Missing You - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Bare)

Harry and Leah have moved to America, and the world seems to have forgotten about Harry and his fame. He's glad that they can live a normal life.... almost. Because when his best friend loses his sight.... they face a whole new set of problems.


7. Chapter Seven

Harry's POV

Leah comes home, bawling her eyes out. "What? Are you not pregnant?" I say, my eyes wide. "No, No I am," She says. I smile, and I pull her into a close hug. She just pushes me away. She puts her face in her hands. "Louis is going to go blind," She mumbles. "Louis is going blind!!!" She cries, sobbing into my chest. "No, No he can't!" I stutter, stroking her hair. She sniffles, and then forces a smile. "The baby is due in seven months," She says, her happiness not as strong as the sadness. "I'm excited!" I exclaim, hugging her again. Then, Louis calls us.

"What's wrong?" He asks. "Oh, Nothing Lou." Leah lies. "Do you need something?" I ask. "No, I just wanted to know why you were crying." Louis shrugs.

Leah's POV

"All the doors and windows are locked and they are staying that way," I say. "We have gotten lots of food and such so we don't have to leave. Louis, until you are healed no one is leaving. I don't want anything more happening to you," I say, sitting on the side of Louis' bed. "It's been a week since I was hurt. You can stop babying me, I can talk and walk kinda, and my arm is in a cast so, it's fine!" Louis exclaims. I help him sit up, and I hand him a drink of water. "Louis, you mean too much to me and Harry. Nothing is going to happen to you." I say, and Harry agrees. "Ya, bro. You are safe here." He says.

"What's the baby's name?" Louis asks. I shrug. "I don't know if it's going to be a girl or a boy. We aren't sure what to name it." I say. "If it's a girl, I want it to be named Darcy," Harry says. I nod. "And, If it's a boy, I want it to be named Chris." I say. Harry smiles. "What about Darcy-chris, for the meantime." Louis laughs. "Alright." Harry smiles. I pat my stomach, still not very large yet. "How are you doing, Darcy-Chris?" I laugh.



Harry bears wide eyes at me when Louis asks us a simple question that would have been normal if Louis was not in the condition he is in. Louis repeats himself. "Can you turn the light on?" He asks. "Louis, The light is on," Harry says, concerned. "It, just, it seems so dark, so dark in here," Louis stutters, and he rubs his eyes. "Open your eyes, Louis. I'm going to give you some drops," I say, and Harry holds his one eye open as he tries to blink. I squeeze the bottle, and Louis blinks his eyes and gets the liquid settled. I repeat the same thing in the other eye. "It seems so dark in here," Louis says. I look at Harry. "This is going to happen faster than I thought." I whisper.

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