Summer Love

"I told you already Zayn. I can't do this. Not here. Not now. Never again." I whispered to the dark haired boy standing in front of me. "Don't do this Ayllah. I love you. I can't live without you. I gave you everything. Please." He pleaded, tears falling from his eyes. "No Zayn. I'm sorry." I turned around and started walking away from the love of my life. I stopped and turned and ran to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him one last time. "I love you, Zayn." I whispered in his ear. I turned and left him standing there in the rain crying.


1. Chapter 1





"No! Megan! No! That's not okay!" I laughed at my friend. "You just can't talk about the Avengers like that." I got out before a fit of laughter hit me. My friends and I are sitting in Starbucks in the London airport where we just landed for our vacation before our senior year. We were laughing when the door opened and in walked One Direction. In this order, Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and then Zayn. They each had on a pair of dark sunglasses. They walked up to the counter and ordered their drinks then sat down at the table next to us. "Hello ladies." Niall said smiling at us. I blushed and looked down and then waved. They all laughed and Megan hit me. "You're gonna make a fool out of yourself. Stop!" She harshly whispered in my ear.

"I'm Megan! And this is my best friend Ayllah with the red hair, the beautiful Latina girl is Abigail, and the short cute one is Sarah." I finally looked up and immediately locked eyes with Zayn. My brown eyes sparkling as his smiled at me. I gave another wave. "Well it was nice to meet you guys. But we best be going now. Thanks!" I got up from the table. "Maybe we'll see you around." Zayn spoke up. "How long are you guys here for?" He asked still looking at me.

"3 months. We are here for our summer vacation before we complete our last year of school. My friends and I wanted to come visit London. I've got a friend here that we've been wanting to meet up with so we decided why not!" I said to them with a laugh at the end. My phone went off just then. I got a message on KIK. I read it and saw that it was from my friend Rez.

Rez: Hey! You in London yet?

I looked at Megan. "Speaking of my friend. He just ask if we were in yet. He's supposed to pick us up." I told them. "Well we'll see you guys around." I waved and walked out with the girls following me. I messaged Rez back.

Me: Yep! Come get us? 

Rez: On my way! :)

I locked my phone and walked with my girls and my luggage to the front doors. We sat on a bench outside when my phone went off.

Rez: In the third black car to your left.

We stood up and counted the cars and finally made it to Rez's. He got out to help s put our bags in an then we all got in the car and he started driving away. "Hold on We're Going Home" by Drake came on and Rez started singing along to it. My heart melted and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up and saw them sitting on the floor laughing. When they saw I was awake Rez threw something behind him and tried to have a straight face. "What?" I asked. They laughed I and looked at them. "We can't take you seriously. You need to shave that moustache off." My jaw dropped. "WHAT!?!?!?" I yelled at them. I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Sure enough they had drawn a moustache on my face. Just fantastic.

I walked out of the bathroom. I'm sure my face was very angry looking. "Damn! You look good when you're mad." Rez said winking. I glared at him and grabbed my bag. I walked to the bedroom part of the hotel room and slammed the door. I threw my bag into the corner of the room and laid on the bed. The door opened and in walked Megan and Abigail. "You know we're just having fun. Lighten up a bit Ayllah. If you're gonna be like this all summer while we're here then we're just gonna leave you in the room whenever we go have fun." Megan said sitting next to me.

"I'm sorry Meg. I'm just still upset about what happened I guess." I said sitting up. "Ay... You can't keep beating yourself up about that. It wasn't your fault." Abigail said sitting on my lap making me laugh. "You guys both know it was my fault. I can't help it. You feel the same way if your little brother was taken when you were supposed to be watching him." I said looking down and away from them.

They both stood up. "Let's go clubbing tonight." They said at the same time. I smiled and nodded. "Alright. But I need a dress." I said. They both nodded and dragged me out of the room. "Rez! Sarah! We are going clubbing and need new dresses! Take us to some store Rez!" Megan yelled at them. They laughed at stood up. "Aight! Let's go!"

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