Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


15. Hang out with Ally Beckham!

Two months later,

I'm in a relationship with Liam Payne in two months.

I haven't seen Ally Beckham for a long time...

So, I need to see her before I move out again in three months.

That's right, I move out to live in California with my two cousins.

They seem like they can take care of me because they're older than my age.

I have to move out because of my Dad, he have work to do and I don't think he can trust on Jordan.

My dad was so busy with his single record label, his amazing songwriting and something to link to his work.

I could be moved back to with my mum, but she's busy with someone that she have someone special.

I'm really happy for her and my Dad too.


I haven't told Liam about this.

Well then, I head to downstairs and I open the front door.

I wasn't that really hungry...

I have some money with me in my bag.

While I open the front door, all I see is Liam Payne was standing right in the front of the door and I was shocked.

"Liam?" I call confusedly.

Liam smiles nicely and I smile nervously at the same time.

I was so nervous because I didn't tell Liam that I was moving out.

"Um... What are you doing here?" I ask.

I know I might be rude to Liam, but I need to tell Ally first and then him.

 Jordan knows it because Dad calls him and explain everything... 

So we could hang out.

Of course, I know the way to Ally's house.

It's not far but closer than you'd think.

"Your dad want to tell me something while we could packing for you..." Liam says sadly.

I was shocked when Liam looks sad.

"Liam, I'm so sorry! I don't know what to say!" I moan.

"No! No... It's fine, really." Liam says calmly.

I sigh sadly.

I love him so much!

I can't leave him here if I love him, but I have to.

"I hate to leave you here, but I have to go to see my friend that I haven't seen her for a long time. So, bye!" I explain.

With that, I start to walk away and then I stop to feel a stab knife goes through my heart for once.

I don't understand this feeling.

Maybe I need to ask Ally if she know this feeling.


When I arrived at The Beckham house, the three boys comes out of the house and playing football in the garden with their Dad, David Beckham.

I sigh sadly.

I can't believe it, but I have to go and find Ally.

"Um... Mr Beckham?" I call awkwardly.

That's right!

It could be awkward if I interrupted their fun moment!

With that, the boys look at me and they look shocked.

"Do I know you?" Mr Beckham asks.

I was shocked. 

"I'm your daughter's friend, Rosie Rosa Willam..." I answer.

"Oh... Ally's friend. She's left to the park for no reason." Mr Beckham explains.

I sigh sadly.

I know why does she doing in there.

"Thank you, Mr Beckham! Sorry for my trouble!" I thank him and apology to him.

I smile nervously and the three boys smile back as I was shocked.

What is this feeling?

Is is warm and gentle smiles that the boys send me?

I wave my hand at them and I smile nicely at them.

I was about to walk away from them and I go to the park, but I stop myself to walk away because I can hear the laughter from The Beckham family.

I turn around to see them and all I see them is catching after each other. 

I wish I could go out with my Dad like them, but my Dad was so busy...

Jordan was like my Dad, but he treats me like my Dad's doing.

With that, I turn away from them and I walk away to go to the Park.

Ally is so lucky that she has a fun and grateful family.

I can see that!

To me, well...

My family isn't fun just like The Beckham family.

I sigh sadly.

I'll okay with that.

When I arrived the park, I saw Ally sits on the bench and she looks sad.

I sigh sadly. 

Dad is making an trouble for me to hurt the people that I hurt!

I start to take the blame on Dad!

I can do it!

I walked to where does Ally sits on the bench and she looks up at me as she looks shocked.

"Hey." I greet.

"What is it? Here to tell me that you're really moving out?" Ally says angrily.

"Here to hang out with you. Today is my last day to hang out with you before I move out. You have no right to be angry, but I'm angry too." I explain.

All these two months, I was angry from my Dad because he was so busy and suddenly, he calls my two cousins for me to stay in California for two years.

"I just find you as a friend and now you're leaving me here..." Ally says sadly.

I sigh sadly.

"I do understand... But I just want to hang out with you for last time." I say.

"Let's go!" Ally says.

I nod and I smile nicely.

She stood up quickly and we start to walk to the shopping centre.

I had a good time with Ally...


*After hang out with Ally.*

I was about to drop Ally at her house, but she stops me as she grip my arm and I turn around to see her sad face.

"I'm sorry... I don't want you to leave me." Ally says.

I sigh sadly.

"I know! But I have to go. I promise I will back in two years later!" I explain.

"Please, don't forget me!" Ally begs.

I was shocked.

I never thought about it!


I might forget her and the boys for two years.

I sigh sadly.

"I'm not sure... But, I will try. So, good night!" I say sadly.

Just like Jessica.


I almost forget about her...

With that, I walk away to get home.

To be honest, Ally, I have a fun time!

The tears roll down on my face and I smile sadly at it.

I'll make sure that I wouldn't forget her.




I hope you'll understand that story will be finishing by next chapter.

Don't worry, I'll be working on Sequal.

See you in final!

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