Change Your Life

Caitlin Parker has made some mistakes, for example at sixteen running away with her fiance John. When John changes, who's there to fix the heartbroken Caitlin? Will she leave the abusive John? And just who is Mr Gorgeous Boy?!
Zayn Malik fan fiction.


7. Chapter 7

I'm scared John will come home and see Zayn and I. It would be over before it began, I bit my lip whilst fearing what John would do, what he would say. “What's wrong?” Zayn puts an arm around me. “Nothing, let's just not talk about John tonight.” I murmur, “ok,” he smirks, “ I can think of better things to be doing anyway...” He teases. “Hmm,” I giggle, pressing my lips against his. “Forgot my fucking wallet!” John shouts walking into the house. “Fuck!” I freeze. Zayn jumps up, “hide.” I whisper, he goes into the en-suite - we were in my bedroom. I straighten my dress as I stand. John walks into the room, “hi babe. How you feeling after this morning?” He asks with a smirk. “How do expect me to feel?” I spat, forgetting Zayn might hear us. Shit. “Pretty damn good,” he winks. I slap him. I'm going to pay for that one. He grabs my arms and pulls me forward before pushing me down onto the floor, I wince in pain when I whack my head against the wall. John crouches down. “Don't you dare hit me again, ok?” He hisses, then slaps me. “O-ok.” I whisper in response. “Bye.” He stands back up,I lie there; too weak to move. I wait until I hear the front door shut. “Caitlin, you alright?” Zayn rushes in and kneels by my side. “I have a headache.” I whisper, “what did he do to you earlier?” Zayn asks. He's red, I think with anger. “Don't worry about it. I'm okay now.” I tell him; forcing a smile. “No, tell me Caitlin.” He says seriously. “He wouldn't take no for an answer.” I try telling him. “What did he do?” Zayn's eyes widen. I think he already knows, from the fear on his face you can kind of tell.

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