Ashes Ashes - Shadows - being edited

Ashes Ashes we all fall down
Everyone have secrets. Nixies are just a little big bigger than everyone else's. She cannot remember them, but she knows they are there and they must not be revealed.
She's from a world were humans are the unnatural weirdos and Immortals run the world.
When the Order sends a warrior to fetch Nixie, that's when things get complicated.
She's now forced into a tale of hate, love, death and not to forget a battle for survival.
What are you going to do when your supposed cover is blown, and daddy want's his little girl back?
But what's life without a little blood and gore when you're a heartless killer?


2. Chapter 1 - A new place, another life

Ashes Ashes we all fall down

I struck my eyes open and squinted when a burst of sunlight hit me in the eyes. A pained sound came from me. To be frank it sounded like a dying cat. I wasn’t very good at not sounding like I just died, when I made any kind of noise.

My laugh was the worst though.

Not talking about that now. We don’t want to describe the most horrid sound in the whole world. Plus it would take a lot more time than I got.

“Where am I?” I croaked with a very dry and hoarse voice. The direct sunlight disappeared, allowing my eyes to relax and take in my surroundings. Deep blue walls surrounded me, the ceiling painted a lighter colour with white fluffy clouds, drifting over the ‘sky’.  It was peaceful, making me think of a person, who was very close to my heart. A small smile forced its way onto my lips, as several tears formed in the corners of my eyes. She had that peaceful aura, making everybody feel at ease. This room had the same aura, almost engraved in the walls. 

She was the only thing that could make me cry.

I shrugged the feeling of me, and took more of my surroundings in. I lay in a huge white bed, the frame made out of steel, it meandered taking flowery shapes, as it formed the headboard. 

The bed was warm and comfortable, making me sink down in it, almost disappearing. I liked this feeling of total comfyness. I snuggled deeper into my… no… the bed and a satisfied sigh escaped me. This wasn’t my room. I couldn’t get too comfortable.

I liked this room, but I couldn’t like it too much. It reminded me of when I was little, when she was still here. Also we could be living another place tomorrow, it had happened before.

I smiled a sad smile into the soft duvet, trying to make myself disappear. It didn’t work, obviously.

Why was there no one here? Why was I here alone?

I wanted nothing more than to just disappear into this calm, composed and most important undisturbed room. I wanted to stay here, and just sink into nothing. Just a hollow shell that had let my soul fly away. Let me have peace. But that was only a dream.

A dream that wouldn’t come true. I couldn’t help but feel helpless sometimes. It was pathetic and unbelievable discouraging.

How was I going to carry on with this lifestyle if every time I felt her memory, push on, I wanted to bury myself and never feel again.  I hated feelings, they meant to much, had too much power.

“Nixie Underwood, get your lazy behind out of the bed” a voice boomed from the other side of the white door. I sat up abruptly and then … I sighed. Of course this was her work, the house, the bedroom. Amelia Underwood, also known as the copy witch, or the faceless witch. She was a Trihydra, which was a person that was of three different races. Amelia herself was half elf, a third shape shifter and a third witch. Nobody knew how she really looked, nobody knew her true form. She was a powerful witch, a bewitching elf and a magnificent shape shifter.

“Yes sir!” I yelled back, but sunk back into the sheets again. I had no intentions to get out of this amazing bed. She made it way to comfortable. I smiled down into the pillow. It was still damp from a few moments ago. I really needed to stop crying over that memory…

New thoughts! Happy thoughts! I replayed that mantra inside my head, while I swung my legs out in the cold, cold air and sat up. The cold, cold air seeped into my body and bones, making me shiver.

“I EFFIN HATE YOU AMELIA” I screamed like a crazy person, I was a crazy person.

“Love you too Hun, now get your arse down here” she yelled back, and I couldn’t help but smile. She was always here to make me smile, even though it seemed like impossible. She was amazing.

I stood up and twirled around in a circle until I got a little bit dizzy. I smiled, tried to be happy, even if a nagging feeling kept telling me I didn’t deserve to smile.

I stopped up as something caught my eyes. It was the reflection of a very beautiful pale girl, with huge brown reddish eyes that stared intrigued back at me, she wasn’t very tall, curvy but not chubby. She wore pyjama bottoms, white with black skulls on, and a black tight top. Her black hair hung straighter than ever all the way down to her hips, but now it was pushed to one side of her neck. 

I looked like me, for the first time Amelia hadn’t changed anything about my looks. She usually just changed either my eye colour or hair colour. Before we ‘moved’ again I was a blonde with bright green eyes, a slight tan and cheerleader body. I looked good, but I didn’t look like me.

I guess that was the whole point with it all.

I liked this Gothic look,  it was so more … me? Especially more than the other looks had been. She always made me blond, and blonder and blonder. I ended up with white hair once. It was terrible. I looked like a ghost mixed with a fragile little girl. I must have been ten back then. I smiled at the memory, she had always been there. She had always had her protecting wings wrapped around me.

I made my way down to the stairs, taking everything in, as we might live here for a while. All walls where white, I wonder why?

She usually painted the walls bright colours, like a whole room red or a wall with deep blue prints on it. I reached the first floor and took it all in. The comfy and homey atmosphere, the smell of waffles and her presence, it made it all perfect. Sensing her presence to the left I followed that and the smell of waffles.

Her humming along with the radio was also a clear sign of where she was. She was standing behind the stove, swaying her hips following the beat of Maroon 5’s One more Night.

“Hey Am, what’s ya cooking?” I asked exaggerating my British accent to the max. She looked over her shoulder, meeting my eyes for a few seconds before flipping me off for making fun of her british accent, and returning her concentration to the waffle making. I could feel her smiling.

“Hey Boo, did you sleep well?” she asked with a huge smile on her face. Her shoulder blond hair was pulled into a bun.  but it was pulled into a tight bun on top of her head. That was one thing she never changed about herself, her blond hair. This time her eyes were a silvery grey and her skin a stunning caramel. She was a little taller than me, but not by much She was as always stunningly beautiful. She wore tight skinny jeans and a cream coloured, silk blouse.

“Yeah… I didn’t notice a thing” I smiled brightly to her, even though she couldn’t see me, I knew she felt it.

“Good Hun, I’m happy to hear that” she turned around and stood with an enormous plate full of waffles. Sometimes I didn’t understand how we weren’t morbidly obese. I guess it was one of the perks of being a supernatural creature.  But then again Am controlled our looks with an iron fist and if she wanted me to be fat and ugly, she could easily do it. Nobody made me do anything.

She might be all that, but when it came to power, I was the one who was the superior. She knew that, and I knew that. But we were sisters, not by blood or any genetic ways, but by heart. She had raised me so that I could function in the human world. That was about 16 years ago.

“So Nix, you’re attending classes tomorrow” she said out of nowhere, I just looked at her, then nodded. I followed her over to a little table with two chairs. The kitchen and dining area looked like something from one of those magazines that shows just how fabulous your house could look, but that you can’t afford.

“It’s just the same classes as before, right?” she nodded, while eating her  third waffle already. She was an animal sometimes, especially with her food. And when she fought…

I munched on my first waffle, while thinking about the obvious. Where were we?

“We’re in London Nix” she answered my unsaid question; she had a habit of reading my thoughts when I kept my guard down. If looks could kill, she’d be buried a week ago. She sent me an apologizing glance and turned all of her attention back to her waffles. She wasn’t that sorry. I smiled a tiny smile and ate my waffles. It was heavenly; It was amazing I didn’t hate them, since we practically ate them every weekend

I looked at her, when I realized what she had just said.

Then I screamed. I literally screamed. Like an immature human girl. Embarrassing…

But I had begged, literally, Amelia for us to move to London. I’ve always had an urge to go to England, there had always been a weird force pulling me here.  The fact that I spoke with a British accent, also came to mind. I was always asked if I was born in England, But as I didn’t have an answer, the answer was just a shrug. If I could move away from Amelia or just be a part of where we moved next, it would have been so much easier to get here. But Amalie insisted on never leaving tracks and me knowing where we were going to live next, would apparently leave tracks.

Amelia always said that the time would come, and we would follow the pull. It just never seemed like that time would ever be now.

It saddened me a great deal to think about it. The pull was once so strong that I had to be bound by Amelia’s magic to not transport there. I fainted soon after, not because I fought against Amelia’s magic, but because I fought too hard against myself.

“Nixie Pixie!” a loud obnoxious voice screeched in my ear. I glared at the Trihydra and she sent me an apologetic look. Knowing I hated that nickname.

“Sorry love, but you know how you space out sometimes. It’s the only thing that makes you come back”

One nod as a reply and I did as her; returned to eating waffles. She just stared at me, she knew if she asked me about my thoughts, I would shut it down and transport to London Eye or some weird place, probably a weird corner where I could get raped by some junkie. Okay… I would never let that happen. But it could happen! Totally…

I hated questions about my past, present and future. Just questions in general.

But I felt like I owed Amelia some kind of explanation… She took care of me, when I had none. She was my family, when I had nobody left. But sometimes it felt more like she wasn’t asking because she already knew more than I did.

She gave me everything, and all I gave her was lies. Lies and more lies.

She was over a thousand years old, and she didn’t have anyone either. I think she took me in because deep inside… she was as lonely as I was. I think she saw a friend in me, a companion that wouldn’t sell her out to get on the Immortals’ good side. Our Gods’ good side. Didn’t selling out a Trihydra do that?

It wasn’t that the Trihydras were an illegal race or that they needed to be executed. It was just the fact that most Trihydras were not welcome in any society, meaning they became outlaws, and outlaws were to be executed. This meant that most Trihydras went into hiding, and a lot of them found their way of living through crimes and sadly for the most parts… as assassins.

That wasn’t Amelia’s job, she was a Dreamcatcher. A person who had witch blood running through its veins, witch blood from a long line of very powerful witches, Amelia had that. How she was powerful enough to be a Dreamcatcher was beyond me, since she was only a third witch.

But her origin was as unknown and distant as mine. Nobody knew and everybody knew it would be best not to know.

A Dreamcatcher’s job was to collect dreams, wishes, and nightmares and to use them against their owners or plant them in people’s minds. But the most terrifying gift of a Dreamcatcher was how they could trap people inside their nightmares. Amelia had clients that wished for their enemy to be trapped inside the person’s worst nightmare, making them crazed lunatics, therefor also giving the Immortals a reason to damn them to execution, a thing they did to most people that didn’t quite fit into their perfect society.

To say that I was against our Gods, the Immortals, was an underestimation. I hated them with all a fiery passion and I couldn’t remember why. Amelia said it had something to do with my past. I could have said that myself, but it was something else to hear her say it. That it wasn’t just in my head, that someone shared my opinion. If it was just something in my head then I could brush it aside, push the need to reveal my past away, just for a little bit longer. It’s easier to not know and forget, than it would be if I knew and couldn’t forget.

So I lived my life not knowing, and for the time being that was fine with me. For the time being, I did not want to know.

I looked around and saw that I had done it once again… spaced off with no way to get me back. Not even my stupid nickname.

Amelia was gone, the house cold and in an odd way lonely. It reflected my emotions as I sat there at the small white kitchen table, all alone.

How long did I zone out for?! What the bloody hell…

Amelia, where are you? I called to her with my mind, and tried to see where she was with my inner eye. She didn’t answer. She always answered! Why didn’t she answer?!

AMELIA! I screamed after her, feeling the cold, terrifying panic spread through my body as wildfire.

“Amelia!” my scream echoed through the house as I felt my knees drop to the ground, my body crashing against the hard wooden floor.
Please… Amelia, don’t leave me too. Please, don’t…  I begged her to come back, but her mind was locked off from mine, and right now I didn’t feel strong enough to penetrate the wall she put up.

The pathetic feeling of being left filled my mind. After so many years, I was still left shaking on the ground if she left my side. 

“Oh so strong you are…” a heartless whisper in the corner of my mind said. 

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