Let the games begin

Katherina was ready. Her first 'Game'. She was'nt sure if she wanted to play, but it is'nt her decision. Since Mari saved her in one of the 'Games' four years ago, Katherina was learning the skills to survive. She got Allies but ... What happends when she saves one of the most dangerous players Lifes? She only heard of him. Justin Drew Bieber. He won almost every 'Game'.

The cities is their arenas. Det cops can't do anything, cuz they don't know. Every person is a victim. There are 30 players. You can easly get sponsors and Allies. But there is no escape ... Until Katherina and Justin does the impossible. They escape. But they become every single players target. Now the World is their arena. Will they make it? ...



5. See you in Hell


Quick info about 'The Games':

Every player is about 60 meters from eachother in the beginning.

(And like in the real Hunger Games, if they move just a centimeter from the spot they're standing on, they WILL BLOW UP [Bombs dear Boo's. Bombs.] )

They can stand beside a building, in a alley or maybe inside af closed store.

No alarms, no people (Yet.).

Just 30 players,



No mercy.


I hope so ...


Katherinas P.O.V.:

I felt cold and worthless. So here i am. Standing on this stupid spot. I admit, it really hurts standing completly still on one spot. If i moved, i would blow up. I think ... But I know, that I would'nt dare to test that theory. Never in living hell i will. I looked around. It all looked so quiet. I think i got one of the worst spots ... I could'nt see anyone, but i knew they were there. In the shadows. We all got ammo and a gun. But half of us, would'nt get the chance to use it. It was kind of sad ... No. Just NO! Don't feel sorry for them! Don't feel anything Katherina! Just turn it off! DON'T FEEL AT ALL! My mind was screaming, which was giving me a headache. This was'nt really the best start on a Game ... 'My' allies got about 3 sponsors ... Not a lot ... But more than 50% of the sponsors have chosen the famous and deadly Justin Bieber as their champion. I did'nt knew if i had any sponsors ... I just knew, that we lost more to that douchebag to Justin Bieber. Okay, just stop Katherina. He's not worth it, and you DON'T even know him. I sigthed, but it did'nt made me calm. I was never that lucky. I could'nt even turn my feelings of anymore (A lovely trick i learned in the past 4 years ... It saved my life more than once.) ... I heard a clock ringing ... And then a deep male voice count down. Everyone heard it. It was the man that nobody has seen. The man that created The Games. The man that made innocent people become killers. I hated that man, his voice and everything about him. If he was in The Games, he would understand why. "10. 9. 8. ..." It continued. I wanted to scream. To cry. To run. "Just fuck it ..." My thoughts cried. I stepped out of my spot, hoping to blow up, but it was just a mini-sec after, he said: "1." ...



Justins P.O.V.:

I always get the best spot. The one where i can see everyone i'm supposted to kill. Only four more than me can live, if i don't kill them though ... I looked at everyone, but my eyes stopped at a girl. She had choclatebrown hair, that had a red glow. Her eyes we're almost black in the dark, but they were clearly blue. Those eyes. For some reason, i could'nt forget them. And then i stopped my glare at her eyes and looked at her lips. They were in a heart-shape which just made her look even better. "She's a nice piece of candy" I mumbled. It was like she heard it, cuz she looked in my direction. I almost thought that we had eye contact, but it was impossible, cuz from her spot, you would'nt see a thing. But it still felt like it. Her blue eyes looked so sad that i almost felt bad for her. But Justin Bieber is'nt like that, no. He just uses the girl. A one night stand. Nothing personal. I won't let that happend. I kept trying to make myself calm by thinking shit like that. But it was true. One night stands, raping and killing. Yep, that was me. I looked at the other girls. That The Games actually took girls in, was kind of sad, and it made me feel low. I killed girls from time to time, but for some reason, i fell a hell lot worse when i killed someone from the other gender (I don't remeber the word, sorry Boo's!<3). I would rather use a girl against her will, than killing her. But that was probably worse than killing her. I made scars on innocent girls and boys, and if they survived, the scars would never go away. A blonde girl caught my attention. Sierra!? My whole body felt drawn to her. I missed her. Like A LOT missed her. For a sec or two, i forgot completly about the stranger girl with the blue eyes. But then i heard her whisper some words (Which i can't believe i actually heard ...), which just shocked me more than anything ever had. "Just fuck it ..." She whispered, and i saw her step out from her spot. I just stood there like an idiot, and then i realised that she was a sec to late. I felt bad, but then i forgot and finally got focused on 'the real stuff'. My allies wanted me to meet them at Central Park. I don't think so douchebags. I'm always working alone. Always.


Instead of finding Central Park i followed Sierra ... And when i found her, i was surrounded by her allies. When i heard her cold laugh i just froze. I was a fucking idiot, when i thought that we still had something we should finish. Like or partnership and that '3rd night stand' we never finished ... Nope, she changed. I felt them tie me up and put a bag on my head. I was helpless. Not bad Bieber, Not bad at all (Sarcasm.). You just handed yourself over to the enemy. And that's how you wanna die? The champion of all the games, dies because i fell in love with a betrayer. I was punched in the head, the stomach and a lot of other places on my body. Then Sierra's cold voice speaked again. "Katherina, i think you should  be the one, who takes him out. Guys, leave us." I heard a lot of steps and then i was alone with Sierra, and some stranger called Katherina. I could'nt even stand up, and it was embarresing for me. I had won every game i played in, since i was ... what? Was i 10 when i got here? My first game was when a 'Jason Grimes' saved me, and won the game with me, like i was his little puppet. But all that mattered right now, was this stranger. Would she really kill me? ... "Kill him." Sierra mumbled, and i heard a gun reload. Goodbye stupid world, see you in Hell Sierra.


Sorry for my crappy grammar!

Love u Boo's! <33

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But what will happend?

We already know that Katherina won't kill him.

But does she kill Sierra then?

What about her allies?

What about Justin?

What about their escape?


Love u!<3

~ Nath!<3

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