Missing You - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Bare)

Harry and Leah have moved to America, and the world seems to have forgotten about Harry and his fame. He's glad that they can live a normal life.... almost. Because when his best friend loses his sight.... they face a whole new set of problems.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Harry's POV

My jaw drops to the floor when I see Louis standing in front of me. "L-Louis?" I sputter. He nods. "I'm sorry," He says, his eyes focused on the wall, I notice. I long for him to make eye contact with me, although I know he can't. "For what Louis?" Leah asks, obviously in awe, the same as I am. "For being blind," Louis says, and his facial expression just drops. He hangs his head down with his face in his hands.

I walk over to him and I put my hand on his shoulder. He doesn't look up. " Harry?" He says. "Yes, Louis. It's me," I confirm. He shows no interest in speaking anymore. "You don't have to apologize," I insist. He looks up, and his eyes are trained on my adams apple. "Yes I do!" He claims. I shake my head, although he can't see it. "You know it isn't your fault." I say. "It isn't my fault for what?" He says, a tear rolling down his cheek. "For ruining your life? For taking over everything? For making your life about me? Well it's not! I mean- It shouldn't be. I don't want you fussing over me because I don't want your life to be wrecked by me! I'm not normal anymore! I'm a stupid, blind idiot," He says, ashamed. He looks back down to the floor. "Louis. Don't say that." I say, like a loving but stern father. He shakes his head. "Louis, DO NOT say that," I tell him. He still does not answer me, or look up. "Louis, look at me," I say. His head shoots up. "I CAN'T!" He screams, tears streaming down his face. The corners of his mouth turn down, and I look back at Leah who has wide eyes, obviously startled by Louis' cries. "Louis," I try to reason, but he shakes his head. "I CAN'T SEE YOU HARRY! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" He screams again, but I start to step back. His hand reaches out, just skimming my cheek, and he swipes it across. "Louis, What are you doing?" I say, taken aback. "I just wanted you away," He says quietly. I step back even further, knowing he just tried to hit me across the face.

"Harry, are we friends?" Louis then says, suddenly, breaking the awkward silence. "I don't know Louis," I shrug, knowing Leah is still listening and not caring. I look back at her, but she is absorbed in her own thoughts.

"Harry!" Louis calls a I start to walk away, leaving him standing in the kitchen, alone. "What?" I snap. "I want you to be my friend! BE MY FRIEND HARRY!" He cries, sitting on the floor, and sobbing into his knees. I smile, knowing Louis is still in there. The real Louis. Not the angry, grumpy, dead eyed, blind Louis. "I am your friend Louis," I sigh, walking over to him and helping him stand up. He leans against me for support. "Come on, Let's get you back to your room," I say, walking him down the stairs.

Leah's POV

I frown when Harry walks down the stairs with Louis. That Louis. He is taking all my attention from Harry. I am pregnant, about to have a kid, and Harry just goes and spends all his time with Louis instead of his girlfriend.

I hope he is going to propose soon. I want to marry him. I want us to get married and move far away from here, changing our location once again. I need to be away from here, but I would never go without Harry. Zayn will probably find out of jail, and I am not going to be here when that happens.

Anger is boiling up inside of me. Maybe not anger. Maybe just, well,




Maybe just, I don't know,


Maybe it's,




It takes an hour for Harry to come back upstairs from Louis' room. He is smiling, cheerful. But I am sitting at the table, no interest in him, still fiddling with the cards, waiting. He sits down. "Now, Let's play." He says, sitting down. I shake my head. "No," I state. "Harry, do you like spending time with Louis' than you do me?" I ask him, getting up and away from him. He is taken aback, I can tell. "What?" He asks. "You heard me," I say. "Well, he isn't dramatic like you," He says, snarky. I shake my head, knowing I can't take this. Louis is better to stay here, because I'm just a log sitting in this house and taking up space. "Then you can date Louis, because I'm done. I'll be out by morning," I say.

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