The Truth of the Star

Britney Lavine is the star of the show, and she always has been. Girls would die for the career she has - playing the top role in 'Summer Days', the biggest show on TV.
People know her as dumb blonde, clumsy, and having an attitude where nothing really matters. But when Casey, a local schoolgirl, wins a competition to meet her, things might just change. Casey hates Britney - who would love a girl like that? - but maybe she isn't the girl that everyone thinks they know.
Casey and Britney are far from similar, so will their differences bring together a blossoming friendship, or will their opposites clash, leaving them no option but to run?


2. Fame!

This morning, I'm ready. I'm ready to go to school, mend the mix-up between me and Sasha, and prove to everyone that my drawing is worthy of winning this year's competition. It's worth a try.

But when I get into school, I know that really, I had very high expectations. Pieces of photocopied paper are flying around everywhere, a million drawn faces of Britney all over the place.

"Watch out!" Someone shouts, but I don't duck in time and a paper aeroplane hits me square in the face.

Thanks a lot.

I walk up to Sasha, eyeing all the girls who are gossiping over the competition.

"What is wrong with people?" I laugh, standing beside her. She doesn't even look at me.

"What is wrong with you?"

My mouth almost hangs open as she strides off. Talk about stressy.

I wait until the teacher walks in for registration and that's when everyone is told to clear up the mess. Slumping into my chair, I expect Sasha to sit down beside me, but she doesn't. Instead, she's managed to bag herself a seat  at the back next to Daisy.

I thought she hated Daisy.

Too blonde.

Too clumsy.

Too stupid.

Too 'I'm better than all of you'.

I wonder who is also all of that. Britney Lavine. Yet she adores her.


Sometimes, I really don't get Sasha. She's a right fashionista sometimes, but she's never been this stupid. Obsessing over a TV star, being rude to me, and sitting next to someone she doesn't even like. If I'm even thinking straight right now, I would realise that she sounds like a look-alike Britney. But I'm not.

I'm angry.


At break, I land up sitting alone. Sasha is hanging out with all the 'I <3 myself' girls (Daisy, Maisy, and Posy) whilst I'm just lying on a bench, my feet propped up at the other end.

I don't care really. If she wants to be like that she can. All I have to do is win this competition and she'll be begging to swap places with me.

But this morning, I found out that there are actually some amazing artists at our school. Which sucks. So I'm upping my game by adding things around the Britney I've already drawn. I'm putting in a cheering crowd - which is unimaginably hard - and some paparazzi. It's gonna be wild!

All we have to do is hand out entries in by lunch, and wait for 2 hours, and then at the end of the day, the winner will be announced. Simple as that!

So when I'm done and have survived the most boring lessons of time (science and maths), I find myself squashed up in the Hall for the announcements. Somehow, I'm actually feeling excited, though I know I can't possibly win.

"Hello Girls," The headmistress calls out, pulling a piece of paper from her jacket pocket. "Today we will be announcing the winner and runners up for the Big Competition of the year."

A cheer floods through the atmosphere.

"The runners up will receive an artist kit, consisting of paintbrushes, sponge, paint, and a canvas."


"And also a voucher for two at Britney's favourite restaurant."


"But the winner, as you all know, will win the chance to meet Britney Lavine herself!"

Everybody claps wildly, including myself, which is surprising.

"And now for the results..."

The hall goes deadly silent. A drip of a tap would sound like a roar of a lion in here.

"Annabel Goodman!"

Someone jumps up from the crowd, clapping her hands crazily.

"Omg no way! I'm meeting Britney!" She screams.

I can almost feel my heart sinking in disappointment. I guess I really did want to win.

But when I look up, the headmistress has a concerning look on her face.

"Quieten down!" She shouts, waving her arms about.

"I believe I have got that wrong."

This time, silence is there, but murmuring and whispering cracks it.

"Annabel Goodman came as a runnerup and so did Amanda Dale." There are a few claps.

"But the real prize goes to...Casey Williams!"

I sit there in shock.

No way.

Every head turns to look at me.

"Are you sure you got that right?" I speak up, getting to my feet.

"Indeed I have."

Suddenly, everyone is cheering. People launch in from every direction, hugging me, pulling at me.

"Take me with you!" Some shout.

"I always loved you!" Another squeals.

Gosh, they're like a gang of monkeys, attacking me with compliments. The bad to get to the good.

But I've had enough.

"STOP!" I scream, and it's as if the police have walked in because everyone is frozen.

"Ahem." I cough, "I mean, thank you for the congratulated hugs and everything. But I'd rather you just, y'know, leave me to my own personal space."

Everyone claps again, the teachers beginning to prompt everyone to file out.

It's only when I'm stumbling out, girls all around me, that I notice Sasha in the crowd. Her eyes are sparkling, ponytail swinging. She seems alone, although there's people all around her.

But when her eyes catch my stare, she doesn't stick out her tongue, ignore me, or look away. She smiles. The biggest smile I've seen.

And I know everything's going to be okay.



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