NIcole has always been the girl everyone dreams about being. Everything in her life is perfect; her family, boyfriend, house, and especially her looks, but inside is Nicole really as strong as she seems. Little does she know that one moment, one minute could change everything... and it all starts with five cheeky boys.


1. It Girl


Nicoles POV.

"Nicole Greyson wake up right now or else you will be late, again!!" my mother screamed at me from outside my room. I groaned and slowly got up and walking sleepily over to the mirror and taking a good look at myself. 'I looked like shit' I thought while fixing my long hazel brown hair. Holding my pounding head and walking into my bright bathroom I squinted and attempted to fix my smeared makeup. I stopped and quickly grabbed my stomach running to the toilet in time just as everything from last night poured into the bin. Wiping my mouth and standing up I gave up trying to fix my makeup so, I reapplied some light foundation under my dark eyes, some mascara that made my piercing green eyes pop, and a bit of blush with some glossy lip gloss. I rarely used foundation because luckily I had gotten my mothers clear, tanned skin.


Finally I finished my makeup and moved onto my hair, pulling it to the side and into a fishtail. I heard a ding and ran up to my phone seeing it was a text from Ryan; my gorgeous and extremely athletic boyfriend. 'Hey babe, want me to pick you up?''sure :) ill be ready in 10' I replied then went into my walk in closet and found my outfit for the day. I chose my jean high waisted shorts, a white tank top with my maroon coloured cardigan and red toms. I quickly grabbed my phone, bag and wallet. I ran down the stairs grabbed a banana and left out the door just as Ryan turned the corner to pick me up. "Hey sweetie thanks for the ride" I said as I gave him quick kiss on the cheek and buckled myself in. "You sure cleaned up well after last night, I was expecting you to stay home" he chuckled and I slapped him on the arm finally remembering what happened at his party. I was totally wasted, music blaring in my ear and sweaty dancing bodies everywhere. It was so crazy and surprisingly fun considering I could barely remember anything and that I had a major headache!!


We finally pulled up into the school parking lot I leaned in for a kiss but was greeted by a empty car. Frowning I got out of the car and walked inside the crowded halls, getting whistled at by passing guys. I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker. "Hey Mac, what's up girl?" I smiled at my best friend Mackenzie. She had curly blonde hair with ocean blue eyes and tanned skin and was wearing a aqua blue dress today. "Hey Nic!!" she happily hugged me " oh and nothing much, I actually just arrived but i gotta run, don't want to be late for class" she said flashing me a quick smile then running off to science. Yes, I know what your thinking maybe its kinda weird we know each others schedules by heart but thats the way it's always been. We have been best friends ever since 5th grade when she got a plate of pasta to her face by Kimberly Mcadams, our worst enemy. Any ways I helped her clean up and we just clicked and instantly became best friends. I know all her secrets and she knows mine, we finish each others sentences and are quite like sisters. 


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