to new york with love -----<@

i travell to new york with my sister when ................................. i meat my dream boy which splits me and my sister up.


1. lets go on holiday

Hello i am Jorgie and i am a taned 17year old girl with frizzy/wavey shoulder length brown/blond hair. I have big blue eyes, so i have been told. i am going to tell you a story that became my life.


my sister and me have a strong relationship our mum gave us a suprising gift last christmas.

*********************************last christmas**********************************************************


i walked down the stairs slowly to find every one up. My sister, my mum and my dad.

"this year you girls have a joint present" my mum said slowly so i understood ( she talks to me like i am 5 or something)

"what is it! What is it!" i screamed at my mum

" you have tikets to go to new york for a month" Mum shouted

"yayayayayaayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayayay"me and my sister eleanor screamed



***************************************************present day************************************************

 i am now upset because if we didnt go i wouldnt have lost her. even tho i love one direction what they did to my sister is wrong and cruel...


Authors Note:

Hey It's Beth here(co-author) we'll update ASAP but we have school so it won't be immidiately.

~Love ya my lil' leprachauns xoxo

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