Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


3. Move out and Airport

A/N: I know you all was waiting for 1D in my story. I'm sorry. I want you to enjoy and read it..:)


I was dreaming about meeting One Direction, and I kissed Liam Payne.


It was a gentle kiss.

It's good when you had a real dream and didn't want to wake up.

I also didn't too, so I did.

How shame on me.

"Rosie! Wake up!" My mother shouts.

groan softly, and I get up.

Was it dreaming?

I got out of bed and went to my bathroom to have a shower

After having a shower, grab my clothes today: Blue and White Striped Top, White Jean and Vans Girls Wellesley Blue Shoe.

I put a light make up on.

I already pack my big suitcase.

I have to stay in London for...

Two months!

I look mirror for the last time and I not sure if I look beautiful, am I?

"Rosie... Your friend's here. Do you want her to come upstairs to your room?" Mum asks.

"Yes, Mum," I reply as I turn to the door and I brush my hair at the same time.

I turn back to see the mirror again, and I heard Jessica's footstep toward upstairs to my room.

"Hey, Rosie," Jessica calls as she sits down on my bed. 

"Hey," I reply sadly.

I turn to face her and give her a little smile.

"Are you going somewhere?" Jessica asks as she looks on my big suitcase.

I sigh sadly.

"Yes, I going to live in London with Jordan for..." I paused.

Jessica scoffed.

"2 months, isn't it? I know. It just... I'm going to miss you. 2 months..." She finished my sentence and then explain.

She stands up.

" going be long, is it?" Jessica continues.

I laugh a little, and I pulled her for a hug.

"I miss you too, and I was going to the school in London," I say as I pulled out and I look at her on my sad face.

"Don't say goodbye to me, Rosie," Jessica says as the tears are on her cheek.

"I know, Jess," I reply.

"Ready?" Mum asks as she came to my room.

"Oh, yes, Mum," I say as I turn around to see Mum standing on the door. 

"You better to be. Okay?" Mum says.

I smile, and I nod.

Mum's gone to be ready for a car, I think.

I turn back to see Jess's face.

"So... Would you go to Airport? With my mum and me?" I ask.

"Yes." She nods.

We went downstairs, and before I went downstairs, I turn around to see my room.

I look around in the chamber, and it's my last time to be around my room.

I didn't want to tell Jessica that I have to move London.

At the Airport,

I saw Jordan was standing there and he was checking on the lady at the desk. 

I turn around to face Jessica.

"There's something that I need to tell you..." She looks confused.

I sigh sadly before I was saying something.

"I move out, and I should tell you before. I know you might mad at me. But still-" Jessica interrupted me to blab on my word. 

"No, it's ok. I want to you remember me, Rosie.." Jessica murmurs.

She has a single tear roll down on her face.

"It just... I don't want to say goodbye. I'm just... miss you so much." She continues.

I feel the tears roll down on my face.

"And me too. I don't want to say goodbye too. I'm sorry." I say.

I give her a tighter hug for the last time before I'm going in boarding a plane

I turn around and look at her as I give her a friendly smile for the last time.

She looks up at me, and she smiles back. 

I turn around to face Jordan, and I walk away with him.

To be honest, I feel it's like slow motion to step.

Jordan and I walk to catch the plane together...

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