to new york with love -----<@

i travell to new york with my sister when ................................. i meat my dream boy which splits me and my sister up.


2. the intro of story ::: the day we left

I walked to my sisters room at 6am to wake her up (she is so lazy) she grunted and turend over so, i had a prank ready. i had recorded  naill horan out of one drectionsaying `get up i am here to sing for you"

i placed my docing station next to her bed. put it to medium volume and played it. she sat up so quikly that she hadnt realised that she was fully naked. if Niall was here he would of been in for a shock.

its time to get ready and pack sis we are on our way to the big apple (new york)

we both packed our faverote outfit

mine: a cream coloured holister dress which came to the middle of my thigh. my tan sandles and my cute dimond neclace.

eleanor's : a aztec pattern pencil dress with high top converese and a den

im waist coat also a heart locket necklace and bangles.

we got to the airport by taxi it was so uncomfterble as he was playin one direction best song ever. when we got there i thew up as he was a rubbish driver, around every bend i coulghed a little sick.


my sister and me were so exited. finally we were o holiday on our own. without nagging parents.



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