grew within me. I needed to control this before it controlled me.

The room was surreal. Not a typical dorm room at all with its cream painted walls, light wood floors, the king sized bed that dominated the room, the old wooden desk and the large windows out to what looked like a massive garden.

What the hell was this place?! They were funded by the Gods, I constantly had to remind myself of that. Otherwise, I would keep asking myself the same question.

“This will be your room for as long as you wish to stay here” he said as I stood there dumbstruck with my mouth open and eyes wide. I couldn’t believe it. This room was nicer than all the rooms Amelia had ever created put together.

A dull pain hit my chest area as I thought of her and the sour taste of betrayal entered my mouth. I quickly shook it off me and looked at Asher again.

“Are all the room this nice?”

“Honestly, no. This is the Red corridor. Housing the special guard and the special guests. The accommodations for the regular students are of a lesser standard, but still very nice.” he replied still with that small smile lingering on this face. He kept looking down, not meeting my eyes. What was up with him all of a sudden?

“Well I am honoured to be placed in this beautiful room,” I said, only speaking the truth. A giant smile plastered on my face the entire time. The happy bubbly feeling had taken permanent residence in my body.

“Every accommodation corridor has a living room, which was the larger room we passed through to get here. It is generally used for relaxation and socialisation with the others. There is a TV, but it is rarely used in the weekdays. You are more than welcome to use it though,” He explained further as we moved towards that living room. I soon found out that the entire Red corridor was actually the west wing, and the east wing was where the rest of the students lived. Rooms were, assigned when you began and it was yours to personalise.

“so in theory I could paint my room black and burn it for a cool effect?” I asked as a joke, he looked completely baffled as he stopped up and looked at me as if I was crazy.

Well I was… maybe a bit.
“Theoretically yes, but why in the Gods name would you do that?”

“It was just a joke” I laughed and he joined in soon after staring at me with those disbelieving eyes. Not that I would put it past me to suddenly feel like gothing up my room.

The living room was giant with walls of massive bookshelves, all filled to the brim with all sorts of books. The only places that wasn’t covered with bookshelves was the fireplaces and an oval circle around it, and the door ways.  The was two fireplaces, one of each side of the room, each with a sofa and some comfy chairs forming a half circle around it. More chairs and sofas were scattered around the room. There even was a Ping-Pong table.

I stared around the room in awe. This was just a place of pure magic… I could defiantly see myself spending a lot of time here.

My eyes locked on one of the big doors, something within me could not tear my eyes off it. There was something special about it. I was drawn to it, needing to feel the smooth wood under my fingers. I traced the golden vines with my finger tips and once again lost myself in the simplicity of this marvellous place.

“The entirety of the castle Arracna was built as a gift to the Gods, by the ancient Elf King Linden. It was built for our divine Goddess Niaella, as she loved the elfish architecture. Behind that door is her own personal study… the trace of her divine powers still lingers and often draws people in. Most people express feeling a certain peacefulness from being near it,” Asher quietly explained in the background. I was too engulfed in the wondrous magic that unfolded behind this door.  It felt so familiar it brought tear to my eyes.

I calmly rested my forehead against it, taking in as much memories as I could. They flashed before my eyes as I closed them. I sighed peacefully.

Beautiful laughter filled my mind as a young couple chased each other in this very room. Her red hair falling in cascades against her elven skin. The skirt of her dress dancing around her petite frame. The ice blue eyes, full of happiness, fixated on the man chasing her. He was the darkness to the pureness of her. His black hair fell into his black eyes as he ran after her, enthralled by her.

She was even paler against his bronze skin. The light to his darkness. They were so young. So innocent in their love, in their happiness. They stood on each side of the room now, both wrapped up in the game. Their eyes met and they were drawn together like moths to a flame. The game no longer mattered. It was only them.

As their lips met, light shone from them in the purest form. Bursting from them in flames, marking them as each other’s for an eternity to come.

My eyes snapped open as I gasped for air.  My head fell back as I absorbed the purest form of power. Love.

I wondered over to a chair by the fireplace, and just sat down. Replaying the memory repeatedly in the flames.

“Hey new girl, wanna join us?” a male voice broke through my train of thoughts. I looked up at him confused.

“We’re going to a bar with all the other baby novices. Wanna join?” he grinned. He was quite handsome with his bronze coloured hair, short on the sides and long on the top, and his golden eyes.

Why not try to fit in like a normal novice. Even though I wasn’t. I nodded and gave him a small smile. I had to stay here for a while and I never had any other friends than Amelia. With all our moving and the need for secrecy, it simply wouldn’t be true friends. There wasn’t any time to build those special bonds. And I longed for friends.

“The names Kilan and yours is?” He asked as he stretched his hand out for me to take. I took it and were pulled up while whispering Nixie.

They were a group of four. A very attractive bunch of people. But then again everybody here seemed to be creations moulded into perfection by the Gods.

There was Kilan’s sister, Jade. With her gem like eyes, I understood why her name was Jade; her eyes were an intense green. She had wild, curly dark brown hair with a reddish tint. She was about 5’8 tall and slim. Long black lashes framed her eyes and her skin was flawlessly light brown, darker than her older brother’s was.

Next one was introduced as Thomas Varylio. A powerful warlock with short blond hair and sky-blue eyes. He was a bit shorter than Kilan, about 6’3 and very muscular like Kilan. His arm was covered in tattoos, and his lip was pierced. He was of the same family as Amelia’s witch inheritance.

The last one had a very peculiar appearance. Her skin was as pale as mine, but her large reddish eyes were surrounded by gold flecks embedded into the skin, and long black lashes. Her auburn hair hung down to her waist. She was curvy but did not stand very tall, maybe a 5’6. She was a lot shorter than the others. The gold flecks, her pointed ear and her colouring told me that she was a hybrid between a shifter of the Grimm pack and an elf.  And true enough, she was introduced as Isa Grimm.

They were a powerful bunch and none of them wore cloaks. But each one emanated such power that I was taken aback for a second. Nevertheless, they seemed friendly enough, each and every one smiled at me. Friendly face covering over immense power.

They started talking about what to do and where to go. When they started moving away, I just stood there dumbstruck, not knowing what to do. Whether to follow or not. Jade saw me standing there, laughing she grabbed my hand and dragged me after her.

We ended up at a bar called Nightshade, in the nearest town called Venicia. We sat down at a table, surrounded by novices and other supernatural creatures. This was a safe haven, people came here to have fun and let loose, not to fight.

The music pounded thought the air making me dizzy, the different coloured lights blaring, as Kilan came over with a bunch of glasses. Each containing a more poisonous looking liquid than the other. He grabbed a blue one and downed it. Shaking his head as he swallowed.

“Damn!” he exclaimed and laughed. The others joined. I had never done this. I had never been drunk. I sucked at all this social stuff; I simply didn’t know what to do.

“Nixie my pixie, here drink this and lighten up” Jade laughed and pushed a glass over to me and took one herself. She held my glance as she lifted it to her lips and tilted the glass, letting the liquid enter her body. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked expectantly at me.

 Okay, time to be wild.

I grabbed the glass and mimicked what she had done. The cold liquid burned it’s way down my throat and spread a nice warm feeling in my chest. It’s tasted fruity with a distinct taste of what must’ve been the alcohol. Absolutely delicious.

I grabbed the next one and downed it, then another one. I felt fanfuckingtastic.

A hell of a lot of drinks later, I found myself dragging Kilan to the dancefloor. Okay, dragged and dragged. He didn’t complain too much about it, actually he was pretty willing.

I looked around at what the other females in the crowd was doing and I began moving my body to the beat, swinging my hips as the other females did.. I held onto Kilan’s shoulders as his hands pulled me closer by the hips.

I felt on fire as I danced with Kilan, running my hands through my hair, down my body, swinging my hips. Intoxicated and wild. Getting lost in the crowd with him.

Free was what I felt.

His hands on my body felt amazing, as they traced every curve. His hands found their way into my hair and pulled me closer as his face moved down to move. He pressed his forehead against mine, while one of his hands moved to my neck, and the other moved to my hips. Locking me against him. It didn’t matter, I didn’t want to move away from him. It was intoxicating.

A scream pierced the air and echoed throughout the masses.

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