Let the games begin

Katherina was ready. Her first 'Game'. She was'nt sure if she wanted to play, but it is'nt her decision. Since Mari saved her in one of the 'Games' four years ago, Katherina was learning the skills to survive. She got Allies but ... What happends when she saves one of the most dangerous players Lifes? She only heard of him. Justin Drew Bieber. He won almost every 'Game'.

The cities is their arenas. Det cops can't do anything, cuz they don't know. Every person is a victim. There are 30 players. You can easly get sponsors and Allies. But there is no escape ... Until Katherina and Justin does the impossible. They escape. But they become every single players target. Now the World is their arena. Will they make it? ...



6. My choice


Katherina's P.O.V.:

My hands were shaking. I was so scared. I've killed sponsors before, but it's not like this. Sponsors will return the favor, and try to kill you too. But not him. He already seemed to give it up, but did'nt blame him for it. It was hopeless. There was no escapes. "Kill him." Sierras word were cold as ice, and i bit my bottom lip. Why, why me, why us, why was it's too late to blow away from this ... "No." It was like Sierra and the boy freezed. They were shocked over my answer. I turned around and faced Sierra. "What!? No!! KILL. HIM." She hissed. Her eyes got darker and she looked at me with so much anger, that i felt lost. "I'm sorry Sierra. I'm going to kill you, cause you will kill me to. Sorry." And then i shot her. I dropped the gun and tears filled my eyes. I'm a murderer ... I turned around and heard the boy chuckle. I kicked him hard in the stomach. "Shut the fuck up, or you're next!" I hissed and pulled him up. "Can't you take the fucking bag of my head!?" I rolled my eyes. "No." He was to weak to do anything so i just pulled him with me. I looked back once, and saw my allies look at Sierras body. I gotta get out of here. Fast.


When i found a hotel i pulled the bag off his head, and pushed him into the lobby. "Now get out of my face!" I hissed. He looked shocked at me. "You!?" Me? What the? "I don't freaking know you, and i don't want to!" I mumbed and started walking. "Hey don't leave! I owe you know!" I rolled my eyes. Wow, really? What an excuse. You could just kill me in my sleep if it's was that you wanted. "Wanna pay me back? Then leave me alone! I don't need someone who can stay in my way!" Then i left. But i knew it would'nt be last time i saw him ...



But uhm, yeah new cover? Like it?

Love you Boo's!<3


~ Nath!<3

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