Change Your Life

Caitlin Parker has made some mistakes, for example at sixteen running away with her fiance John. When John changes, who's there to fix the heartbroken Caitlin? Will she leave the abusive John? And just who is Mr Gorgeous Boy?!
Zayn Malik fan fiction.


5. Chapter 5

hi guys, sorry its been so long since I last updated, going to stick with it now hopefully! thanks for reading, keep liking,favourite, and commenting! love hearing peoples positive and critical opinions,  I think it helps to read them!**

Zayn was hesitant to leave me, especially as he pulled up on the top of my street and saw john's car, so John was home, I looked up at him. His eyes are on the steering wheel, though he's not driving, he has a stern look on his face, "what's wrong Zayn?" I ask him nervously, "nothing." he says bluntly, "what is it? do you not want to go anymore?" I ask, hoping he still does want to go. "no! I do, its just... I'm worried that you'll go inside and stay there," he murmurs, I kiss his cheek and take his hand. "Zayn, I'm coming with you. Trust me, please?" I ask him, he nods. "good, I'll be ten minutes." I tell him, he presses his lips against mine. "don't be long" he winks, "I wont." I say, unbuckling my seatbelt.

I walk up the stairs, I think Johns in the shower. "Caitlin - is that you?" john calls from the bathroom. "yes." I reply, "good, get me something to eat babe?" he shouts, "john I'm busy, I'm going out!" I say quickly, and dash into the bedroom; not wanting to hear what he had to say about my refusal. I grab my white high-waisted bikini bottoms and the matching bikini top to go with it and put it in my small black bag. I quickly text Zayn;

just jumping in the shower, will I need stuff to stay tonight?;)

I put my phone back on the side after its sent, then get in the shower in the en-suite. I'm careful not to wash my hair, I'll wash it later anyway. I wash my body and put shower gel on, then rinse it off.

I pull on my royal blue body-con dress, it hugs my body nicely, showing of the curves I have, I brush my hair and pin half of it up and leave the rest down. I put some mascara and pink lipstick on, grab my black heels, then see if I have a reply off Zayn. One message! flashes up on my phone.

Bring stuff to stay, but not pyjamas. We might not be doing too much sleeping...

x x hurry up please baby x

I cant help but flush at the text, I think I'm the colour of these walls right now, red. I don't reply, but pack my toothbrush and phone charger and some underwear. I search for my black hot pant's and my green tank top... there it is! I put that in my bag then zip it up, put on my shoes then walk downstairs. "not so fast young lady." john puts his hand on the door. "what?" I roll my eyes. he steps closer to me. "where are you going?" he asks me. "out to Winters," I lie. "are you staying?" he asks. "yes. now let me go," i reply. where did my attitude come from? ive never been brave like this... i smile to myself. "don't look so happy with yourself." he hisses, pushing me up against the wall. he hitches my dress up, revealing even more of my legs. I look at him fearfully, "john, I'm late" I try to tell him, "I'm just showing you who's boss.." he sucks on my neck. i try to move away, i start kicking him. "bad girl." he whispers, forcing his lips onto mine.

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