Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


13. Dad's house, Thursday and Jordan's house.

Thursday in the morning 

It is Thursday morning, it had been 2 days that I haven't gone to Jordan's house...

How is school, you ask?

It's been good, but it was an interesting day, which was yesterday, that Jordan was stared at me when I wasn't stared at him.

When I look at him then he was just turn away and he looks at everywhere.

Ally told me so, but I still want to go to his house.


I woke up and I look around my new room, which is my favorite color, Purple wallpaper with a flower.

I love Purple, of course.

"Hey, Rosie! Woke up! Time to woke up! It's 10 am!" Dad shouts.

I yawn and I get out of my new bed.

"Yes, I'm awake!" I shout back.

I didn't have to go to school because One Direction needs to relax for their voice.

I only have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the school and only free on Thursday and Friday.


The weekend is all I need to finish my homework.

I sigh sadly. 

"It's Thursday! I'm just need to go to Studio Recorder right now!" Dad shouts.

I run downstairs and I give him huge hugs.

"Bye, Dad!" I say.

"Bye, honey!" Dad says back.

He gives me a forehead kiss.

"Good luck, Rosie, for Jordan..." He says. 

He knew all about Jordan's thing. 

We smile at each other.

Then he's left...

And I'm going to my room. 

I went to having a nice shower.

After the shower, I get out of the shower and get some clothes, which is Soule Phenomenon Top, black leggings, Black Flat Shoe and a little Makeup.

Right, then...

I have lots of thing in my bag: Key, check. Another Key of Jordan's, check. Some Money, check. Bottle water, check. Phone, check. IPod, check.

That's it.

I have the whole thing in my bag.

Right, off to go. 

I'm at outside of the house and Ally told me that she was busy at shopping, I don't want to...

I just want to go the park.

So, I went...

I sit down on the bench in the huge park and I like to have fresh air.

Then I went to Jordan's house and I breathe in... 

"(Just breath.)" I whisper.

I press the doorbell and I hear the doorbell went ringing. 

"I'm coming!" Jordan shouts.

Here is it. Jordan opens the door and he opens his mouth when he see me.

"Hi, Rosie. Er... What are you doing here?" Jordan asks confusedly. 

I was in frozen when he saying something.

Saying something, Rosie. 

I gulp.

"Um... Hi, Jordan. I'm going to give you a key that-" He interrupted me.

He gives me a small smile.

"Keep it..." Jordan says. 

I was shocked when I saw the smile and I look down on the ground.

"No.. Actually, I'm just..." I pause.

I look up at his face. 

" to say..." I pause. 

I can see his smile for more.

"Say what, Rosie?" Jordan asks.

I gulp again.

"Um..." I say.

Don't be nervous, Rosie...

You can do it. 

"...Say I'm sorry, really, I am." I continue. 

"No, it's okay. I am too." Jordan says.

I was shocked.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because I should tell you early... You're right, I'm bad friend-" Jordan answers

I look up at his face quickly.

"Don't!" I say. 

I look down on the ground and I sigh sadly.

That's right, I'm saying this.

I close my eyes and I look up when I open my eyes as I say something.

"All I know that you protect me for my mom and... The secret's out. All I need to say..." I pause. 

I sigh sadly and I give him a sweet smile.

"Thank you." I continue.

"Rosie..." Jordan calls sadly.

"I decide that I give you for another chance. I know that I was stupid to saying that you're a bad friend. So, what do you think? Best Friend Forever?" I explain.

"Yes. Best Friend Forever." Jordan says.

He gives me a small smile and I smile too.

Guess we're going to be a friend again.

I look at our neighbors who look like Liam Payne. 

"Do you know who lived in this house?" I ask.

Jordan caught me to looking at next door.

"Yes, I know. It's Liam's house." He answers.

I was shocked and I open my mouth. 

Guess so, I'm right.

"I... I didn't know... W-What?" I stammer.

A boy comes out of this house and he turns around to see me.

It was Liam! 


He lived in London...

I thought he went home with his family or went to his friend's house.

It can't be.

Liam walks toward where I stand.

"Hi, Rosie." He greets. 

I say nothing. 

Liam turns to talk to Jordan.

"What's up with her?" He asks.

"I think I can do it." He pauses.

Jordan looks at me.

"Earth to Rosie. Rosie!" He raises his voice as waving his hand front of my face.

I blink my eye and snap it off.

"What?! Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm gotta to go. Bye, Jordan, Liam." I say.

I was about to walk away, but Liam stop me from grabbing my arm. 

"Do you want to hang out with me? Just friend, please? I'm just bored." Liam asks. 

I was shocked. 

How should I say?

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