i wanna


1. i wanna

I wanna set everything right now 

Or just go back to the past somehow 

After every sleepless night 

Not a single ray of hope in sight 

Just dark nights spent staring at the wall 

Wishing I manage to block your fall 

There is so much you need to know 

The time when you knew it all.. seems centuries ago 


I wanna see you smile, see you happy again

I'd give everything up to get rid of this pain

I can see exactly through your fake smile 

Through your happy act all the while 

I could just tear through the crowd and probably hug you tight 

Tell you and myself every thing will be alright 

These times just seem so dark 

Only if this time I could at least see one tiny spark


I wanna 

Strange how a few weeks can make me feel so old

Heart dried up and cold 

only if i realized it back then its everything that we had 

Well but now here I am wondering when things got this bad 

A part of me just wants you to go away 

But deep in my heart I want you to stay 


I wanna hold your hand 

Try to show you just where you stand 

Help you up and away from the slippery ground 

Only if you'd wake up open your eyes to all that's going around 

I wish you could see it I wish you knew 

The hell that I'm going through 

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