Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


7. What the hell? and Meet Niall Horan in class

"No!" I shout as to let my arm go, pant heavily because I catch my breath.

"Come on, Rosie!" he tried to take my arm.

"No! First.. Where are we?" I ask.

Is it dance building?

I look around on this building.

Yes, it is.

"We are at dance building. Come on! You gonna get late, are you?" He explains shortly. 

I don't trust him!

"Wha-" Someone interrupted our conversation.

"Rosie! Wait up!" That was Liam shouts to me.

I turn around.

"Liam? What are you doing here?" I ask confusedly.

"Don't you know... I'm with you in all class, am I?" Liam asks as he take my arm and he smiles at me.

I smile back at him. 

"Payne, I'm not sure if you make her cry again, then..." Jordan explains as he let my go.

I turn around, and I was angry cos he cares about me so much.

"... I will find you." He continues.

What the hell does he thinking?

"I understand." Liam nods as understanding.

He walks away to leave to us alone. 

"Good luck with THE Liam Payne..." He says.

"N-no thank you!" I shout embarrassingly. 

I turn around to see Liam, and he still smiles at me.

"So..." I said awkwardly as I stand here.

"Oh, right... The class."  He realises. 

We start to walk to a dance lesson with holding hands.

Had I forget about something, hadn't I?

Oh, yeah, Harry Styles.

"Liam... I have been met one of your best friends, it's-" He interrupted me.

"I know.. Harry Styles, isn't it? You had been crying until break time, and I have a question for you." Liam says.

We stop walking. 

"Why are you crying? Is it because you are new or because of me?" He continues 

"No." I lied.


I feel sorry for lying.

He smiles forcibly. 

"Don't lie to me. I hate when people tell me, they lie to me." Liam explains.

I say nothing.

"Nothing! (Sigh) Come on, we gonna be late." Liam says.

He starts to walking away.

I take his hand to stop him. 

"Yes, it is because..." I pause.

How should I tell him?

"Yes?" Liam says as he turns around.

"Because of you and yeah I'm new. I just.. (sigh sadly) I'm one of fan from you." I say as I look down on the ground and I close my eye. 

There, I said it.

I look up at him.

He looks shocked.

"I-I-I-" I interrupted him.

"I know. It's quite stupid, isn't it? Right, come on." I say sadly.

I was walking away from him in a sad way, and I was sad.

I was in the class. 

And Liam? 

I don't know where he is...

I think he does partner with a girl who looks likes Charlie Lewis.

I look around to find them.

I found them! 

Yep, she's Charlie.

I sigh sadly and suddenly someone bumping into me.

I didn't know someone stands behind me.

"Oh, I'm sorry." That was the same boy who has an Irish accent.

He held his hand out toward me.

"Thanks." I thank him.

I hold his hand, and he helps me to get up.

It's a boy who has blonde hair.

Niall Horan!

An another best friend of Liam Payne and Harry Styles.

He gives me a sweet smile. 

"Are you alright?" He asks.

I was in frozen, and Niall laughs a little.

"I get it... Are you one of fan from One Direction?" Niall says and asks at the same times.

I nod. "Y-yes..." I say embarrassingly

"You were here because..?" He asks.

"Yes, I'm here... Because I love dancing. Yeah." I lied.

I don't like it, but I only love to sing. 

"Oh!" Niall says. 

He starts to walk away.


What am I thinking? 

I feel sorry for lying.


Oh, man...

I don't know what to say because he's a very hot guy.

I was in a panic!

He stops to walk away, and he turns around as he gives me a beautiful smile. 

"That was fun to meet you, um..." He says. 

I smile sweetly.

"Rosie." I correct him.

"Oh! It's a beautiful name for a young lady." He says in a nice way.

He smiles again, and he nods for once.

We could befriend, right?


Does he say young lady to me? 

I was shocked.

I can't believe he did it! 

I smile back at Niall's back as he walks toward his friends.

I feel the tear roll down on my cheek.


I touch the tear of my cheek.


Why am I crying?

I look at Liam, and these words remind me of what happened in the hallway.

Maybe Liam's right, I shouldn't lie to him.

The door is open.

Who is it?

Someone was coming in the big classroom.

It's a woman who has a brown hair into ponytail and dark brown eye.

It's Selena Gomez!

"Hello, class." Selena greets. 

The classmates in here look shocked, and they surprisingly take a gossip about her.

"Hi..." Selena says as she waves her hand.

"What happen to Miss Swift?" One of the students asks.

"Miss Swift... She's on tour. So I'm here to work with you for one year. I believe we have a new student, Rosie Rosa William." Selena explains

I don't know what to say...

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