Poems by RJDavis

Poems and song lyrics by me. :)


5. A Poem about November

November's like a song.

November's kind of long...

Okay, November's not that long,

But it's still like a song.


Thanksgiving, Turkey, Pie--

The apple of my eye.

Life is short--we all must die,

So, why not eat some pie?


This poem is kind of weird...

And nothing rhymes with weird...

Okay, there's things that rhyme with weird,

Like feared, sheared, geared, and beard.


Speaking of a beard,

This month is pretty weird.

No-shave-November--grow a beard,

But not you girls--that's weird.


This is November's song.

It isn't very long.

Just like November's not too long,

And now it has a song.


** :)  Yeah... it's like, 11:00 at night right now.  Just showing a bit of my weirder side tonight, but... enjoy.  :) **

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