The Truth of the Star

Britney Lavine is the star of the show, and she always has been. Girls would die for the career she has - playing the top role in 'Summer Days', the biggest show on TV.
People know her as dumb blonde, clumsy, and having an attitude where nothing really matters. But when Casey, a local schoolgirl, wins a competition to meet her, things might just change. Casey hates Britney - who would love a girl like that? - but maybe she isn't the girl that everyone thinks they know.
Casey and Britney are far from similar, so will their differences bring together a blossoming friendship, or will their opposites clash, leaving them no option but to run?


1. Flash!

Casey's P.O.V

I stare at the screen forced in front of me.

Flash! Flash!

Camera shutters snap photos every second - star-struck - blinding the passers-by. It's only when it dies down that I see the girl behind it all: Britney Lavine. Her blood-red dress dangles only just below her hips, revealing her tanned legs, and her hair is pinned up in a bun at the back of her head. Foundation is smeared across her face, mascara enhancing her eyes. She flickers them wildly at the camera-men.

"Who would not want to meet her?" My friend Sasha is saying, moving her phone from in front of my eyes and slipping it back into her blazer pocket.

We're walking back from school, like always, but this time it's different. This time, I have the lecture from Sasha of why I'm not interested in this year's 'big competition' at school.

Yes, it is a big competition, and yes, I know it's to meet this year's (and last year's) biggest teen idol, Britney Lavine. But I don't want to meet her. I don't want to go backstage and see the 'Queen of TV'. Why is everyone so obsessive anyway? Why is everyone following the crowd?

"Um, Sasha," I point out, "Clearly, I do not want to meet her."

She sighs, once more, obviously getting quite annoyed. "You don't understand how big this is. This is the biggest thing that could ever happen to you, or any one of us! She is so likeable. I mean, how come you don't like her? It's impossible!"

Hands balling into fists, I'm starting to get agitated. Why can't she just stop going on about it? So what if I don't take part? It's not like she needs me to!

"Just stop it." I try to say calmly, "I don't want to meet her because I don't watch her shows. I don't idolise her because she's just a normal girl who puts on a load of make-up; wears a ton of expensive clothes, and acts expressionless. I don't care who she is, or that everybody loves her. I hate her, and that's just it."

Silence falls between us. The only sound I can hear is the clip-clop of Sasha's heels, ones she has been saving up for for ages because apparently Britney has the same ones. For goodness sake, why do they have to have the same flippin' clothes?! It annoys the hell out of me when people change their style because they want to be like a popstar who they hardly even know.

"Oh I know all about her!" Sasha was saying the other day to me.

"Oh I bet you do." I had retorted sarcastically.

"I do! I could name where she was born, where she lives - and lived. Plus..." She was going on about it for ages and I got seriously, seriously, bored.

But really, she doesn't know all about Britney, because people are different on camera than off. She may be all fashionable on stage and love the crowd, but off she could feel crowd-shy, and wear the ugliest clothes ever.

Now, I wait for Sasha's reaction to my burst out.

"Well," She starts off, "She's actually a really good actress. But you would never know. You're just assuming she's like that. Plus, you can't say you hate someone when you don't even know them."

I stare at her, turning on my heel. "Well, you can't say you love them then, either!"

Storming off I leave her to stand, shocked, behind. I know she's my best friend, and I know that really she's not trying to be mean, but sometimes she just gets on my nerves so much. As does everyone at some point in time.

I think I need to chill first.

Have a biscuit.

Take a break.

And then maybe I might consider entering.

I don't why, and I don't know how, but drawing is one of my very best skills, and all I have to do to win is draw Britney.

Maybe winning would be a good thing: No screaming of another girl who won; no 'full description' of the day when they get back; no 'oh I'm so better than you' faces because they've seen Britney and no one else has.

If I won, I would go as a joke. Maybe it would be fun to be so harsh to Britney, bring her to reality so she knows that not everyone adores her, otherwise she'll be an attention seeker all her life.

So now, as much as I hate Britney with a passion, I sit myself in front of the TV (where Britney Lavine is starring as Emma Lang, in 'Summer Days', I start to draw.

Sketching her face is easy - it's just like drawing a fake person, because she seems that perfect, but the body is harder. She's so skinny her bones stick out in the weirdest of angles. But I manage to complete her image in no longer than an hour, and then I shade her in with a multiple of colours.

Wait till all the girls see this.

I could just laugh my head off seeing their gobsmacked faces when they realise they won't get to meet Britney.

Harsh, but true.

I am the one who actually wants to find the Truth of the Star.

Not the star that everyone thinks they know.

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