Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


11. Good-bye, Jordan :(, the letter and ask me what?

"Hello, Rosie. Remember me? I'm your old Dad." A man says when he walk in.

I saying nothing.

"Say something, Rosie..."Ally says as she put her finger to tapping on my shoulder.

I finally say something.

"D-Dad?" I say.

"Yes, honey?" Dad calls as he sits down on the nurse bed.

How should I ask him?

"Why-I mean what are you doing here?" I ask confusedly.

Where's a letter when Selena give me?

"Did your mum tell you about me?" Dad asks.

"No..." I tell the truth.

He was about to touching my hand, but I pull away from his hand and Dad sighs sadly.

"Rosie..." Dad says as he tried to touch my hand.

I shake my head and I look down on the white sheet.

"I know you're in there, Jordan!" I shout.

I know he was stand by the door.

"Yes, Rosie." That was Jordan says.

He enters the nurse room with a sorry look and that's when I look up with my angry face.

"May I speak to Jordan alone for five minutes? Please?!" I order angrily.

I am so angry!

Dad and Ally nod as understanding in the union.

They're going to the outside of my nurse room.

I sigh sadly and I put my hand to place on my head.

Jordan sighs sadly before he was about to saying something.

"Look, Rosie... I know and I'm sorry Rosie-" He says sadly.

I laugh forcibly.

"Sorry for what?! For lied at me about the famous or Dad! I don't know something about him cos I don't remember what did my Dad do to me when I was a baby! Why did you tell me?!" I explain angrily.

I feel the tears rolls down on my cheek.

That's right, I feel more than angry...


"You make my life's ruin!" I continue.

Jordan put his hands to cover his ear.

"Enough!" He shouts.

"I thought you are my best friend! But not now! You are the bad person or not my friend!" I say as I sniff from crying.

"Rosie! Please! Let me explain!" Jordan shouts.

I saying nothing, but I was still crying.

Jordan sighs sadly.

"Look, Rosie. I have to-" I interrupted him to laugh again.

"For what?! To keep this secret for my mum! Go away, never come back!" I order.


"OKAY, THEN! FINE! I wish I've never met you like a bad person!" I scream back.

I laying down on the bed and I was crying on the pillow.

"Look, I took it!" Jordan says.

He was holding a letter from his hand and put the letter on the deck.

I was still crying and Jordan sighs exhaustedly. 

"Look, I was trying to save you. But, it's not my fault." He pauses.

He stop cos the tears is on his eyes.

"Don't blame on your mum. Please, just don't. I know you're in the bad mood." Jordan continues as he sniffs for crying.

I saying nothing and I felt Jordan just look at me last time.

"Goodbye, Rosie..." He says sadly.

He gives me a forehead kiss and then he walk away.

I can't help but to look at Jordan when he walks to the door, he turn around to see me and he gives me a goodbye smile.

I went too and he turns around to walk away.

Goodbye, Jordan.

I feel the tears roll down on my cheek and my knee to chest, my hand to the knee.

Then I'm crying.

I look up at the deck and I look at the letter.

I sigh sadly.


Thank you.

I pick the letter up and I open it.

It's say:

Dear my lovely daughter Rosie Rosa William,

You're 17 now, huh. I can't believe it... You read my letter. I'm so sorry to left you and your mum. It's just... I have to go because of the tour. My fans, they will forget about me, I won't let them down. So I decide to leave you. Of course, you will forget about me and I know you will be mad at me, but it's just... I give it to Selena and ask her to give it to you, because I'm busy and Honey... I want to say... I love you. Do you forgive me, don't you? I know I'm a bad dad. But can you give me a chance? I promise I won't leave you. I won't go anywhere... I won't.

Jordan keep a secret for your mum... I get it, Rosie. But I know today is your worst day... Did he make you upset and crying even now? There are I need to tell you that I am David William, but I am great singer... I need to ask you to come with me to show the world, who's my daughter, please?  Say yes. 

I love you, my dear daughter.

from your father,

David William.

I look away from the letter and I put away the letter on the deck.

I need to speak to Jordan.

I get up quickly, I feel dizzy and I walk slowly.

Where is he?!

I look up at the door and that was Dad knocks on the door.

"Rosie... Is everything all right?" He asks.

I blink my eyes for many times and I couldn't see everything clearly.


I fell down and Dad enters the nurse room.

He was shocked to see me on the ground. 

"Rosie!" He cried.

He bride carries me to the bed like he picks me up.

"Dad. Dad!" I say as I woke up with my worried face.

I was crying and I give him a tight hug.

He was shocked that what I heard and he actually hugging me back.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Dad asks as he pulls away.

"I thought you actually leave me..." I say as I sniff.

Dad laughs a little.

"Honey, I never leave you and... There are I need to ask you that... I need to take you on tour with me. It's just... Someone ask me that I have a daughter or son. That's why I ask you-" I interrupted him.

I give him a nice smile.

"Ask me what, Dad?" I ask.

I give him a gentle hug.

Thank you, Jordan.

"Is it yes?" Dad asks confusedly as he hug me back.

I pull away from the hug and I give him a nod.

That's right...

I found my own father.

Ally knocks the door and she enters the door.

"Hey, Rosie. there is someone who meets you who actually met you before..." She explains.

She walks to enter the nurse room and there is someone who walks in my room.

It's a boy who has a blue eye and brown hair.

I was shocked.

It's Louis Tomlinson!

What is he doing here?

Did he know my Dad?

"Rosie... Meet Louis Tomlinson, your cousin..." Dad explains.


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