Poems by RJDavis

Poems and song lyrics by me. :)


6. Let Him In--A poem about Christmas

At this most wonderful time of year,

When we have friends and family near,

It's a time of gifts and a time of love,

A time of blessings from above.


When I think what the greatest gift could be,

I always think of wise men three,

A shining star and shepherds in the night,

A loving mother filled with God's light,


A father, too, as Joseph played part--

He held a place in Jesus' heart.

And on that night a king was born

And wrapped in swaddling bands all torn.


Because in the inn there was no room

The babe was laid in a manger crude.

He came to this world to save us from sin,

But it's up to each of us to

Let him in.

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