Missing You - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Bare)

Harry and Leah have moved to America, and the world seems to have forgotten about Harry and his fame. He's glad that they can live a normal life.... almost. Because when his best friend loses his sight.... they face a whole new set of problems.


16. Chapter Sixteen

Leah's POV

When we arrive at the airport, I have over fifty text messages on my phone from Harry. I put it on vibrate, and set it aside. I don't need anything in the way. Besides, Harry said, if we could find somewhere for Louis, he could go there. That was merely a month ago, but it happened. It did.

"Come on Louis," I say, opening the car door for him. He feels the dashboard, smiles, finally finding the side of the car, and then proceeds to step out. He lets out a gasp, and he almost falls over, but I catch him. He steadies, and then frowns. "I don't need help," He grumbles. My smile fades, and I just continue to help him walk towards the exit.

He keeps his hands out, and when they collide with the doorway, he pushes the door open and walks inside. Louis takes a deep breath. "Airport smell," He smiles. "What? You like the airport smell?" I laugh. He nods. "We had a lot of it when we were on tour," He says, and then pauses to sigh. "It just brings back old memories," He explains. I nod. "Now it is time to make new memories," I tell him, and the rest of the walk is silent.


We go through check out with his bags, and nothing happens. When we walk out to the gates, Johannah is sitting by herself, her cell phone in hand. When she sees us, her eyes light up, and she stands with her arms open. When I stop Louis in front of her, he does not hug her, not knowing to, that is. She frowns, not knowing she frowns. "Louis!" She exclaims, half a smile on her face. "Hi Mum," He smiles, reaching out in front of himself. His hands rest on her shoulders, and she embraces him in a hug. Louis sits down, and his mum pulls me aside. "How did he go blind? You never told me," she says, wiping a tear from her eye. "I- Um, I don't know," I lie, knowing she wouldn't like the truth. "He quit the band because of it, with Harry," I tell her, hoping she won't sense that I'm lying. She smiles. "Alright. How is he doing?" She whispers. I smile. "He's proud of himself. I think he should tell you himself, but, remember, it is a lot to adjust to," I say. She agrees, but then asks me a question I was dreading to hear. "Why didn't Harry come?" She asks. I try to speak, but no words come. "Not, sure," I sputter, and she walks over to Louis, leaving me standing there awkwardly.

"Louis, how are you?" She asks, stroking his arm. He turns to face her, judging by the sound of her voice. "I'm really great," He exclaims. "I can walk all by myself, and dress and eat and I'm even learning to read," He says, putting his hands up in the air. He then searches for his carry on, and when he finds it, he fiddles with the zipper until it opens. His hands plunge inside, feeling, searching, and then he smiles, satisfied. He has found his book. He pulls it out, and hands it to his mum. "This is how I learn. It has all the letters in it and short stories too, so I can practice," He says, proudly, handing it to Johannah. I smile, watching them. And then my phone vibrates and I am snapped out of my day dream. "Well, I better go," I say, standing up. "Louis, your flight is at ten. Have a good time, I'll miss you," I say, awkwardly, and he stands up to hug me, and he does. But I don't hug him so much back, I feel weird about it, as for setting up this whole plan only to get rid of him. I then reach into my purse and I hand him a book. I hand him a braille One Direction book. He places his fingertips over the front cover, and then he smiles, ear to ear. "Thank You, Leah. I'll miss you so much beautiful," He says, planting a kiss on my forehead, and then turning to face his Mother, and he sits down beside her. I turn on my heel, walk towards the door, feeling a little regretful, but I don't look back.

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