Missing You - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Bare)

Harry and Leah have moved to America, and the world seems to have forgotten about Harry and his fame. He's glad that they can live a normal life.... almost. Because when his best friend loses his sight.... they face a whole new set of problems.


14. Chapter Fourteen

Harry's POV

I wake up at six in the morning to hear the sound of Beanie barking. I immediately remember, Leah. She is going to make this big scene. But I know she won't leave.


I, I think she will stay.


I hope she will stay.


I bounce out of bed, pull on a t shirt and some shorts and race up the stairs, only to find Beanie caged up in the corner. And the door wide open.

"She's gone," I whisper to myself, tears brimming the surface of my eyes. I walk over to Beanie's cage to let him out, but he growls at me. There is a note on the top of the cage, taped on. I rip it off. It hurts my heart to read it.

I don't want to leave. I am fixing this. I am going to get rid of what stands between us because it is hurting me. I know you love me. I love you too. But this isn't going to work until I put the pieces back together.

~Leah xoxo

When I finish reading the note, I rip it in half. Quarters. Eighths. I throw the remaining shreds into the air and let them snow down onto the ground. One piece lands on my shoulder. I pick it up. "I love you too," I say, reading the piece out loud. I walk over to the kitchen, and I put the piece of paper with those four, special words on the fridge. And I stare at it. Until I realize something. "Why isn't Louis awake yet?" I ask myself, talking to no one. "Why hasn't he called me?" I ask. I expect to hear him yelling for me as soon as he hears my voice. But he hasn't.


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