Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


5. New School, Sing at school and Meet Liam Payne!

Next Morning

I just wake up for school.

"Kiddo!" Jordan calls out.

"I'm coming." I groan.

I was just having a shower in my bathroom and put on my clothes: Pink top, Varsity jacket purple, Dark Blue jean and pink flat.

Okay, I was out of the window.

I just heard the familiar song, the cute boy who's started at me from last night, I think, is it, Liam? 

This song is Kiss me.

And If you

You want me to

Let's make a move, yeah....

I close my eye, and this makes me think he's a fan of 1D.

 I got a strange feeling.

The music stops, and maybe he just went to the bathroom.

I open my eye, and no one is there.

The window of his is close, and I sigh sadly.

I close my window.

I went downstairs and went to kitchens.

I saw Jordan cook for me.

Oh, yeah...

I remember...

He's bad at cooking.

I just smell good food. 

I turn around, and I saw a boy sat on a chair.

He wears sunglasses on his eyes and hat on his head. 

"Um... Who's it?" I ask as I turn around and I look at Jordan. 

"Morning, Kiddo." He says in greeting. 

I groan annoyingly

I turn around to look at the boy.

"My name is Rosie William, not Kiddo." A boy nods to give me a hey...

I turn around, and I start to walk away to a new school, but Jordan stops me.

"Hey, Kiddo, don't you want to eat breakfast first?" Jordan asks. 

"No, I just want to go to a new school..." I reply as I turn and look at Jordan.

I turn around and start to walk away to a new school.

I got a wired feeling that someone follow me.

I turn around and see no one is there.

I start to run fast. 

But someone grabs my arm, and someone turns me to face him. 

All I need is a scream, so, I did.

He leans in my face quickly and his lip touch mine.

I close my eye slowly.

It's beautiful and soft kiss.

It's different...

He pulls away, and he starts to walk away to the school.

I guess...

I have to follow a boy and saw him run fast.

I'm run to him, but he's faster run.

When I arrive the school, everyone looks at me.

"Be confident..." I whisper to myself.

"Oh! Are you new?" Someone says to get behind me.

I turn around to see a lady who wears a posh suit.

"Yes..." I say as I look at her and open my mouth.

"Are you Rosie William, aren't you?" A lady asks.

"Yes. I am." I replied confusedly. 

"My name is Mrs Burke, the headteacher of this school. Welcome to S.D.P School. Please follow me." She says.

"Mrs Burke? Is it Sing and Dance Performance School? Because I don't sing or dance." I ask and explain clearly.

"So, just ask your... brother, Jordan."

First, I was confused, and secondly, I am pleased.

But I want to be angry, not now.

I was so nervous about how the school's so big, but it is.

"Your locket key and everything is in there. Here is it." Mrs Burke says as she points to my new locker is next to Sing Studios. 

"Wow! My locket has purple."

When I open my locket, the 1D poster is there and book shelf.

Oh, wow!

I was shocked.

"Who have it before?" I feel someone stand behind me.

I turn around, and I saw Jordan stand in front of me.

"Oh, Jordan. You make me jump." I say.

sigh sadly.

I look at a lot of girls stand behind him, and I look at him confusedly.

"What?" I ask confusedly.

Jordan sighs sadly before I say something.

"I am THE Jordan Famous Jones, and I can sing."

I was shocked.

"I'm sorry... But... I thought you have a job and lying to me cos I don't know."

"I don't know... Shall we sing, ready?" He asks as hold out his hand and waits for mine.

"Wait, what do you mean by 'We.'?" I ask as hold his hand.

"You'll see..."

The music starts now. 

The song that I sing is Bad Boy by Alexandra Burke. 

The Pupils and Teacher were shocked and clapped aloud.

I was shocked happily.

"See? Say you don't sing, but you did." Mrs Burke says as she gives me a hug.

smile cute. 

"Thanks," I say as I pull away.

"Mr Payne." The Headteacher says when I pick up my purple bag.

I was in frozen.

"Yeah." A boy says with his familiar voice.

"She's with you in all the class." She continues. 

I sigh out when I breathe in, and I stand up. 

"Okay, Miss." A boy reply. 

"Good luck, lads." An another boy says with his usual Irish accent.

Everyone in the school starts to walking away to get their class.

A boy has a brown hair short up and brown eye.

He smiles at me, and I smile back a little. 

"Hi, my name is-" A boy pauses as his hand held out toward me. 

I scoff. 

"Liam Payne." I was interrupting him.

I can't believe I'm meet him...

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