Let the games begin

Katherina was ready. Her first 'Game'. She was'nt sure if she wanted to play, but it is'nt her decision. Since Mari saved her in one of the 'Games' four years ago, Katherina was learning the skills to survive. She got Allies but ... What happends when she saves one of the most dangerous players Lifes? She only heard of him. Justin Drew Bieber. He won almost every 'Game'.

The cities is their arenas. Det cops can't do anything, cuz they don't know. Every person is a victim. There are 30 players. You can easly get sponsors and Allies. But there is no escape ... Until Katherina and Justin does the impossible. They escape. But they become every single players target. Now the World is their arena. Will they make it? ...



3. Why? ...

Katherinas P.O.V.

I heard somebody kicking at my door, but i did'nt care. I already knew what it was about. The sponsor which 'I' killed. Yeah, i took the fall, the blame, everything. For some reason i had a feeling, that i owe them that. Not sure why.  But sometimes that's life. It's like being lost in an impossible mist or caught in cage of unbreakeable stone. Hopeless. No choiches. And there's never a single decision, you can make on your own. And i have no idea,  how the hell i can chance that. Not only for me, but for everyone. But of course, it's impossible. Another kick on my door. Okay, i could'nt take it anymore. That person outsite my room, was goddamn annoying. "Hey, would you shut up!? I'm trying to ignore you!" I hissed. But i could'nt hide a smirk from what i said. But it fainted way to fast when i heard a little girls voice shake while saying: "She is waiting downstairs ..."

I probaly just broke that little beautiful girls heart! Not bad Katherina! Not bad! (Please notice my sarcasm). But i did'nt expected Ariana sending a little girl to come get me! I expected some of my planned allies or maybe one of her 'minions' to get me out of my room. Wow ... What a crappy excuse ... But the girl was probably with someone else, cuz ... She would'nt kick my door, or would she? ... Four years here, and i'm still clueless about almost everything here. Why? Seriously, just why? Why me? Why this? Why these stupid games anyway!!? ... So many questions ... I asked the same over and over again. When i tried to get answers, i never really got anything ... The to kids (The girl and some boy named Marcus i think? ..) still don't know whats gonna happend to them ... God ... Why? ...

Justins P.O.V.

I was busy beating the others up in a fight, i really had no idea, how or who started. I just knew, that when that asshole to Riley mentioned Jazmyn and Jaxon, i completly lost it. Really God? That jackass to Riley Hale is supposed to be one of MY allies? Forget it. I work alone. Not with amatures that will get all of us killed. And since when did i start needing allies? I won about ten games, i'm always in the top 5, and i got about half of ALL the sponsors!!! No. Justin Drew Bieber don't need allies.

Katherinas P.O.V.


While Ariana explained the 'rules' for about the 12 time, i just looked out of the window. It was hopeless. Just like everything else. Hopeless and not worth it. Huh, but since when did anyone even care? ... I bit my bottom lip. 'Nobody cares, you're on your own'. That was the exact same Words that my elder Brother once told me (Jake ...). Did he even remember me? People back home just forgot me. I did'nt even saw a poster with the Words 'Missing girl' or a Picture of me. Nothing. Like i just vanished from their Lifes. If i ever ran in to them, i would'nt recognize them. I don't remeber af thing about them. "And that's how you win, Katherina" I looked up, but only because i could hear all the the pressure she put in her Words, when she said my name. "Okay ..." I sighted. I looked away, but i still felt Arianas eyes on me. God i really hated that girl some times ... Very very very often ... "Katherina, if you're not one of the top 5, you won't make it ..." I looked really pissed off after she said that. "I freaking know Ariana!" I hissed. But i stopped myself from continuing my sentence, and just thought the rest of it. '- And what do YOU know about the games, when you have'nt even fucking played?! ...' My thoughts continued and ended my sentence. It was true. Even though Ariana got me out of it all four years ago, she never even thought about playing. But ... Why was she the only one, who got that choihe? ... Why not me? Why not Mari? Why not EVERYONE ELSE!? What made Ariana SO FREAKING Special!? ... The question killed me from the inside. I lost so many people to that game ... Who would Watch it anyway? Innocent people got hurt in this game way to many times. And i was one of them. Sweet and innocent. Can't really say that now ...


(About three hours later)


I felt my clothes cling to me as I stood at my place. For some reason Ariana said, that i should get my hair done. Again one of my 'favorite' Words was used when answered: "Why?". But Ariana did'nt care at all, just made Anna do my hair. I did'nt look bad though ... But it still was'nt really ... Me ... My tresses tried to fight with the bobby pins and the elastic, and i could'nt hide my smirk, when Anna clearly pissed of said: "Your hair fucking hates me". Of course she did'nt mean it any bad way, she said that she was 'jealous' of my hear. I did'nt really belived it. I could'nt see anything i would'nt change, when i looked into the mirror. I did'nt saw a beautiful or strong girl ... I saw a girl, that still slept with her light one, because she was scared of the dark, though it swarmed in her ...  (i don't sleep with my light on, it's a metaphor dear Boo's. <3) Anna got a little violent with my hair, and it did'nt take long to yell: "AUCH!" She sighted. "Sorry, but you have to stand still, Katherina" I hissed. I was standing still, she just hated my hair for not doing as she said. "Fine" I mumbled. Whatever she says, i just have to do it some times. What an annoying World we live in. 5 hours to the game starts ... Can't say that i was excited ...




Liked it? Hated it? Plz tell me dear Boo's!<3

Sorry it's kind of short, but thursday is like my big work day! :(
Swimming, extra classes, way to many books and stuff like that (Do you know the feeling?)

Again dear Boo's:

Hmmm but let's see ... Will Justin quit his group, and play solo again? Wil he win? What about Katherina and her allies? But more importantly: There's less than 24 hours until the games start ... What's gonna happend!?

Love you Boo's!<3

~ Nath!<3

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