Change Your Life

Caitlin Parker has made some mistakes, for example at sixteen running away with her fiance John. When John changes, who's there to fix the heartbroken Caitlin? Will she leave the abusive John? And just who is Mr Gorgeous Boy?!
Zayn Malik fan fiction.


4. Chapter 4

So.. Here I am. On the streets… dressed like a hooker. I stumble across the busy road in my white stiletto’s. God I look like a slutty idiot. I hear whispers and laughs, aimed at me. Why did I have to anger John? Am I stupid or something? Obviously, yes. I slouch down against a wall, my unwanted tears falling uncontrollably now. “Are you alright?” This girl in her late teens or early twenties asks me. “erm, no. Not really.” I whisper. “I’m Eleanor, is there anything I can do to help you? Even if it’s just a lift somewhere? Or lending some money? Or even just a chat?” Eleanor smiles kindly at me. “I’m Caitlin, and if you’ve got time for a chat.. that would be lovely.” I smile back at her. “Sure, shall we get a coffee? On me.” She smiles, I nod “Yes, please.” I reply. We walk to the closest café, and both have Latte’s. “so do you want to talk about whatever’s wrong?” Eleanor asks me, elegantly taking a sip of her drink. “Well..” I begin to tell her everything, and I mean everything, from when John and I first met, to this day. “But, I know he loves me, in his own way – that probably sounds dumb, but.. he does. And now, I feel guilty, because earlier today.. well. His friend who had stayed at our house, we kissed. And it almost went too far, but I.. I stopped it.” I tell her, throughout this whole story, Eleanor’s nodded, in some cases gasped – or been surprised, but listened intently. “I’m sure he does love you... but is it worth the rest of your life, to stay with his mood swings?” Eleanor points out. “I know, thank you. You’ve been incredibly kind, I better be off, I’m sure you have plans.” I say, getting up from my seat. “Do you want to stay at mine and my boyfriend’s house tonight? I don’t like the idea of you on the streets, please.” She offers “would you mind? I feel like such an intruder.” I say, embarrassed. “No, my boyfriend’s got his mate round anyway, you can be mine.” Eleanor grins, “Thank you.”

“This boy, your fiancé’s friend, doesn’t happen to be called Zayn Malik, does he?” Eleanor asks as we get into her posh car. Zayn! “Yes, do you know him?” I ask her. “Very well, he’s my boyfriend’s friend who’s staying, is that okay?” Eleanor bites her lip. Is it ok? Will it make me want to see him more? But otherwise I’m out on the streets.. I nod again, “I suppose” I say, unsure.

Eleanor parks outside a big beautiful modern house. “Here we are.” Eleanor says. “It’s beautiful!” I exclaim. “Thanks” She smiles at me. We go inside, I follow Eleanor into what I think is her and Louis’ bedroom, “Help yourself to some clothes!” Eleanor tells me, “thanks!” I smile at her; I pick out some black American apparel disco pants, and a white lace crop top. “You look lovely!” Eleanor claps. “Thank you.” I smile at her, “Let’s go find Zayn for you!” She says dragging me out the room, I laugh nervously. “Zayn?” Eleanor calls out, “In the kitchen!” His familiar voice rings, we meet him in the kitchen, he looks at me with disbelief almost. “Caitlin!” he gasps, “Hey.” I smile at him. Eleanor goes out the room, “you never told me you were leaving.” I murmur, he steps closer to me, and I can feel the heat of our two bodies together, even though we were standing two feet apart. “Would you have cared?” He laughed, mockingly. “yes.” I murmur quietly, his facial expression softens, “I’m sorry.” He says, bringing me in for a hug and holding me close. I look up at him, tears in my eyes. “I’m so confused right now Zayn, but I know how I feel about you. That’s one thing; please don’t take that from me.” I whisper, he strokes my hair, and his lips meet mine. “I won’t babe, how are you?” Zayn asks me. “I’m go-“ I stop myself, pausing for a moment. “I’m not great, but it doesn’t matter now.” I tell him, he looks at me with uncertainty, but finally he nods. “I’m so glad you’re here!” Zayn smiles at me, “me too, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see you again.” I say, imagining the thought of never seeing Zayn again, it almost brings tears to my eyes.  “Eh, it’s not though, so don’t worry!” Zayn says, wiping my eyes. I nod smiling up at him.

Eleanor and Louis joined us later, we just talked, watched films.. It was really good. Eleanor and Louis are both hilarious, they went to bed at about 12, so me and Zayn decided to as well. Zayn came in the room with me, he grabs my waist, pushing me down onto the bed. I smirk at him, he undresses to his Calvin Klein boxers, and I dress down to my under wear, and pull the blanket over the both of us. He cuddles me close, and I fall asleep in his arms.

I open my eyes and see Zayn still asleep, I want to stay and watch him sleep, but I hear Eleanor or Louis moving around in the kitchen, and I feel like I should go and talk to them. I slip into one of Zayn’s t-shirts, which is a nice size on me, long and comfortable. I walk into the kitchen where Eleanor is, I hadn’t actually been in the kitchen yet, but it was huge! And so modern! “How did you afford a house like this?” I ask stunned, “Don’t you know?” Eleanor gasps, I shake my  head confused. “The boys, well Louis, Zayn, and three other really nice guys – Liam, Harry and Niall, are in a boy band, called One Direction! They’re huge over here.. and in America!” Eleanor says proudly, “Your kidding?” I ask in disbelief. “No look,” Eleanor searches around the room, reaching something down. She shows me a framed photo of Zayn, Louis and three other guys. Underneath it saying ‘One Direction’ “Wow!” I say shocked.

Eleanor gives me both Take Me Home and Up All Night, the One Direction CD’s for me to listen too, “are you sure it’s okay for me to keep these?” I ask as she passes the CD’s to me. “I’m positive! I have another copy somewhere. You have to meet the other guys someday, they’re really nice.” Eleanor tells me, enthusiastically. “Morning!” Zayn says as he walks in the room. “You never told me you were famous!” I say to him. “Sorry!” He grins, I shake my head. “I’m just surprised you weren’t bragging or anything..” I tease him. “What are you trying to say?” He laughs. “Nothing.” I smile innocently. 

We get changed, Zayn looks up at me. “So what’s the plan for today?” Zayn asks me. “You choose” I shrug, “ do you want to go home?” He asks me. “Not yet.” I say quietly. “We could go to Brighton?” He suggests. “Ok” I reply. “Ok? Really?” Zayn asks excitedly. I nod, “let’s go then!” Zayn enthuses. “Oh wait..” I say, suddenly remembering that I have no clothes to take or anything. “What?” Zayn asks me. “I have to go back to get some stuff, I won’t be long.” I try to reassure him. 

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