Change Your Life

Caitlin Parker has made some mistakes, for example at sixteen running away with her fiance John. When John changes, who's there to fix the heartbroken Caitlin? Will she leave the abusive John? And just who is Mr Gorgeous Boy?!
Zayn Malik fan fiction.


6. Chapter 6

Zayn's PoInt of view

Caitlin never came, which is kind of odd. She promised. But then again, why should I believe her? she probably promised john she would stay loyal, but she didn't. why wouldn't she lie to me? but I guess I just hoped she would. I go to my mums, because Its closer then Louis and Eleanor's house, and I should go see her. I have only once so far, and I've been off for a week or so.

Caitlin's POV

I feel sick to my stomach, I don't want to risk John hearing me and I'm not sure how easily I can get up from the floor. I can't stop any tears coming, this is just what I should expect by now. I sigh and struggle up, Johns upstairs I think. I pull on my clothes, and attempt putting my hair back in place. “I'll be back by five tomorrow.” John shouts from the stairs. “Where are you going?” I ask quietly - nervously. “Does it matter?” He hisses when he's next to me. “Erm, not really I was ju-” “good.” He replies, cutting me short. He pushes me against the wall again. “No more tears. Don't go out, if you're not back when I am then you young lady will have some punishment." He laughs, but he's deadly serious. He holds my arms against the wall. “I love the fact I control you,” he smirks. I don't. Why am I so weak compared to him? He puts his cheek against mine. “I can fuck you anytime I please... And you have to be ok with that.” He squeezes my arm tight. “See you baby,” he chuckles. Then he walks out the door not looking back. I slide down the wall, what has happened?

Shit, I forgot about Zayn and Brighton. He's going to think I lied to him! I grab my phone and dial his number. He answers on the third ring. “Caitlin?” He asks, he sounds surprised. I bite my lip. “Zayn, I-I'm so sorry. John wouldn't let me go, I don't know why but I tried so hard Zayn and I'm sorry.” I can't help the tears. “Look you don't have to lie, you love him. Fine. But I don't want to be knocked about,” he doesn't believe me. Does he? “Zayn that's not a lie, I wanted to go! I wanted to spend time with you.” I tell him. “you did?” He asks me, “of course I did! I really like you and you have been so kind to me and I have been shit.” I cry. “Hey don't worry, we can another time. Is John in?” He asks. “He's back at five tomorrow.” I reply, “shall I come round then?” He asks. I smile, “yeah that'll be nice.” I reply. “Give me twenty minutes. See you babe.” He says before hanging up. I wash my face, and put some more makeup on.

There's a knock on my door; Zayn. I open it and smile widely at him, he's just in some black tight jeans, and a grey top with some writing on with his leather jacket. “Hey,” he smiles at me. “Hey zayn, I'm sorry about John. I tried,” I tell him, “it's fine, I understand.” He replies, though I'm not convinced. “Aren't you going to invite me in?” He smirks. “Oh. Yeah, sorry.” I laugh, opening the door fully as he walks in.

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