Half Blood Wolf

Ayden is half human and half wolf. His parents are always watching his back making sure he keeps his secret. Ayden is not sure if hes with his real family as for hes a warm wolf grey and his parents are whit wolves.


2. Full Moon

I was walking to school in my black trousers and and a plain white shirt with a red and black tie on. I wasn't sure what it is but my vanes were going blue and red. My friends Billy and April were waiting for me at the door to school. When i saw them my vanes turned back to normal. 

"Hey." Said April to me. She was short brown haired as for me blonde flat hair that all ways sticks up. But anyway why is Billy in a bad mood.

"What the matter." I say. I wave my hands over his face to get his attention. "Hello." I ignore Billy and carry on walking in with April. We walked into our class and sat where we always do, but someone was sat in my seat. I never rely on anyone to watch my back at this school. I walk over to him and place my bag on the floor under the table.

"Go away, you just want pick on me don't you."

"I will if you don't move."

At that moment our teacher walked in.

"Please sit down and leave the new boy alone." He shouted, pointing at me aswell. Where else am i gonna sit in this class full of annoying people, i wouldn't say all of them. I ended up sitting at a spare desk behind him. He turned around and his eyes were bright yellow and he smiled in a evil way.

"I thought i recognized you. You were the one that got bitten, what are you doing here?" I say. He raised his hand like he was going to punch me. But no of course.

"Sir i need the..."

"Toilet." He signed.

He got up and walked out and looked back at me, was he going to escape. I had to follow him right. So i had to raise my hand aswell. As soon as i left the class he was still walking up the corridor and looked back once again, then he started speed walking . I had no choice but to use my wolf speed to run around the other side. I ran into him.

"Who are you." I ask.

The bell rang and people ran out their classrooms and pushing me back away from him.

"My names Josh."

He sprinted off luckily no-one saw how fast, but into the cafeteria for something to eat. I also went to get something aswell.

I sat at the table with April and Billy.

"Who is he then." Said Billy.

"His names Josh and hes lost, i think anyway. Hes not from around here."

Josh walked over to their table.

"Hey, i didn't catch your name."

"Ayden." I say.

I tab the table meaning sit down. Josh sat down next to me and we started talking.


Later after school me and Josh were joking around so long that we didn't realize the time, we were lost in a forest that i use for a shortcut to get to school. "Oh no we have to get home." I say. We sprinted off into separate directions. It was at least half an hour later before i came back to find Josh after i found the path and the way out. I heard a howling nearby and looked up, it was full moon tonight. Before i know it i look down at my hands as my vanes rushed down them, then i blacked out for a second. I open my eyes seconds later and look at myself. A grey tail wagging around oh no, i need to hide till morning and get back before my parents find me...speaking of parents they were running behind with a torch in human form still. I guess you last longer the older you are. Anyway they shone the torch in my eyes to check if it was me but i lost control and ran deeper into the woods. 



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