Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


12. Meet Louis Tomlinson, Remember, Home sweet home

Did my Dad say "Louis Tomlinson is my cousin", did he?

"Do I know you? I mean, yes I know you... I saw you before you are official One Direction. Why do I know you?" I ask confusedly.

"I, of course, know you when you're little, so you were saying that if I will famous as singing and take you on tour, am I right, Rosie?" Louis answers.

I shake my head and I was confused. 

"Dad, do my mum know Louis, don't she?" I ask as I look back at Dad.

Dad looks at me with his worried face and he sighs sadly before he says something.

"Yes, she knows him..." He answers.

I was shocked. 

My mum knows my family that I didn't know.

At first, I was angry.

"Why don't she know rest of my family?! Tell me, Dad?!" I ask angrily.

"Rosie, does it matter? Don't be mad at your mum, please? It just... You remind me when we met last time..." He pauses. 

I look down on the sheet and then I look up at Louis.

"Are you sure, Louis?" I ask confusedly.

He nods and then I look at Dad. 

"Then I should move on Dad's house, should I?" I ask.

Dad looks at me and he gives me a wider smile.

"Of course, honey..." He says.

I laying down on the nurse bed and I still was in the nurse room.


I look up on the roof and I close my eyes.

I remember when we're the last meet in London.

Was I in London? 



8 year ago

It was so exciting to see Louis in London.. (What? I was 8 years old and was it in London? Anyway.. Back to my life.) 

I was looking up at my Mum.

"Mummy... I want to see to Louis!" I say excitedly. 

I was starting to complain to my Mum about Louis.

"We will be there soon..." Mum says.

I was starting to stomp my feet twice. 

"Mummy, It's not fair!" I shout.

Mum took my hand and I tried to pull away from my mum's hand.

Then, I saw a boy with brown hair and big blue eyes, it was my cousin, Louis Tomlinson...

I was so happy to see him and he wanted me to hug him...

(I was 8 years old and he was 12 years old. I was so young and he had to be an adult. I was cute- Wait, what am I saying? Anyway, back to my life.) 

I run toward him and I give him a hug.

Louis was laughing and he hugs me back.

I smile at it and his mum was there at outside the house, which was nice and big than my house.

"Oh, Louis... I miss you. Where are you at 2 week in Doncastle?" I say. (I was born in Doncastle and Louis was too.)

Louis sighs sadly before he was saying something.

"Rosie, I-I-I..." Louis stammers.

He pauses cos he sighs sadly. 

At first, I was confused. I mean he was telling me everything and his secret.

"I what?" I ask confusedly.

"I had to move here in 2 week ago..." Louis says.

My smile went fade down and Louis looks down on the glass.

"Please, don't shout at me..." He pauses as he looks up at me.

I open my mouth and I was crying.

I run back to my mum and I was crying on her leg.

My mum blends down and she hugs me back.

"Oh, Rosie. What's wrong?" Mum asks sadly.

I say nothing until I finally say something.

"Louis saying he had to move in London. (cried) Why does he tell me, Mummy?" I cried.

"Do you sit with me while I'm talking to your auntie?" Mum asks sadly,

I look down on the ground, at first, I was sad and second, I smile.

"Okay..." I say happily.

"Okay!" Mum says.

She takes my hand and she stands up.

We were starting to walk in his new house and I saw my auntie, Johannah, David's sister, which was we going to call her Jo. (A/N: Still makeup with name..) I smile and I said "Auntie Jo!"

"Oh, hi, Rosie..." Jo says.

She starts to carry me up and I give her a gentle hug. 

Aunt Jo smiles happily.

"Oh, Rosie, let's see how are you grow up!" Aunt Jo says.

I giggle.

"I am 8 years old and why does you-" My mum interrupted me.

"No, Rosie... Hello, Jo!" She says.

"Oh, Linda. So, would you like to come in?" Jo offers.

I stand there awkwardly and someone put it finger tapping on my shoulder when Aunt Jo put me down on the ground.

I turn around to see Louis was standing in front of me and I smile a little.

End of flashback


I woke up and it is 5 in the afternoon, my dad read the book.

It is called Twilight. 

"Dad?" I call.

Dad looks away from the book to look at me and he looks surprised cos I'm now awake.

"Honey! You can come to my home. At least, the nurse saying you can go." Dad explains.

I was shocked and I was so happy. 

"I-I can g-go?" I stammer.

Dad nods before the nurse enters the bed.

"Oh, Rosie, Now you can go." The nurse says.

I get up and I get to change into my clothes in the bathroom.

"Dad? Am I in your house?" I say. 

"Yes, you are... And are you sure that you're not going to Jordan's house?" Dad asks.

I sigh sadly.

"Dad, I'm not sure... I want to but it was too late... He's already gone and he is my best friend. I should go to his house and say sorry." I explain.

"Okay, you need to go his house on this Thursday and say sorry to Jordan.. but right now, he's in the not mood. Let it go and let him come to you." Dad explains.

I sigh sadly and I walk away from the bathroom.

I nod as understanding.

Maybe he's right.

I leave him alone for a while.

Dad walks to the door with me. "Dad? What's about my clothes and my thing?" I ask.

Dad stops from walk away and he sighs sadly before he says something.

"Jordan gets your thing and clothes to pack. All the things are in my house. Come on, Rosie."

We start walking away to his car, which is a nice and big car, it's okay.

I can't believe I'm actually going home.

Home sweet home!

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