Missing You - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Bare)

Harry and Leah have moved to America, and the world seems to have forgotten about Harry and his fame. He's glad that they can live a normal life.... almost. Because when his best friend loses his sight.... they face a whole new set of problems.


12. Chapter Twelve

Harry's POV

"I finished!" Leah sings, doing a little dance in the kitchen. "What?" I ask, not really caring, but worrying about Louis. I haven't talked to him in a week, Leah is the one who brings him food and helps him around but he doesn't even talk to her. "Oh, I finished decorating the fridge," She laughs. I let out a deep chuckle, not meaning to. "Okay, let's see your work," I challenge, and she narrows her eyes at me. "Okay Styles, get over here. Look at my amazing magnet placing." She says, trying to hold a straight face.

Leah's POV

"Oh, I finished decorating the fridge," I laughs Harry lets out a deep chuckle. "Okay, let's see your work," He challenges, and I narrows my eyes at him. "Okay Styles, get over here. Look at my amazing magnet placing." I say, trying to hold a straight face.

He walks over to the colourful fridge and laughs. "You call this decorating?" He teases. "Yes," I say. He puts his hands on the fridge. "No, Harry don't," I beg, knowing what he is about to do. And then, he does it. And all the magnets end up on the floor. And so does his maturity. He bursts out into laughter. "Harry Edward Styles, you idiot," I curse, picking up the magnets and strategically placing them back onto the fridge. "Woah, no need for labels," He laughs. "It's not funny!" I claim, but he doesn't care. "Alright then." He puts on a pouty face, a cheeky pouty face.

Harry sits down at the table, and he grabs a box of cards. "Want to play war?" He asks. I shrug. "Sure, why not." I say. I grab a seat beside him. "Can I play?" I hear a small, frail voice ask. "Was that the baby, because I thought she wasn't born yet," Harry says, thinking it was me. My face goes numb. "That, that wasn't you?" I stutter. "No, Why?" He asks, still not getting it. "Well, it wasn't me," I insist. His eyes widen. And so do mine.

It was Louis.

Louis' POV.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of this crap. My life is over. I can't see a thing, I live in a world of darkness. The last thing I need is losing my friends.

I sit up. I can't tell if it's night or day. I feel the air around me, and there is nothing I could bump into. I put my hand to my side, feeling the table. There is a book on it, and on the cover are what seems like a hundred tiny dots. I smile. "It's the braille book," I whisper to myself. I wish desperately for Harry to come walking in that door to talk to me. Because now, no matter what I told him before, I want his help. I want him there. I want him to talk to me.

I open the book to a random page. I feel the braille, each letter a bunch of dots. I feel how many letters there are, and I feel twenty six. The alphabet, probably. I feel each one, remembering the last. "A, B, C, D," I repeat to myself, smiling as I brush my sensitive finger tips over the little dots. But then I hear Harry and Leah talking upstairs, and I forget about the braille book. I drop it, I think. I'm not sure if it landed on the table or not. I stand up, knowing that I can't fall if I don't move, but, nevertheless, I am terrified. I put my arms out in front of me, and I take one little step. I shuffle across the floor, remembering how it looked before. "Okay, the table is right in front of the couch, so I should hit it soon," I remind myself. I put my hands down lower, so I can hit the table when I get there. My hands soon collide with the wooden table. I smile. Keeping my hands against the side of the table, I shuffle sideways until I don't feel the hard wood rubbing against my fingertips. "Then, the telly is away from the table, so I shouldn't hit anything until I hit the wall," I say. I take bigger footsteps, walking like a real person I suppose. I turn on my heel, just slightly, and my shoulder bangs into the wall. I curse under my breath. "Now I know where the wall is," I tell myself. I keep my hands out, remembering that the door should be a few steps from here, and then the stairs.

I reach the stairs, and I raise my foot up against the step until it is no longer there, and then I put it down. I feel the cool tile on my bare feet. I put my hand down on the stair, and I help myself to walk up. I then put my hands on the close wall to either side of me, helping my keep my balance. "Want to play War?" I hear Harry ask. I need to talk to him. I want to get close to him again. I NEED him. And I NEED Leah, too. "Sure, why not," Leah agrees. I hear the familiar sound that I used to hear all the time on the tour bus, the sound of cards being shuffled and dealed. I put my foot up on another stair, and then the wall disappears from my hands. I reached the top. Now, the kitchen is just down this hallway, and then I will be with my friends. But, before I go any farther, "Can I play?" I ask.

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