Missing You - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Bare)

Harry and Leah have moved to America, and the world seems to have forgotten about Harry and his fame. He's glad that they can live a normal life.... almost. Because when his best friend loses his sight.... they face a whole new set of problems.


9. Chapter Nine

Leah's POV

I set my phone down, still huddled in the corner and Louis lays on the couch. The door knob will give way any second, I hope the police get here soon. I want so badly to just let them go, I don't want them to go to jail. But I have no choice now.

I hear Harry's muffled shouts and I begin to cry. And then,

the door breaks.

And in walks Zayn.

"Don't hurt me! Please Don't!" I cry, but Zayn walks over to me. "What do you think I'm going to do?" He asks. He grabs me by the wrists. "My wife-to-be, Perrie, she left me. I have no one. But you used to love me, so you can again," He says, pulling me closer. I struggle, trying to get out of his grasp, when he plants a masculine kiss on my lips. I hate it. I hate his scent, his personality, him. But I still melt when he kisses me. I curse his name, as he brings me out of the room. "I thought you wanted, Louis?" I whimper, as he carries me out. "I changed my mind, now I want you," He smiles, menacingly. He brings me near the front door, where I see Harry tied up in the corner, trying to get out of the ropes and screaming through the duct tape over his mouth. "Oh look, it's Harry! Harry, are you alright with me dating Leah? Oh, good. I knew you would be. Now Leah, I know about your baby, and I am going to do everything I can that you do not have it. Unless, you come with me," He says, tracing the outline of my lips. I shake him off. "Don't touch me!" I scream. He grabs me, and pulls me right in. He kisses me again, and Harry continues to scream and shout the best he can. But it is no use. Zayn picks me up, and he carries me off into the streets, but the red and blue flashing lights stop him, and he runs around the side of the house, bouncing me along the way. He stops and hides in the flower garden, Niall and Louis with him. "So, Leah, where should we go?" He whispers, smiling. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" I exclaim, and then he growls. "I won't be so sure," He says. And then I scream. Letting the police know where I am.

Zayn clamps a hand over my mouth, but a flashlight is shone on us. Zayn stops. He drops me, and then runs.

Harry's POV

A police man unties me. All I think about is Leah, where is she? Is she alright? I hate that Zayn, for kissing her. I hope to God that our baby is alright. And then, Leah comes staggering in the door.

I pull her in, close. I stroke her hair, I kiss her forehead, realizing how fragile she is. A gem. Leah is a gem, and I need to make sure she doesn't get away from me again. And, as the police drive away, I hear one last sentence. "I'll get you, Leah!"

Leah's POV

I cry. I cry  more than ever before. I cry for Harry's suffering. I cry for Louis. But most of all, I cry for my baby. I cry that my baby can't live a normal life. And, as the crack of dawn shines, I realize that I forgot Louis in the basement.

"Louis! Are you alright?" I call, walking downstairs. He is passed out on the couch. I laugh. "Harry, come here, look at Lou," I say. He walks down with me, and he chuckles. "Oh Louis. You may  have been hurt for two weeks, but you seem fine to me," Harry says, and Louis eyes flutter open. "Who's there?" He asks. Our smiles stop. "What do you mean?" Well, I can't really see, but It's Leah and Harry right?" He asks. I nod. "Louis, the lights are on, you should be able to see," Harry explains. I agree. "Well, can you get a lamp, the lights are really dim, I guess," Louis says. I look at Harry. "Should we tell him he's going blind?" I whisper. Harry shakes his head. "He'll find out soon enough. I don't want to scare him," Harry replies, and I nod. "It must be, I'll change the bulb tomorrow. Go back to sleep Louis, I'll see you in the morning," Harry says, and I can see the sadness growing on his face.  And in a matter of minutes, Louis is snoring again.



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