Summer Love

"I told you already Zayn. I can't do this. Not here. Not now. Never again." I whispered to the dark haired boy standing in front of me. "Don't do this Ayllah. I love you. I can't live without you. I gave you everything. Please." He pleaded, tears falling from his eyes. "No Zayn. I'm sorry." I turned around and started walking away from the love of my life. I stopped and turned and ran to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him one last time. "I love you, Zayn." I whispered in his ear. I turned and left him standing there in the rain crying.


3. Chapter 3 ***WARNING****








"You girls don't look 18." The bouncer said. "But they are." Rez spoke from the other side of the velvet rope. "I wasn't talking to you boy." The bouncer snapped at him. Megan walked up to the bouncer and whispered something in his ear. His eyes got wide and he smiled. "Go on in." He unhooked the rope and we walked inside with Rez. I stopped to let my eyes adjust to the poor lighting. It was dark except for these purple lights in the floor of the dance floor and the countertop of the bar. I walked straight over to the bar. "Excuse me sir. Can I get a Sex on the Beach?" I asked the bartender. He turned around and his chiseled features lit up. "Sure thing. This one's on the house." He turned back around, mixed a drink, and set it in front of me. I wrapped my hand around the cold glass containing the red drink. "Thanks!" I said smiling. I heard a familiar British accent, "Sex on the beach?" I turned as Zayn sat down next to me. "Heck ya."

He laughed and I took a sip. "Do you wanna dance?" I said before I chugged my drink and slammed the glass back down. To answer, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out to the dance floor. His hands found my hips as he turned me around so we were grinding. I let his hands lead my hips and I put mine above my head and closed my eyes. I felt his breathing on my neck as he kissed me.  All the sudden someone else's hands were on my hips and I was pulled away from Zayn. "You're mine. Not his." I heard Rez's voice low in my ear. He pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door. "And I'm gonna prove it to you." He said before kissing me. This kiss was not like the one we shared earlier. This one was hot, sexy, full of lust and tasted like alcohol.

He backed me up into the wall without breaking the kiss. He moved his kisses down to my neck as his hands found the bottom of my dress. He slid one hand up my leg until he was pushing my dress up. He got it up to my waist and hooked his fingers in my thong and basically ripped it off. My hands went from his neck to his chinos that were growing. I undid them and pulled them and his Calvin Klein's down. He didn't waste anytime as he slammed himself into me. I bit my lip so I wouldn't scream. "Scream. Let me hear you." He slammed into me again and I didn't hold back. I let my moan-like scream go. He continued to thrust into me until I started to climax. "Oh god Rez! Yes!!!" I hissed as I came. He came shortly after and pulled out. He pulled his pants up and I pulled my dress down. I fixed it as he said, "That was the best quickie ever."

I laughed and unlocked the bathroom door. I walked out and back to the bar. "Another Sex on the Beach?" The bartender asked. "Yes sir." I said and laughed. I looked back and saw Rez with a bunch of guys. I turned my attention to the bar as the glass was set down. I nodded my thanks. "Hey! Where were you? We were looking all over for you. Now that I think about it Rez was nowhere to be found either." Sarah said walking up to me. "Zayn was looking for you." She pulled out her phone and read a message. She laughed and turned around and waved at Harry Styles. He walked over to her. "Let's dance." He yelled over the music. Before she answered, he grabbed her hand and pulled her away. Zayn then showed up with Niall. "Let's go!" Niall said and grabbed Abigail and pulled her Mexican butt onto the dance floor. "C'mon." I said to Zayn and grabbed his arm. We were all on the dance floor with Dani and Liam, Niall and Abigail, Sarah and Harry, Louis and Megan, and Zayn and me. We were all just having a grand old time.


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