Let the games begin

Katherina was ready. Her first 'Game'. She was'nt sure if she wanted to play, but it is'nt her decision. Since Mari saved her in one of the 'Games' four years ago, Katherina was learning the skills to survive. She got Allies but ... What happends when she saves one of the most dangerous players Lifes? She only heard of him. Justin Drew Bieber. He won almost every 'Game'.

The cities is their arenas. Det cops can't do anything, cuz they don't know. Every person is a victim. There are 30 players. You can easly get sponsors and Allies. But there is no escape ... Until Katherina and Justin does the impossible. They escape. But they become every single players target. Now the World is their arena. Will they make it? ...



2. Forgot by everyone i knew


Katherina's P.O.V.


I sighted. Fear was starting to grow inside of me. Why? Why was i so scared? I really had no clue ... Like, maybe i thought i would get lost and killed in my sleep? Maybe i thought that some of my planned allies would try to kill me? Huh, my favorite Word ... Kill ... I never (AND I MEAN NEVER) left Brooklyn since my first game. Or, i could'nt really call it my game, because my part in it, was'nt exactly ... Planned ... Mari saved me from death. But lost a hell lot of sponsors, and then she died. But i got out of the town with Arianas help. But that does'nt make me safe. Now, ... Well now i'm a part of the games. I'm soon off to New York for my first game. And i really don't wanna ... But at the same time, it's not really a choice. It never was ...

(I can already fell that my gramma SUCKS. SORRY BOO'S!<33)



I felt so man feelings, but only because i was a bit waisted ... Yeah, waisted ... I KNOW that i should'nt drink when i was 15 but seriously ... Okay, i did'nt have any good reason. The only one i had, was because i was the only one in my class, that have'nt tried to drink. Not even a Little beer. So i tried. And i got like waaaaaaaay to much. But at that time, i did'nt really care. all that mattered, was to have fun and have a hell of a headache the Next day. I got way more than just a headache ...


I was just walking in the streets, and did'nt really care about how empty they where. Until i felt a bag over my head, and started to scream. I did'nt knew that i was walking on the streets that 'belonged' to the players. The Group that caught me was called something like 'NightHunters', but i did'nt care. I was busy screaming and trying to escape. I was a real idiot back then. But Mari saved me. They where about to like ... You can call it 'share' me ... But rape was a better Word. When you play the game, you can easily lose every single human feeling in yourself. Lucikly, Mari never did. They were about to pull of my shirt, and i was weak from the beer and ... Well they were musculer and i was 'a weak Little innocent girl' back then. When one of them was about to cut in my arm and enjoy using me, i heard a gunshot. I could'nt see anything because of the bag, but i hurt aboout four more, and then it stopped. I fell on the ground and lost all the air. Then some soft arms pulled me up and i could smell a person, who smelled like lavender and coffee beans. I saw some bright blue eyes and then it all went Black.


Then i woke up in Brooklyn. Forgot by everyone i ever knew and about to live a life as a player in The Games. I hated that day.


*End of flashback*


I woke up from my flashback, when i heard glass broke. What the fuck? What the hell was going on?! I got up from my bed, which i only a few seconds ago, was lying on while starring at the wall. I ran downstairs and saw thousands of pieces of something, that once was a window, laying on the floor. I looked chocked around. Okay, Again, WHAT THE HELL? I did'nt got the time to think before some strong arms attacked me from behind. But i was trained to handle situations like this. But i gotta admit, this was a very close one. I fell Down on my back, and felt good and lost at the exact same time. Adrenaline was running through my blood, when i managed to hurt the guy over me, by kicking my knee in to his stomach and scrath him with my nails. When he fell Down beside me, and i ran Upstairs. I had a gun Upstairs. But i did'nt even get three steps before i heard a gunshot and turned around. Anna had OF COURSE shot him in the head. Goddamn. We needed to get informations from that asshole, for God's sake! "Amature ..." i mumbled before i went Down to her. She did'nt say anything, cuz she was'nt sure if i meant the corpse of a sponsor or her, because she shot him. I rolled my eyes. "Not you, Ann" i sighted. Even though, what she did was stupid, i could'nt blame her. I killed way to many sponsors to judge her. I was really the last freaking one to judge anyone. But i judged the guy i saved anyway ... God, im still a fucked' up idiot ...


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