Meet... One Direction! (complete)

A girl name is Rosie William, who have a dream to meet One Direction. But Rosie's dream was coming true and to love one of the band. She want to find out who's kiss her, is it Liam Payne or someone? (Let's find out!!:O:))


6. Around at school with Liam and Meet his friends

I can't tell Liam Payne that I love him and all I know, he's in British boy band called One Direction.

He shows me where are all class and I just follow him.

"So..." He starts. 

"How long are you staying in London?" Liam asks.

"I'm staying here forever. But I move out fro-" I pause.

He laughs a little. 

"America, huh?" Liam interrupted me. 

We were walking to the class, and now I say nothing.

I stop to walking, and I cry a little.

Liam stops to walk and turn around to face me at the same time.

"Ros-!" He looks shocked as he saw me cry.

I'm crying more and even more.

Just because I remember something from Jessica and I miss her so much. 

"Rosie... Don't cry..." Liam murmurs as he walks close to me.

I walk backwards, and I start to run a little when I turn around.

I was bumping into someone, and I start to fall over.

Someone catch my arm to pull me into a hug, and I closed my eye when I was dragged by someone that I don't know.

"What have you done with her, Payne?!" That sound like a man voice.

I open my eyes.

I wonder who it is?

It's very familiar, is it Jordan?

I look up at the familiar person and...


I was shocked as I saw his face become red and it's rage.

"No, I'm all right, Jordan!" I say sadly.

He looks down on my face, and he looks shocked cos he saw his hand is on my waist.

He quickly let his hand go, and I start to walk backwards.

Then I start running outside when I turn around.

"Rosie!" Jordan and Liam call my name in the union.

I keep run and run.

I stop run cos I catch my breath and pant heavily. 

I walk to the tree when I look up, and I sit down against the tree.

Then I put my hand on my knee, and I put the knee onto my chest.

I'm crying now.

It's break time.

I'm still crying, and people was pass through the tree and me.

Suddenly, a girl saw me alone, and she starts to walk to me.

I look up, and I was shocked.

"Hi, I'm sorry to see you are alone." She greets.

A boy who have curly hair and have a green eye, he runs toward her. 

"Charlie, wait up!" He shouts.

I was saying nothing like quietly and still crying.

I keep my head on my knee, and I look up at the curly boy.

"Charlie, I called you at two times an-" A boy pauses.

He caught me, and I look away from his face.

"Hi, I'm Charlie, Charlie Lewis. what about your name?" A girl asks.

I still saying nothing.

"Come on, say something." Charlie orders.

"It's Liam, isn't it?" A boy asks.

I was shocked, and I nod when I loose my shocked expressing.

I look up at them as they look at me and they put a sad look on their face.

I smile a little. 

"Aww!" They say in union.

"There is it. A smile is real." A boy says in a wired way.

I give him a confused look on my face and Charlie too.

Finally, I say something. 

"Charlie Lewis and... Harry Styles, is it?" I say to call their name.

"Yes, it is." A boy corrects me.

He smiles so dumbly, and then his eyes go wider because he looks shocked and Charlie too.

I look at them each other, and I start to get up.

"My name is Rosie Rosa William," I say.

"Hi, Rosie." Harry and Charlie say in the union.

"Want to be my friend?" Charlie asks as she pulls my arm into a walk with her.

"Okay... Sure. And Harry, are you in British Boy Band, One Direction?" I reply and ask as I stop Charlie to walk away.

He sighs annoyingly. 

"Yes, and I know you are trying to ask me that 'Am I Liam's best friend or not?' is it right?" He answers and asks me a question.

"That's right..." I answer.

I smile wider, and I walk away.

Jordan was looking for me, wasn't he?

I sigh sadly.

"Rosie. you know what?" Charlie pauses.

I look up at her face. 

"I could take you to Jordan." She continues.

"Okay, no problem.." I guess so.

"So.. How long do you know about Liam Payne?" She asks a wired question.


What should I say to Charlie?

Or is it impossible she love him?

"Um..." I say.

How can I tell her?

Jordan run past between Charlie and me, and he takes my hand. 

I run and run with him.

I don't know what's up with him.

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