Change Your Life

Caitlin Parker has made some mistakes, for example at sixteen running away with her fiance John. When John changes, who's there to fix the heartbroken Caitlin? Will she leave the abusive John? And just who is Mr Gorgeous Boy?!
Zayn Malik fan fiction.


3. Chapter 3

I grab a long t-shirt, and keep my leggings on. This whole thing.. has turned me into some sort of whore. How could I just risk losing John, as simple as that? Our relationships far from perfect, but he’s my home. Hes all Ive ever known. God I am way too young for all this to be happening. “Caitlin?” I think Zayn calls, but I can’t bring myself to say anything. I can hear my mums words in my head; “I did tell you that you and John wouldn’t last, I told you.” Her voice mimicking itself in a ‘I’m always right’ kind of tone. Knock! There’s a knock on the door. “Zayn, please.. I need some space-“  “Its John.” John’s voice is deep, and harsh. Oh shit. Thank fuck he interrupted me before I said anything else. “Oh” I say, opening the door. “I spoke to Harold Phillips earlier..” Harold Phillips, now? Today. Ugh. “So will you?” John asks. “Will I what?” I ask. “I just said, if you would listen, Harold told me he needed you in tonight, he’s got a job for you. Will you change now, please.” John asks. I sigh “But we don’t need the money, and I’ve got a shift at the Lion tonight..” I tell him. “Ive got a girl over tonight; I don’t want her thinking we’re together. I want the money, so you are going to get it me.” He says. “You told me it was over between you and her!” I yell at him, tears filling my eyes. At least I don’t have to feel bad about earlier, anymore. John strikes me across the face. “Don’t be such a baby, it is. I found a new girl, she’s more.. mature then you’ll ever be.” He says spitefully. “I want to stay with you tonight.” I cry. “Get ready, NOW.” He yells, making me dash out of the bathroom. I go into my room, somehow managing to hold back the tears. I notice Zayn’s gone, that’s the lasts I’m going to see of him. At least he doesn’t have to see what I wear to ‘work’. I throw on my skin tight black dress, that’s very revealing. I roll my eyes at the ridiculous looking me that’s in front of the mirror. Uggh! I brush my long, wavy platinum blonde hair. Then apply mascara and pink lipstick.

John walks in and checks out what I’m wearing. “We need to get you a smaller sized one of them, so its tighter.” He says. Its skin tight as it is, thank you very much. “Plus, it’s not at all revealing.” He says shaking his head, excuse me, are we talking about the same dress? “No, you can’t go like that. I’ll quickly get you a new one. Don’t you even think about going anywhere” He warns me. I nod slowly, he leaves and I listen to the front door close. That’s when the tears fall. I don’t want to go out dressed like a slut. Does anyone? I don’t think so, I don’t get why they would... anyway.

It’s been half an hour since John left, and I’ve reapplied my make up twice, because my tears ruined it. I hear John walk back into the house.  He comes into our room. Chucking me a tiny black dress, “Arent you going to say thank you?” He says, I shake my head. I see him tense with anger, but don’t say anything. I slip into the tight, tight, tight black dress, which is incredibly revealing. I gasp. Its horrid. “It’s fantastic” John beams. “You do need to lose weight though.” He whispers down my neck. I nod slowly. “I’ll take you there.” He says. Why thank you. “how kind.” I say sarcastically, he glares at me. “Hurry up then.” He says, I nod, we get into his car, and I feel sick immediately. This is really happening. Oh god. Johns phone starts ringing, he picks it up. “Harold!” John smiles, I listen intently now. “What’s up? It’s not too late? I’m sure we can work so- ok. No its okay.” John hangs up, looking frustrated. “Too late.” John bites his lip. Yes! “Don’t look so happy, or ill throw you out on the streets for a night.” He says. But I don’t care; I take it too far, though. “I don’t care.”  I mutter. “What did you say?” He raises his voice. “I think you heard.” I mutter. He, out of nowhere, slaps me. I gasp in both shock and pain. “Ill see you tomorrow.” He says, leaning over to my car door, unbuckling my seat belt and pushing me out the car.

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